MonsterInsights Review 2021: Is It the Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress?

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MonsterInsights is a popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It is easy to configure and provides real-time statistics on your website visitors, popular posts, most selling eCommerce products, and more.

Google Analytics is our favorite and powerful tool to analyze traffic. It monitors your visitors and provides reports relating to your target audience, top referral channels, and many other things. 

Whether you are running a business website or blog, getting accurate traffic data helps you to develop more relevant pages and boost income. Find exactly where your traffic is coming from, where visitors land in, and how long they spend on your pages. Add more related keywords on your high-performing contents and link them to other internal pages to encourage readers to spend a long time on your site. 

As a webmaster, you can install Google Analytics code easily through theme settings. But an advanced WordPress tool is essential to uncover hidden Analytics features and save your time. 

Today, we're going to review MonsterInsights, the all-in-one Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. 

In this post, you will see the following.

  • MonsterInsights overview
  • MonsterInsights features
  • MonsterInsights Setup
  • MonsterInsights pros and cons
  • MonsterInsights pricing
  • Final thoughts

What is MonsterInsights?


MonsterInsights is a great Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It was previously owned by Yoast SEO under the name Google Analytics for WordPress. In 2011, Syed Balkhi, founder at WPBeginner, acquired the plugin and given the new name- MonsterInsights.  

Trusted by more than 2 million websites, it automatically insert Analytics tracking code and start tracking visitors from the very first moment of activation. It will also collect your traffic data from Google Analytics and display them in the WordPress dashboard. So there is no need to visit your Analytics account each time to monitor page visits, bounce rate, and others. 

MonsterInsights can track many things on your site such as top countries from where you are getting most of the traffic, top referral channels, top affiliate links, and so on. If you would like to find popular categories or authors on your site, it is also possible with the plugin. eCommerce tracking is another advantage of MonsterInsights. It is useful to track your most selling products, digital downloads, and calculate total income for a particular period. 

These are the main features of MonsterInsights,

  • Real-time statistics
  • Universal tracking
  • WordPress dashboard widget
  • Individual page statistics
  • eCommerce statistics
  • Ad tracking
  • AMP tracking
  • Forms tracking
  • Performance optimization
  • Facebook Instant Articles integration 
  • Premium customer support
  • 14-days money-back guarantee

Pricing: $199/yr

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How to Set Up MonsterInsights?

Follow these steps to activate and set up MonsterInsights on your WordPress website, 

1. Sign in to MonsterInsights and head to the Downloads tab to download the plugin. On the left side, you will see the license key. Collect it. We need it in the next step to activate the plugin. 


Visit WordPress and upload MonsterInsights as a new plugin. After activation, a new screen will appear with a welcome message. 


Click Launch the wizard to setting up the plugin. 

2. On the next page, it will show step by step instructions to configure MonsterInsights for Google Analytics. 


Choose your website category first. It will automatically apply recommended settings according to your choice. Click Save and Continue to proceed. 

Enter your license key to verify your purchase and enable automatic plugin updates. Click the Connect MonsterInsights button to connect to your Google Analytics account. A box will appear to sign in with your Google account and allow MonsterInsights to access your website profile. 


Choose a profile to connect. Click Complete Connection to save changes. 

3. Configure tracking settings as next. 


MonsterInsights automatically tracks all your external links including affiliate links, download links, mail links, etc. It will also help Google to determine unique links on your site and direct search engine bots to the exact location where your pages are located.

By default, it tracks downloads of all popular file types such as doc, pdf, zip, etc. Add more file types if needed. Scroll-down to set up Affiliate link tracking and monitor sales you referred from the unique cloaked links. 


Enter your affiliate link path and assign a label to it. Click Save and Continue again. 

4. Install recommended addons. On the next screen, it will suggest you to install various MonsterInsights addons to track individual posts, forms, ad clicks and others. Alternatively, you can install them at a later moment through plugin settings. Save settings. 

Finally, you will get a screen like this. 


You've successfully configured MonsterInsights for Google Analytics. Exit wizard to go back to the WordPress dashboard. 

Pros of using MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is an essential WordPress plugin for businesses to discover new growth opportunities and boost revenue. Let us check the main reasons for using it on your money-making website, 

1. Easy to use

MonsterInsights is developed with a single motive, help beginners to use Google Analytics. From the plugin set up to report generation, it works simply and you don't need to enter even a single piece of code in any stage. 

After activation, launch the set up wizard to configure tracking and the plugin will do the rest. MonsterInsights collects important data from Google Analytics and display them in WordPress. No need to go out of your admin panel to monitor daily traffic and analyze visitors. 

2. Monitor and optimize individual posts

Find out how many page views you got, how many user sessions covered, and what is your bounce rate. MonsterInsights provides all these metrics and many others in detail. Individual post tracking is its another advantage. 


It displays top landing pages on your website along with the number of visits, average duration, and bounce rate.

If readers are leaving any page in quick moments, it may be because of slow speed issues. Check it using a page speed test tool like GTMetrix and optimize the content to encourage readers to spend more time on it. Add more information and keywords to make your post up-to-date. These strategies help you to improve page performance and reduce the bounce rate. 

3. Discover most selling products

As an eCommerce shop owner, you should know which products are most selling and generating most of your profit. 


Visit Insights > Reports > eCommerce and on the top, it will show overall conversion rate, number of transactions, total revenue, and average order value for a selected period to gives you a brief idea about store's performance. 

