Rank Math SEO Review: Is It the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

Rank Math SEO Review

If you are running a WordPress website, search engine optimization is relatively easy. There are several free and premium SEO plugins available on the market to optimize WordPress content. Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO are popular among them.

They are free and have been downloaded more than many million times. Until recently, they dominated the industry without much competition, but now have a tough competitor:

Rank Math SEO. The premium-quality SEO plugin from MyThemeShop. Launched in 2019, it has become a favorite of WordPress publishers in a short period of time due to its advanced features and built-in tools. The developer introduced a premium version of Rank Math in 2020 with more functionalities.

Today, we’re going to review Rank Math SEO in detail.

Let us get started.

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What is Rank Math SEO?

RankMath SEO

Rank Math SEO is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins. It is fast and lightweight. The plugin offers tools on a module basis, so you can activate only those features you need.

From on-page SEO to traffic analytics to post redirection, Rank Math can do several things on your WordPress website. It can optimize your pages for maximum keywords to rank them higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Being integrated with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, it lets you monitor content traffic from WordPress itself.

Image SEO is another advantage of Rank Math SEO. It can automatically insert alt and title tags to your images to attract more traffic from search engines. Rank math can also detect 404 errors on your site and redirect them to other internal pages to boost SEO. It supports over 20 schema types including custom schema, FAQ, How to, and many others to enhance your content visibility and page visits.

Pricing: Free & Pro ($5.75/mo)

Key Features

  • Unlimited websites usage
  • On-page SEO
  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Position history
  • Free Content AI
  • Advanced schema generator
  • 18+ Schema templates
  • 840+ schema types
  • Custom Schema builder
  • Schema markup importer
  • Video Schema
  • Import Schema from any website
  • Schema validator
  • Integrations- Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, Google Trends, Elementor, & Divi
  • Elementor & Divi widgets
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Google News Sitemaps
  • Google video Sitemaps
  • Image SEO
  • Local SEO
  • WooCommerce SEO
  • Bulk post editor
  • Top performing keywords and posts
  • Worst performing keywords and posts
  • Social meta
  • Image watermarking for social media images
  • Web master verification tools
  • Canonical URL
  • Internal link suggestions
  • Detect orphan pages
  • Track Google index status
  • Google AdSense earnings history
  • Redirection
  • Page speed tracking for posts and pages
  • SEO performance tracking for individual posts
  • Single posts performance widget (Front-end)
  • File editor to edit .htaccess and robot.txt files
  • Breadcrumbs customizer
  • Role manager
  • Client management
  • SEO performance email reports
  • Exclusive Facebook group
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30-days money-refund guarantee

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Rank Math SEO Review 2024

Initially, I was using Yoast SEO on all websites. It is easy to use and better than other similar plugins on the market.

I wanted to buy its premium version to get more features. That’s when Rank Math SEO was launched. I decided to give it a try as many of the Yoast SEO Premium features are available in that free plugin.

I have used MyThemeShop themes before, so I am well aware of their product quality. But they have not introduced any tools or plugins related to search engine optimization earlier. So I had to assess Rank Math SEO first to know how it works.

In fact, they surprised me with the plugin’s sleek look and premium-quality features. I skipped Yoast SEO and turned to Rank Math without a second thought.

Let us check the top reasons for using Rank Math SEO on your WordPress websites.

1. Clean dashboard

Rank Math SEO

Rank Math SEO has a clean and intuitive dashboard. It displays all tools in the form of modules that you can activate using the toggle button. It makes your installation lightweight and easy to manage.

For instance, if you are not selling products through the website, Woocommerce module does not need to be enabled. You can follow the same method for Local SEO and video Sitemap also.

Shift in between easy and advanced modes from the top-right corner to access various Rank Math SEO features from one place. Open module settings to manage each tool individually. The plugin has an elegant look that will make you addicted to the tool.

