How to Schedule and Share Posts in Facebook Groups (5 Ways)

How to Schedule and Share Posts in Facebook GroupsPin

Facebook group is a perfect meeting place for people with similar tastes and interests. There are unlimited groups for bloggers, designers, and other professionals to exchange resources, tips, etc. Joining such unique communities will be beneficial for you in many ways- find people who work in a similar niche of yours, build relationships, increase page views, and so on.

We can share our latest blog posts and artworks in Facebook groups for traffic, sales and collecting feedback. But you won’t get any results if the posting is made in an unfavorable time of the geographical location where most of your readers reside.

How can we improve user engagements for Facebook posts and thereby derive maximum benefits from them?

Find the peak time in your area for Facebook. Schedule your posts during the time and you may get more user clicks for them than others.

Today we’ll tell you how to schedule Facebook group posts with or without using additional tools.

Schedule and Share Posts in Facebook Groups (Built-in Feature)

Facebook group is common place for people around the world for sharing thoughts, links, and selling products. By default, the social site doesn’t allow members to schedule content. But group admins can schedule posts for an upcoming date and time.

Sign in to your Facebook account first.

Open a group where you are the owner or administrator.

Enter your message or web link to schedule and share.

Schedule posts Facebook groupsPin
Schedule Facebook postsPin

A small calendar icon will be displayed next to the ‘Post’ button. Click the icon.

A popup p box will open with options to set a date and time for the post to publish. Do that. Finally, click the ‘Schedule’ button to send your Facebook group posts at the chosen time.


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Schedule and Share Posts in Facebook Groups via Agorapulse


Agorapulse is one of our favorite tools for social media scheduling and monitoring. It can automatically publish content on leading social sites including pages and groups at regular intervals.

If you want to promote products, events, and blog posts on Facebook groups or Instagram business profiles directly, Agorapulse is a good choice. Not just once, it can recycle contents on your favorite networks indefinite times, even many years in advance.

Click here to activate a 15-days free trial on Agorapulse. After signing up, connect your accounts for automated publishing.

Then, click the compose button from the top of the left pane.

facebook group postingPin

On the left side, you will see all accounts connected to Agorapulse. Select your Facebook group from the list.

Enter texts and page link in the content area. As you enter the link, it will show a Facebook post preview on the right side.

Click on Schedule to set a time to publish your content. Choose multiple dates and times to recycle it multiple times.

Finally, click on done and Schedule once again.

That’s it.

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Schedule and Share Posts in Facebook Groups via SocialPilot


SocialPilot is a popular social media marketing tool and one of the rare services that allow you to schedule posts on Facebook groups. It has a gorgeous interface to work on, and its user-friendly options let everyone easily handle even complex social media marketing campaigns to get guaranteed results.

Click here to activate a 14-days free trial on SocialPilot. Connect your social accounts to run campaigns.

Thereafter, visit ‘Posts’ menu on your SocialPilot dashboard and tap on ‘create a new post’.

Enter your message or website link in the text area.

Facebook groupsPin

It will fetch your post featured image as a post thumbnail. But you can replace it with a customized image, video, or Gif file of your choice. Click the camera, video, Gif icons on the bottom to upload relevant files.

SocialPilot will show your connected accounts in the right pane of the screen. Select your Facebook groups from the list to schedule and share.

Once you finished, click the drop-down arrow that appears next to the ‘Add to Queue’ button. Now you will see the options to instantly share, schedule, recycle, or queue posts. Choose schedule or repeat posts to schedule Facebook group posts.

That’s it.

The content will be shared on your Facebook groups at the scheduled time.

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Schedule and Share Posts in Facebook Groups via SocialBee

SocialBee is another best social media scheduling tool to publish content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It allows you to automate promotions on profiles, pages, and groups to divert traffic from all possible sources.

From content scheduling to recycling to Twitter management, SocialBee is a great tool for businesses to boost traffic and save time in marketing. You can upload custom images or videos for each network to improve reachability and get more user clicks.

SocialBee connected platformsPin

Click here to activate a 14-days free trial on SocialBee.

Connect required accounts including groups where you want to schedule content. When finished, click on the Add new post button on the top to create and schedule a post.


A new screen will appear to enter texts and select destinations to share.

facebook group schedulerPin

Choose Facebook groups, profiles, and pages to schedule and publish content. Upload custom images or videos if needed. Click on Customize to customize texts and images for each account.

SocialBee lets you publish content in two ways,

  1. Publish instantly (On save)
  2. Post at a specific time

Scroll down to the bottom to select category and set an expiration method.

SocialBee schedule publishPin

It will automatically recycle your content at regular intervals until the expiry date or the number of times you mentioned. Click on Save post to schedule.

That’s it.

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Schedule and Share Posts in Facebook Groups via Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a simple and affordable social media management tool. It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok to publish content on schedule.

Create your Crowdfire account first. Then, connect required accounts including Facebook groups from the top-screen menu. Once your Facebook account is connected, it will display your profile, managed pages, and groups in a pop-up box to select.

crowdfire facebook groupsPin

Choose your Facebook group where you want to schedule content. A confirmation message that your group has successfully connected will now appear at the top.

Tap the ‘Compose’ button from the top-right corner of your screen.

Facebook groupsPin

A box will appear with an option to enter texts and upload media files. Add hashtags and set a target location if needed.

Finally, click the blue-color button to schedule post at best time. Alternatively, click on the up arrow icon to share post instantly or at a custom time.


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Limitations of Facebook Group Scheduling

We all know that the no one can schedule posts on other’s social media profiles and pages. Similarly, the consent of the admins is required to schedule content in Facebook groups. This does not mean that every post needs approval. But admins should connect their groups to third-party apps (Eg. SocialPilot) to enable scheduling. 

If you are a group admin, follow these steps to connect apps.

  • Open your Facebook group and scroll down through the left pane to locate group settings. Open it.
Facebook group apps schedulePin

Scroll down again on the main screen to view Apps option. Click on the edit icon to add or remove apps. It will show apps that are already connected to your group. Tap ‘Add Apps’ button to find and add new apps to connect.

Group apps facebookPin

A new page will open. Use the search box to find an app. For instance, search for ‘SocialPilot’.

It will show all matching suggestions on the main screen. Click the app icon to get more details about the app and permissions. Hit the ‘Add’ icon to add.


Now you can schedule and publish content on the group through the app you connected.

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