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How to Secretly Mute Annoying Friends, Pages and Groups in Facebook

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facebook snooze

Do you know that Facebook allows you to secretly mute or temporarily unfollow annoying friends, pages, and groups? The period will last for the next 30 days and after that, everything will back to the normal.

Want to know how you can do these things?

The snooze button that appears on the top-right corner of every post is the key to making your home feed less annoying and clean.

It lets you hide contents from a person, page, and group without unfollowing them or leaving groups. The social network provides several options to manage your news feed like unfollow, hide, report posts and get only those links that you want to see. Snooze option is the latest addition to the above-mentioned features.

From the Facebook home feed, click on the top right corner of a post to snooze the sender for next one month.

facebook snooze

This is a video link. It shows two snooze buttons- one to snooze posts from the person who shared the content, another to snooze posts from the page. Choose your desired option to stop seeing their posts for a short period of time even though you will get notifications for them as usual. Know how to hide stories from friends, pages, and groups forever in this post.

The drop-down menu also allows you to hide all posts from the page or unfollow the sender if needed. Okay. You have just snoozed a person, page or group in the above step and their posts won’t appear in front of you thereafter. But our mind will change anytime. Your attitude is changed later and now you want to see their updates as usual. Is it possible to end the snooze before the time elapses?

Visit your friend’s profile, page or group to end snooze.

facebook snooze

It will inform you that you have snoozed the person and shows how many days are left. Click on End snooze to start receiving updates from the person, page again.

For groups, click on the Joined button to get End snooze option. Tap it to receive real-time group updates on your news feed.

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