2. Easy to use


Rank Math SEO is easy to configure. After activation, a step-by-step wizard will open to help you setting up the plugin. It will cover the following,

  • Choose or upload a default website logo
  • Choose or upload a default social share image
  • Connect to Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google AdSense
  • Enable Google Analytics reports by email (weekly)
  • Enable and configure Sitemap, Google News Sitemap, and Video Sitemap
  • Basic SEO tweaks (archives and external links)
  • Set user role capabilities
  • Enable 404 monitor and page redirections
  • Enable and configure Schema types for each post type

You can manage these things from plugin settings anytime. Rank Math will automatically insert Analytics tracking code in theme files. So you don’t need to insert it manually or install a Google Analytics plugin for this purpose.

3. On-page SEO


Rank Math SEO analyzes your content as you type to make sure that it is easy to read and SEO-friendly. It displays results with a grading system to get an idea about your ranking chances.

There are four sections- Basic SEO, Additional, Title readability, and Content readability. Try to attain maximum green signals in these sections to improve your SEO score. Consider the following points to score 100/100 in Rank Math SEO test and rank higher in SERPs,

  • Use focus keyword in SEO title, meta description, URL, and first paragraph of the content
  • Use focus keyword in subheadings and image alt attributes
  • Add atleast one top-authority website link with a dofollow attribute
  • Insert internal links whenever necessary (Dofollow)
  • Shorten the URL
  • Add a power word (Best, Top, Complete, etc) and a number in the title
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Use images and videos
  • Keyword Density should be in between 1-2
  • Avoid keyword snuffing
  • Utilize multiple keyword combinations

Rank Math SEO supports Gutenberg editor, classic editor, Elementor, and Divi page builder to optimize content for search engines. It also allows you to set different titles and description for search engines and social sites.

Creating unique titles for blog posts and search snippets helps you to fix over optimization warnings on Google. For instance, if you are using Semrush, you may find ‘duplicate H2 title’ warning on the SEO audit report. Set a custom title for search engines to fix things and target more visitors.

4. Unlimited focus keywords

unlimited focus keywords

Both Yoast SEO and All In One SEO allows you to set a single keyword per post. To add more keywords, you should go for a premium version.

On the other hand, Rank Math supports adding unlimited focus keywords on your content. Enter a keyword in the Focus Keyword box to view matching long-tail keywords. Rank Math SEO is integrated with Google Trends to find most searched keywords on any topic. So it will be easy for you to analyze latest search trends and set best keywords for your post.

Choose relevant keywords and use them in different parts of your content in a natural way. It will help you to divert more traffic from organic search queries.

5. Monitor Google Analytics Traffic


Rank Math fetches your traffic data from Google Analytics and displays it in the WordPress dashboard. It includes your search traffic, search impressions, total keywords, and average ranking position for the chosen period.

It lets you store analytics data for up to 6 months in this way. If you want to analyze individual post performance, it is also possible.


Enter a post keyword in the Search Post URL field and choose a period from the following drop-down box. It is available within 7-day to 6-month range.

Then, it will show your content’s SEO score, performance badges, page speed score, search trends, and average ranking position. On the top-right side, Rank Math will showcase your content’s badges to quickly know how it performs among other pages on the site. It helps you find the most popular and top money-making post easily.

Monitor Google search trends for your main keyword as next. By default, it shows worldwide statistics. If you need to analyze local search trends, change it to a region from the drop-down list.

Scroll down again to view individual post metrics in detail.


Here you can find search traffic, number of clicks, CTR rate and average ranking position for each post.

Not only this, Rank Math SEO will also help you uncover uncover keywords the selected post ranks for and evaluate the traffic progress of each of them in these sections. Go through their position history to learn how your content performed for the last 6 months. Apply new SEO strategies and optimize pages to boost your search engine rankings.

6. Google Search Console integration


Rank Math SEO is connected to Google Search Console to monitor your ranking positions, indexing issues, and XML Sitemaps. It will tell you how many keywords ranking in the top 100 positions and how much traffic they generate together.

Discover keywords that work best for you. Consider updating relevant content at regular intervals with the latest information to improve traffic. With the Rank Math plugin, you don’t need to visit Search Console each time to access traffic insights.

7. Find top performing posts and keywords


Do you want to know which keyword or post performs best in recent days? Rank Math SEO will analyze search traffic and help you to detect top performing content easily. Compare them with competitive pages to explore new keyword opportunities.

