Top 10 Best Website Analytics Tools for 2024

Best Website Analytics Tools

Looking for the best website analytics tools to monitor competitor’s traffic, backlinks, and marketing strategies? Or do you want to analyze your own website to monitor performance?

Competitor analysis has a major role in traffic generation. As a business owner, it is essential for you to have competitor’s full data including their money-making keywords, top traffic sources, audience insights, link building methods, and others. Using them, you can create new content that can rank higher in search results and earn money, acquire new backlinks, and so on.

Traffic analytics is not a 1-side coin. A web analytics tool also helps you to analyze your own website and compare it with competitors, so you will know what keyword you misses and how to get authoritative backlinks like others.

Next, monitor your website performance at regular intervals to find out if traffic is increasing or decreasing, if any changes are needed in link building strategies, and what steps to be taken to increase revenue.

Today, I list 10 best traffic analytics tools to analyze websites.

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Best Website Analytics Tools 2024

Here’s our list,

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free website analytics tool to monitor your traffic in real-time. Find from where your visitors are coming from, how long they spend on your pages, and what referral channels work best for you.

If there are multiple authors, who contribute most of your traffic and what type of content your readers like most. It can track your eCommerce products, affiliate links, file downloads, and more to guide you on almost anything on the site. Identify popular posts and keywords to craft perfect content creation plans and enhance your organic traffic.

2. Semrush


Semrush is the most comprehensive competitor research tool to get analytics of websites. It is reliable and lets you uncover keywords, traffic distribution, ranking positions, and ads of any site.

Enter a website URL on the search box and Semrush display its full analytics in an instant moment. You can see the monthly search volume, paid traffic, and number of backlinks on the top. Scroll down to locate organic keywords, competitors, and referring domains of your searched domain.

Semrush is an incredible place to detect popular posts or products of any site. Find how much traffic they receive on each of them and how traffic sources contribute in sending visitors.


Whether you are running a business website or blog, Semrush is an essential tool to get powerful insights and re-build traffic. It allows you to analyze traffic of any website with average session duration, bounce rate, ad history, and so on. It is also useful to compare your domain with competitors to explore new keyword and backlink opportunities.

3. Serpstat


Serpstat is another best tool for website analysis. It can track search traffic, organic keywords, and paid keywords of all sites. Check traffic and visibility trends to find how a business performs in organic search results.

Detect top-performing pages, search competitors, and view even their ads to adopt similar practices on your business. From tracking keywords to positions to backlinks, Serpstat can run deep analytics on websites to collect the data you need.

Sometimes on-page optimization issues may decrease your search engine performance and rankings. Serpstat will run an SEO audit to discover potential SEO mistakes on your pages. Fix them at the earliest to boost their performance and earn more visitors.

4. SE Ranking


SE Ranking is one of the best tools to get SEO analytics of websites. It comes with traffic, backlink, and keyword tracking abilities to get a clear view of competitor’s tactics.

Detect total organic and paid traffic a website receives, analyze their costs, and what keywords drive traffic to them. Check their ranking positions and estimated traffic and cost per keyword. Monitor backlinks of any site and track them with daily updates.

SE Ranking can reveal competitor’s top pages with traffic share, ranking keywords, and estimated traffic. Their database contains 3B keywords from over 68 countries. So it will be easier to target any audience and explore opportunities with the tool.

5. Sitechecker


Sitechecker is another best traffic analytics tool for your website. It will analyze your site and display statistics such as total search impressions, organic traffic, ranking position, CTR, and others.

You’ll know how many or which of your keywords are ranking in top positions, and how many clicks your received from search engine results. Compare your page performance over a period and track ranks for up to 100 positions without leaving Sitechecker dashboard.

Sitechecker can be considered as a cheap Semrush alternative for keyword research, backlink checking, website monitoring, and SEO audit. It helps you to detect traffic generating niche keywords, analyze visitors, and optimize content to improve search engine visibility.

6. Ahrefs

Ahrefs analytics

Ahrefs is another website analytics tool to spy on traffic and backlinks of any website. Find their top organic keywords that bring most of traffic with daily fluctuations, analyze PPC campaign strategies, and much more.