Scroll-down to view your top products, number of units ordered, its percentage to the total sales, and total revenue. Sometimes, customers add products to the cart and remove them later with any unknown reason. MonsterInsights will track all such user activities and display statistics on the same page. Read How to Enable Enhanced eCommerce Tracking in Your WooCommerce Store

4. Track authors, categories, and tags

MonsterInsights is a powerful tool to track almost anything on your WordPress website. It helps you to track popular authors, categories, published time, SEO score, focus keyword, and more using custom dimensions. 


If you run a multi-author website, this information will help you measure the popularity of each author and reward them accordingly. Creating new content according to the categories and tags most visited by visitors is useful to improve your internal traffic and reduce the bounce rate. You can also track focus keywords and optimize content based on the traffic receive to get more visitors. Read How To Set Up Author Tracking in Google Analytics for WordPress

5. Track outbound links

Outbound link tracking is another advantage of MonsterInsights. It includes affiliate links, phone links, mail links, anchor links, etc. 


Link tracking is a very useful feature for marketers. It enables them to understand how many visitors have been referred to third party websites and get better deals accordingly.Finding the most popular affiliate links will help you make the necessary changes in content creation strategies and boost commissions. 

6. Find and display popular posts

You may have seen the most popular products displayed in a widget form on the sidebar or main screen on many websites including Amazon. It encourages visitors to click on the links to view trending products or content. 


MonsterInsights collects your individual page metrics and lets you display titles as either inline or sidebar widget. Choose from 14 beautiful themes, customize styles and sort posts by comments, sharing counts or random.

It can automatically add new posts to the widget based on your traffic for the past 30 days. Read How to Display a Popular Posts List in WordPress

7. Google AdSense tracking

Do you want to track Google AdSense banner clicks and earnings with MonsterInsights? Yes, it too possible. 


Link your Google AdSense account with Analytics and activate MonsterInsights add-on (Ads) to start tracking ad impressions, clicks, and total income. Analyze reports to determine your best ad slots and change ad types if needed to improve earnings. 

8. Detect top traffic sources

MonsterInsights is the right place to discover top countries and top referral sources that divert most visitors to your pages. 


It will also tell you what device type visitors are using to access your site and what Google search terms are popular for your site. For each keyword, it will display your ranking position in Google search results. Unlike other position tracking tools, it directly collects data from Google Search Console. So this data will be more accurate than others. 

Customize your  marketing campaigns to bring more traffic from countries and social sites mentioned on the list. Schedule and publish content at peak times for each of them to increase user engagements and page visits. 

9. Forms tracking

Forms allows you to collect user data and convert a casual visitor to your regular client. For the smooth functioning of the business, you may need to add different forms to the site. Once you understand which of them reaches the most people, you can make changes in promotional plans to increase conversions. 


MonsterInsights can track and display form statistics along with their impressions, conversions, referral sources, etc. Read How to Set Up Form Conversion Tracking in WordPress

10. Real-time statistics

Monitor your website traffic in real-time without going to the Google Analytics account. View how many visitors are on your live site, from where they are coming and on what pages they are in.


MonsterInsights collects and displays all this information along with referral sources, audience cities, individual page views, etc. It will automatically refresh data in every 60 seconds so you will get exact details about live visitors. 

11. Performance metrics

A fast loading website can rank higher in SERPs and get more page visits. Scan your website and individual posts at regular intervals through online speed test tools to make sure that they load smoothly. If there are any slow speed issues, fix them at the earliest to avoid losing visitors. 


MonsterInsights audit your website and provides reports by covering server response time, first contentful paint, total blocking time, and time to interactive. It will also show recommended time for each stats with improvement suggestions so you can optimize pages easily to enhance performance. 

12. Integrations

MonsterInsights is integrated with popular tools and WordPress plugins you use to extend functionalities. It includes WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, ThirstyAffiliates, LifterLMS, various WordPress form plugins, and so on.

Hence, you can easily track eCommerce transactions, monitor the activities of MemberPress users and find out which files are being downloaded the most, etc using Google Analytics. 

13. Fast customer support

MonsterInsights has a priority customer support to answer your queries and fix complaints without any delay. Ask questions, raise a feature request and even share your interest to write a guest post for them. Their friendly support staff respond to your messages in a few hours. 

I am using MonsterInsights for more than a year and never faced any issues with them till this writing. So I did not contact them to complain except for some inquiries. It was a nice experience. They answered my queries quickly and in a polite manner. 

Final thoughts

MonsterInsights is the #1 Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It lets you track anything including page views, file downloads, user scrolling, videos, and many others mentioned in this post. 

The plugin is developed and maintained by the same team behind WPBeginner, OptinMonster, and WPForms. They have a deep knowledge of the industry so they will never lag behind others and you can expect the best service from them. 

MonsterInsights adds more value to your marketing efforts through powerful statistics and integrations. It helps you to detect new content creation or product development opportunities and skyrocket your earnings.

Whether you are a business owner, content marketer or ecommerce merchant, MonsterInsights is a great choice to get accurate information about visitors and increase your organic page visits.

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Q. Should I use MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights simplifies Google Analytics integration and usage. It displays all important traffic metrics in WordPress and saves your time. It also allows you to track categories, focus keyword, external links and many others without inserting any code. This plugin is essential to dig into traffic analytics and grow your business.

Q. Is MonsterInsights free? 

MonsterInsights has a free version. But it is limited to getting basic overview stats only. A premium subscription is required to view real-time traffic and monitor various things on your site. 

Q. Is MonsterInsights safe?

Yes, it is safe. You can use it on any website type to get accurate data about your page performance and traffic. 

Q. Can MonsterInsights track file downloads?

Yes, MonsterInsights can track downloads of files, digital products, and more. It tracks various file extensions like doc, pdf, xls, ppt, zip, etc. You can add more file types through plugin settings. Read How to Track and View File Downloads in WordPress

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