If you have other similar posts, place internal links to reduce your bounce rate and earn more page visits.

8. Find worst performing posts and keywords


So what about your worst-performing keywords? Rank Math can also find out your worst performing content using Google search data.

Read articles that are ranking for the keyword in the top 10 positions. Update your losing post with more keywords and information. Spy on your competitive pages with SEO tools like Semrush to steal their marketing strategies and backlinks.

Contact referral websites and ask them to replace the competitor’s link with yours as it is more relevant and in-depth. Building top-authority backlinks is the best way to skyrocket your rankings and traffic.

9. Track keyword ranking


Rank Math SEO has a built-in rank tracker to monitor the performance of your custom keywords. It fetches Google data every 3 days to reveal how these keywords performs in search results.

You can also add keywords from Analytics data to watch them closely in the Keyword Manager. Rank Math allows you to track 500 keywords with the Pro subscription.

There are several position tracking tools available on the web and Rank Math is better than many of them (except Semrush). It collects data from Google directly and lets you access them without leaving WordPress.

10. Individual post statistics


Rank Math SEO is a great tool to examine your individual posts and pages thoroughly. It will tell you what keywords each post ranks for and how much traffic they contribute on a daily basis.

Open the Site Analytics tool to check SEO score of all your posts from one place and find how many incoming and external links they have. You can sort them by traffic volume or SEO score to quickly locate pages that require special attention.

Individual post statistics

Enter a post URL in the search box, on the same page to view its index status, page speed, ranking keywords, ranking position, and much more. Make sure that your page loads fast on desktop and mobile devices. If not, disable unwanted scripts and compress images to reduce their loading time.

Rank Math can also display your post’s Analytics data on the front-end for logged-in users. For that, head to Rank Math > General settings > Analytics. Enable ‘Frontend Stats bar’ option. Save changes. Open a blog post in a new tab. It should display your traffic status just after the admin bar on the top.

11. Schema


Schema markup aka structured data is a powerful method to enhance your content visibility. It helps search engines learn more about your content type through embed codes and thereby list them with rich snippets.

There are various schema plugins available for WordPress but you will have to pay a good amount for them year after year. Fortunately, Rank Math SEO plugin has a built-in Schema generator to automatically serve rich results. It supports 20+ Schema types in the free version and 840+ Schema types in the Pro version.

Rank Math also allows you to create custom Schema templates and validate them with Google Rich Results Tool easily. If you need to import Schema markup from other websites, that too can be done through this plugin. Just enter a page URL and Rank Math will import its markup code instantly.

12. Sitemap


A sitemap is a file that lists all your content types such as posts, pages, videos, coupons, and others in XML format. It helps search engines better understand your site and crawl all URLs easily.

Rank Math SEO is one of the best XML sitemap generator plugins for WordPress. It is customizable to include or exclude images, featured images, and individual pages from appearing in the file. When a post is published or updated, Rank Math will automatically ping search engines to notify changes and index pages faster.

If you are running a Google News-listed or video website, you should serve separate sitemap files for them. Rank Math SEO is packed with News and video capabilities,bilities so you don’t need any other plugin for this purpose.

13. 404 monitor

As we all know, broken pages are bad for SEO. It may affect your online reputation and search traffic. So you should find and fix them as early as possible.

Rank Math collects data from Google Search Console and display non-existing page links within WordPress. It contains statistics like number of hits and last access time. Simply mouse over a link to redirect it to another page.

14. Redirections


Outdated or low performing content that affects your seo performance may need to be deleted from time to time. But there is another side to this.

The pages so deleted should be redirected to any existing post. Otherwise, it may also cause your page rankings to drop. When deleting content, Rank Math SEO will automatically show a warning to create a redirection. Set a target URL and redirection type. You can also create a redirection category to organize links and locate them easily at a later time.

15. Image SEO


An image is an essential part of a website or blog post. It can divert massive traffic from image searches with proper alt attributes.

Rank Math SEO will automatically insert alt and title attributes to your images to make them SEO friendly. So search engines can better understand and index images for the right keywords.