Check backlinks and filter results by domain authority, link attribute, traffic, etc. Broken link building is a proven method to acquire new backlinks for your site. Detect broken backlinks of your competitors and contact referring domains to replace dead links with a similar content you have.

Ahrefs also helps you to figure out a website’s traffic by location with traffic share and ranking keywords. Prepare a list of their most performing keywords and check if it is less competitive. Craft a high-quality article on the same topic and add all matching keywords to bring maximum traffic.

They have a search traffic index of 651 M keywords and 35 T records of external backlinks. Every minute, 5 M pages are added to their database as well.

7. Rank Math SEO


Rank Math SEO is an awesome WordPress SEO plugin to optimize content and monitor traffic straight from your admin panel.

Connect to your Google Analytics property and forget about it. Rank Math will retreive your traffic data every 3 days and display statistics within WordPress. Sign in to your website, head to Rank Math SEO > Analytics to view your posts along with their ranking position, search traffic, impressions, position history, and more.

Find what keywords and content performs best, and what keywords and content require your attention. Visit Site Analytics to monitor individual posts with overall SEO score, number of internal links, external links, and incoming links. Next, you will see how many people visited each of these pages in the last 30 days.

Analyze performance and add new information or build new backlinks to increase their traffic. Rank Math also contains a built-in rank tracker to monitor performance of custom keywords. Add your target keywords and Rank Math will keep you updated about their ranking performance in organic search results.

8. Google Search Console


Google Search Console is a free traffic analytics tool. It is reliable and allows you to view top search queries that drive visits to your pages.

Visit the Performance tab from the left pane to monitor total search impressions and clicks for the selected property. Change the period to collect data even from historical records. It will also tell you what are your top pages and countries.

Design a specific marketing plan and create new content to address your target audience’s interests. It helps you to boost traffic and earn new customers from the region.

9. Bing Webmaster Tools


Bing Webmaster Tools is another free website analytics tool for publishers. It shows how your website performs in Bing searches and how many users visits pages from organic queries.

Monitor statistics with average positions, impressions, clicks, and crawl errors. Bing will also disclose your top keywords and pages. Analyze their Click Through Rate (CTR) and optimize content with more keywords and information to improve page visits.

10. Monster Insights


Monster Insights is another traffic analytics tool for WordPress. It helps you to monitor visitors and track conversions with a dashboard widget.

This Google Analytics plugin will automatically insert your tracking code and provide full details about your visitors including their age, gender, device type, and referral source. Discover top performing posts and most selling products on your site, and identify your target audience to optimize your future plans.

Author tracking to advanced eCommerce tracking, Monster Insights can track anything on your site. It is ideal for businesses and online stores that want to analyze web traffic without affecting GDPR guidelines.


Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools from Google/Bing are best free tools to analyze your own websites. They give you information about search performance, keywords, and popular pages. But they are not covering backlinks and competitive research part. For that, you should use a premium website analytics tool like Semrush or Serpstat.

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool for keyword research, competitive analysis, website analytics, and much more. It helps you to analyze a website’s traffic in detail including distribution by country, organic keywords, ranking positions, and much more. Individual URL analysis is another advantage of Semrush’s Competitive Research toolkit. It will list the ranking keywords, backlinks, and organic competitors for each web page or subdomain.

From finding the most popular content to fetching the entire backlink data, Semrush is a great competitive research tool for businesses and blogs. It is best to analyze websites (including yours) to gather any information about audience, content, and traffic.

Serpstat and SE Ranking are other popular traffic analytics tools. They help you to find out top performing keywords, traffic sources, backlinks, and track search rankings across various regions for any website.

Rank Math SEO lets you optimize WordPress website and content to increase traffic. It will collect visitors’ data using Google Analytics and display statistics, so you will know how each of your content performs.

Monster Insights is another best web analytics tool to monitor your own traffic. It spies on visitor activities and provides valuable insights into new content and product development ideas that your audience is likely to read or buy.

Which is your favorite tool to analyze websites? Feel free to share your honest thoughts through the comment form below,


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