How to Cancel a Sent Friend Request on Facebook

How to Cancel a Sent Friend Request on FacebookPin

Facebook is the best place to make new friends as well as maintain existing relationships. It lets you find new people based on common interests, geographical location, and others. Explore the network, find a person, and send a friend request. But how long will you wait to get approved your request?

Probably one or two weeks, a maximum of one month. Then you may lose the patience and decide to cancel the request. Is it possible to withdraw the connection request on Facebook that sent once?

Yes, you can cancel a Facebook friendship request anytime and scoot from the long waiting queues. Follow these steps to view and cancel your sent requests.

Canceling a friend request on Facebook

1. Sign in to your Facebook account first.

2. Click the ‘Friend requests’ icon at the top right (next to the ‘Home’ link) of the screen. A pop-down menu will open with pending requests in your account and new friend suggestions. Click On ‘View all’ option at the bottom.

Friend Request facebookPin

3. Open ‘View sent requests’ from the newly opened window.

Friend Request facebookPin

4. Now you can see your sent friend requests which are still pending.

Friend Request facebookPin

Click on the ‘Friend request sent’ button to get additional settings. Choose ‘Cancel request’ from the menu. Facebook will seek your confirmation to delete your request. Confirm by clicking on the ‘Cancel request’ option again.

That’s it.

You have successfully deleted the sent friend request.

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