16. Social media optimization


Social networking sites play a major role in traffic generation. Rank Math lets you set a custom title and description for Facebook, Twitter posts. You can upload custom thumbnail images for both networks if needed.

Rank Math SEO will show preview of your search snippets and social media posts for each content. So you can evaluate them in advance and make necessary changes to manage appearance.

Image watermarking is another advantage of this SEO plugin. Enter a text or upload an image and it will appear on all your website images shared on social sites. It is a good option to establish your brand identity and claim image ownership.

17. Local SEO


Rank Math SEO ships with a Local SEO module to configure your business information and rank higher in local searches. Add a custom business logo, address, contact details, and much more. It helps you to collect more orders and expand the market even with multiplace listings.

If your business has multiple branches, create separate listings with locally searched keywords to rank higher in all locations. It helps you display your contact details on any part of the website via a short code and update them all with a single click.

18. SEO analysis


If your website is not properly optimized for search engines, it will affect your organic traffic. Running an SEO audit helps you to detect complex mistakes and fix them in quick moments.

Rank Math runs more than 40 SEO tests on your site and list issues with step by step instructions to remove them. It checks your titles, images, search snippets, social meta, and many others to ensure that they are search engine friendly.

You will also know if your website is blacklisted by Google for suspicious activities and showing warnings to visitors. Take necessary actions to get whitelisted and boost page visits.

19. Pricing

Rank Math has three subscription plans—Pro, Business, and Agency. Pro is suitable for bloggers and other personal website owners. It lets you install the plugin on unlimited websites with all the features we discussed in previous sections. You can also track 500 custom keywords in this plan. The Pro plan costs $5.75 per month.

The Business plan supports installing on 100 client websites with 10,000 custom keyword tracking and priority customer support. It is priced at $19.08 per month. The Agency plan is best for large scale SEO agencies. It allows you to install Rank Math on 500 client websites and track 50,000 custom keywords with frequent updates. This plan costs $45.75 a month.

20. 30-day money-back guarantee

Rank Math has a long 30-day refund guarantee in all plans. Buy this awesome SEO plugin and install it on your websites to check how it works for you. Optimize your content, track search ranking, analyze single post performance, detect the most selling products on your WooCommerce store, and much more. Still, if you are not satisfied, contact their customer support during the period and ask for your refund. You will get the full amount back.


Rank Math SEO is an all-in-one WordPress plugin for SEO, Google Analytics, rank tracking, and much more. It helps you discover trending keywords, optimize content, and monitor traffic without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

From blogs to complex WooCommerce stores, it is perfect for all website types. Rank Math has built-in modules to optimize your local business listings, eCommerce product pages, online courses, and more. It supports over 840 Schema types to generate rich results for articles, videos, recipes, etc.

Having Rank Math, you don’t need other SEO tools to track ranking positions. It fetches data from Google Search Console and Analytics to display variations with up to 6 months of position history. It also allows you to monitor individual post performance with ranking keywords and the number of page visits.

Page speed insights is another advantage of this plugin. It gives you an idea of how fast your pages are loading on desktop and mobile devices. If they are loading slowly, optimize images and scripts to boost performance.

Rank Math SEO is a matchless plugin to optimize your WordPress website and skyrocket search rankings. It is easy to configure and lightweight. They have 24/7 fast customer support to address your queries and complaints. If you have any questions, raise them through tickets and one of the support executives will handle them in a friendly manner.

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Rank Math Free vs Rank Math Pro

Rank Math SEO is a free SEO plugin for WordPress. It comes with all essential features like SEO analysis, image SEO, Schema, and much more. On the other hand, Rank Math SEO Pro offers more features such as Google Analytics integration, rank tracking, and so on.

Take a look at the following table to find how Rank Math Pro differs from the free version,

FeaturesRank Math FreeRank Math Pro
Clean dashboardYesYes
Auto canonical URLsYesYes
Google Search Console integrationYesYes
Install Google Analytics codeYesYes
SEO analysisYesYes
30+ SEO testsYesYes
Image SEOYesYes
Bulk editorYesYes
Content analysisYesYes
Multiple focus keywordsYesYes
Google Keyword suggestionsYesYes
XML SitemapYesYes
404 monitorYesYes
Redirection managerYesYes
Schema typesYesYes
Social media optimizationYesYes
Social media previewsYesYes
24/7 customer supportYesYes
Google search previews YesYes
Single posts performance widgetYes (Limited)Yes
Google Analytics integrationNoYes
Keyword rank trackingNoYes
Advanced Schema generatorNoYes
SEO performance report by emailNoYes
Import SchemaNoYes
Google Trends integrationNoYes
Google News SitemapNoYes
Google Video SEO SitemapNoYes
WooCommerce SEO ProNoYes
Image SEO ProNoYes
Google data collection frequency7 days3 days
Track top performing keywords and postsNoYes
Track worst performing keywords and postsNoYes
Track ranking keywords for each postNoYes
Track position history for keywords and postsNoYes
Custom Schema builderNoYes
Schema validatorNoYes
840+ Schema typesNoYes
Google AdSense earningsNoYes
Social media image watermarkingNoYes
Track page speed for individual postsNoYes
Track SEO performance for individual postsNoYes
Priority customer supportNoYes

Rank Math SEO (free) is a powerful alternative to Yoast SEO and All In One SEO plugins. It offers more features than its competitors and helps you to rank higher in search engine results.

If you are a beginner, go with the basic free version. It is enough for your needs. Growing businesses and enterprises can choose Rank Math SEO Pro to get full control over the SEO part.

SEO agencies should go with the Business plan. It is packed with client management abilities and white-labelled email reports. They can also track up to 10,000 SERP keywords using this plan.

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Yoast SEO (Free) vs Rank Math SEO (Free)

Yoast SEO is a popular, free WordPress SEO plugin. Let’s compare it with the Rank Math SEO free plugin,

FeaturesYoast SEO (Free)Rank Math SEO (Free)
Create a different title for search enginesYes Yes
SEO meta description Yes Yes
Focus keyword Yes Yes
Keyword analysis Yes Yes
Content analysis Yes Yes
Social media optimization Yes Yes
Readability check Yes Yes
Sitemaps Yes Yes
Schema markup Yes Yes
Breadcrumbs Yes Yes
Role manager Yes Yes
Google webmaster integration Yes Yes
Text link counter Yes Yes
Pillar posts Yes Yes
Bulk editor Yes Yes
File editor Yes Yes
Canonical URL Yes Yes
Multiple focus keywordsNo Yes
Google Analytics integrationNo Yes
Semrush integration Yes No
Rytr integration Yes No
Google Trends integrationNo Yes
Google News SitemapsNo Yes
Google Video SEO SitemapNo Yes
Instant indexingNo Yes
Local SEONo Yes
WooCommerce SEONo Yes
Content AINo Yes
404 monitorNo Yes
AMP integrationNoYes
Image SEONo Yes
Elementor integrationNo Yes
Size36 MB10.5 MB
Active installations5+ million2+ million
Rating on WordPress.org4.8 (27,605 votes)4.9 (6,083 votes)

Rank Math SEO is a great, free SEO plugin for WordPress. It offers many advanced features like multiple focus keywords, long-tail keyword suggestions, 404 monitor, page redirection, and much more. Some of these features are available with Yoast SEO, but you should upgrade their premium plan to enjoy those benefits.

Yoast SEO is a good option when compared to many other WordPress SEO plugins. However, they should provide more features in the free version and redesign the interface to make it visually appealing.

Rank Math is faster and light-weight than Yoast SEO. Although Rank Math is packed with a lot of advanced features and integrations, it doesn’t slow down your pages in any way. So you can use it safely on any WordPress site.

Click here to buy Rank Math SEO and optimize your website & pages like a pro (24/7 support + 30-day money-back guarantee)

Rank Math SEO Pro vs Yoast SEO Premium

Take a look at the following table to compare the main features of Rank Math Pro and Yoast SEO Premium plugins,

FeaturesRank Math ProYoast SEO Premium
All features of Rank Math SEO Free + All features of Yoast SEO Free +
Multiple focus keywordsYes, unlimitedYes, up to 5
Social media previewsYesYes
404 monitorYesYes
Internal link suggestionsYesYes
Orphaned content finderYesYes
Language analysisNoYes
Multiple related keyphrasesYesYes
Zapier integrationNoYes
24/7 supportYesYes
Keyword trackingYesNo
Identify best performing postsYesNo
Identify worst performing postsYesNo
Top winning keywordsYesNo
Top lossing keywordsYesNo
Individual page speed trackingYesNo
Advanced schema generatorYesNo
Personal AI assistantYesNo
SEO performance reportsYesNo
Import schema from any siteYesNo
Custom schema builderYesNo
840+ schema typesYesNo
Google Trends integrationYesNo
Ranking keywords for each postYesNo
Ranking position historyYesNo
Client managementYesNo
Google AdSense earnings historyYesNo
Social media image watermarkingYesNo
Divi integrationYesNo
Site-wide SEO analysisYesNo
Image SEO ProYesNo
150+ local business typesYesNo
No follow all external linksYesYes

Yoast SEO Premium was a great choice until the launch of Rank Math SEO. Now it misses several advanced SEO features like keyword tracking, image SEO, custom schema types, WooCommerce SEO, and much more.

On the other hand, Rank Math SEO Pro offers several exciting features to create SEO-friendly content and dominate search engine rankings. From long tail keyword suggestions to rank tracking to page speed monitoring, it is an allrounder tool to detect and optimize niche opportunities.

No need to visit Google Webmaster and Analytics accounts to monitor your daily traffic. Rank Math SEO displays your latest traffic statistics on the WordPress dashboard. So you can quickly know whether your traffic and rankings are increasing or declining.

Head to the Analytics tab or Rank Math, to analyze your individual posts performance. Optimize them and add new keywords to boost their ranking positions. Rank Math SEO is a great tool for companies, online stores, agencies, and bloggers to get full control over their SEO strategies. It is also much cheaper than Yoast SEO Premium.

Rank Math SEO Pro costs $59 per year for unlimited personal sites. It allows you to track 500 keywords with frequent updates. At the same time, Yoast SEO Premium is priced at $99 per year with limited features.

Click here to buy Rank Math SEO and dominate your SERP rankings (24/7 support + 30-day money-back guarantee)

Rank Math SEO vs All In One SEO

All In One SEO is another free SEO plugin for WordPress. It has a good reputation in the WordPress repository with more than 3 million downloads and a 4.6 rating (1,993 votes). Look at the following comparison table,

FeaturesRank Math SEOAll In One SEO
Headline analyzerYesYes
SEO title customizationYesYes
SEO meta descriptionYesYes
Focus keywordYesYes
Multiple Focus keywordsYes Yes (Pro)
Content analysisYesYes
Readability analysisYesYes
Google search snippets previewYesYes
Social media previewsYesYes
Google Search Console integrationYesYes
Google Analytics IntegrationYesYes
XML SitemapsYesYes
Video Sitemaps Yes (Pro) Yes (Pro)
News Sitemaps Yes (Pro) Yes (Pro)
HTML SitemapsNoYes
Internal link suggestionsYesYes (Pro)
404 monitoringYesYes (Pro)
RedirectionsYesYes (Pro)
Image SEOYes Yes (Pro)
Local SEOYesYes (Pro)
WooCommerce SEOYes Yes (Pro)
Site-wide SEO analysisYesYes
Competitor analysisNoYes
Robots.txt EditorYesYes
.htaccess editorYesNo
Instant indexingYesNo
Content AIYesNo
Role managerYesYes (Pro)
Keyword rank tracking Yes (Pro) No
Single posts performance Yes (Pro) No
SEO performance reports Yes (Pro) No
Advanced Schema generator Yes (Pro) No
Google Trends integration Yes (Pro) No
Top 5 winning keywords & posts Yes (Pro) No
Top 5 losing keywords & posts Yes (Pro) No
Ranking keyword checker for each post Yes (Pro) No
840+ schema types Yes (Pro) No
Custom schema builder Yes (Pro) No
Elementor & Divi integrationsYesNo
Auto canonical URLsYesYes
Size10.5 MB12.2 MB
WordPress.org rating4.94.7
Premium customer supportYesYes

Rank Math SEO is faster and more efficient than other popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and All In One SEO. It offers many more advanced SEO features than its competitors. If you want to optimize blog posts, images, or WooCommerce product pages, Rank Math is far ahead of other WordPress SEO tools. It is also cheap.

All In One SEO Pro is priced at $49.50 per year for 1 website. To install it on 10 sites, you should pay $199.50 a year. On the other hand, Rank Math SEO Pro is available at $59 per year for unlimited personal websites. Their business plans start at $199 per year with support to 100 client websites and 10,000 tracking keywords.

Rank Math SEO is a matchless SEO plugin for content creators, agencies, businesses, and others. It is light-weight and delivers comprehensive SEO solutions for all WordPress website types.

Click here to buy Rank Math SEO and boost your website traffic (24/7 support + 30-day money-back guarantee)

Rank Math SEO Pro vs SEOPress Pro

SEOPress PRO is a premium WordPress SEO plugin for businesses, developers, and bloggers. Let us compare it with Rank Math SEO Pro to pick the best one.

FeaturesRank Math SEO ProSEOPress Pro
SEO title & metasYesYes
Focus keywordYesYes
Unlimited keywordsYesYes
Content analysisYesYes
Bulk editorYesYes
Social media Open GraphYesYes
Internal link suggestionsYesYes
Image SEOYesYes
WooCommerce SEOYesYes
Schema markupYesYes
Custom schemaYesYes
XML SitemapsYesYes
HTML SitemapsNoYes
Google News SEO SitemapsYesYes
Google Video SEO SitemapsYesYes
Page-builder friendlyYesYes
Orphan page detectorYesYes
Google search snippets previewYesYes
Social media previewsYesYes
404 monitorYesYes
840+ schema typesYesNo
Social media optimizationYesYes
Search engine verificationYesYes
File editorYesYes
Google Analytics statisticsYesYes
Google local businessYesYes
Google page speedYesYes
Broken link checkerNoYes
Keyword trackingYesYes (Insights)
Backlink monitoringNoYes (Insights)
Google TrendsYesYes (Insights)
Content AIYesNo
Track single post performanceYesNo
Advanced schema generatorYesNo
SEO performance reportsYesNo
Import schema from any siteYesNo
Local SEO with multi locationsYesNo
Client managementYesNo
Top 5 winning & losing postsYesNo
Top 5 winning & losing keywordsYesNo
Keyword ranking checker for single postsYesNo
Position history for keywords & postsYesNo
Google AdSense earning historyYesNo
Social media image watermarkingYesNo
Page speed tracking for single posts & pagesYesNo
Site-wide SEO analysisYesNo
193 local business typesYesNo
Multi-site friendlyYesYes
Size10.5 MB15.5 MB
WordPress.org rating4.94.9
24/7 supportYesYes

SEOPress is a good Rank Math SEO alternative. Even though, it misses several Rank Math features including single post performance, advanced local SEO integrations, Content AI, and more.

With SEOPress, you can track ranking keywords and backlinks. Unfortunately, you should upgrade the license to Insights for that. It costs $99 a year. Still, it allows you to track 50 keywords only. On the other hand, Rank Math SEO Pro lets you track 500 keywords from unlimited personal sites.

Rank Math SEO Pro is available at $69 per year. If you are running an agency, go with their Business plan to install the plugin on up to 100 client websites. It costs $228.96 per year with 24/7 priority support and client management options. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee in all subscription plans.

The pricing for SEOPress starts at $39 per year. They have premium customer support and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Click here to buy Rank Math SEO and skyrocket your website traffic (24/7 support + 30-day money-back guarantee)


Q. Is Rank Math SEO free?

Yes, Rank Math SEO is a free SEO plugin from MyThemeShop. It is much advanced than other free SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and All In One SEO.

It is a good choice for beginners. But I recommend you to go with Rank Math SEO Pro. It comes with many powerful SEO features such as keyword tracking, single posts performance, custom schema generator, and more.

Q. Which is the most popular SEO plugin?

Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin. It is downloaded more than 5 million times. Launched in 2010, they optimize WordPress websites for more than a decade.

All In One SEO is another popular, free SEO plugin for WordPress. Launched in 2007, it is downloaded more than 3 million times from WordPress repository.

Rank Math SEO is launched in the last 2018 and relatively a new member in the SEO industry. But it delivers outstanding performance and started optimizing many reputed brand websites within this short period. The plugin is downloaded more than million times till this writing.

Q. Is Rank Math good for SEO?

Rank Math is an all-in-one SEO plugin for WordPress. It covers on-page SEO, content analysis, traffic monitoring, SEO audit, and other features mentioned in this post.

With the plugin, you don’t need to use any third-party tool or plugin for rank tracking, 404 monitoring, redirection, WooCommerce SEO etc. It helps you to optimize content and product pages to improve their search engine visibility.

Rank Math SEO runs over 30 SEO tests on your posts to make them SEO-friendly. Follow recommendations to improve your SEO score and get more page visits. It is also integrated with Google Analytics to monitor your traffic and keyword performance. Add new information to your content to beat competitors and enhance rankings.

Q. Which is best Rank Math or Yoast SEO?

Both Rank Math and Yoast SEO are good SEO plugins. But Rank Math is much advanced than Yoast and covers more features. It lets you get long tail keyword suggestions (Google Trends), traffic data (Google Analytics), and page speed insights without leaving the WordPress dashboard.

Unlimited focus keywords, Schema builder, position tracking, and advanced SEO are some unique features of Rank Math SEO. It is fast, powerful, and cheaper than Yoast SEO Premium.

Q. Does Rank Math work with Elementor?

Yes, Rank Math is page-builder friendly and works with leading page buidler plugins like Elementor and Divi.

Q. How do I connect Google Analytics to Rank Math?


After installation, you will see a step by step wizard to connect all required accounts and profiles (Google Webmaster tools, Google Analytics, and Google AdSense) to your website.

Alternatively, you can visit Rank Math > General settings anytime from WordPress dashboard. Scroll-down to Analytics tab on the main screen. Click on Reconnect to disconnect and reconnect your Google Account to Rank Math. Choose your Analytics property from the pop-up box.


Q. Is Rank Math Pro worth it?

Yes, Rank Math SEO Pro is perfect for all WordPress website types and worth your money. It is fast and covers all aspects such as content analysis, image SEO, WooCommerce, local SEO, and other parts that require search engine optimization.

The premium subscription is useful to remove multiple plugins (traffic, redirection, schema, etc) from your WordPress site. They have a 30-days money-back guarantee also. If you are not satisfied, contact thei support during the period and you will get the full refund. So there’s no risk in buying and testing the plugin.

Q. Which SEO plugin has better reviews?

Yoast, AIO SEO, and Rank Math are most popular SEO plugins in the free category.

In WordPress repository, Yoast SEO has 4.8 rating from 27,428 votes and 5 million downloads. All In One SEO has 4.6 rating from 1,994 votes and 3 million downloads. Rank Math SEO has 4.9 ratingfrom 4,116 votes and 1 million downloads.

Q. Can I use both Yoast and Rankmath?

Both Yoast and Rank Math do the same job- optimize your website for search engines. You can use only one plugin at a time. Otherwise, it will affect your search engine presence and traffic.

Q. Which SEO plugin is best for WordPress?

SEO is a wide term and it will cover several aspects including content optimization, images, Sitemaps, SERP tracking, and so on. There are several WordPress SEO plugins to handle each part.

Rank Math SEO can replace all other plugins with a single installation. From keyword suggestions to analytics, it does tremendous job on your site to grow traffic.

Q. Does Rank Math have a lifetime plan?

No. They don’t have. Rank Math is an enterprise-level SEO plugin which is designed to bring all WordPress SEO related tools under one roof. They are frequently updating the platform by adding new tools and features. It requires lots of efforts and investments. Hence, they have no plans to launch a lifetime subscription.

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