How to Track and View File Downloads in WordPress


Do you want to know how many times your new ebook or any other file has been downloaded from the site? Getting exact figures help you to better market the product and drive more visitors to your links.

Google Analytics is our favorite tool to track various user activities. But unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to track file downloads by default. So you should use a third-party tool like MonsterInsights to remove limitations and track downloading of any files including PDF, presentations, work sheets, zip files, etc.

File download tracking is useful in many ways. It lets you know how much popular your downloads are. Offer more similar products to attract new users and thereby improve your page traffic. You can also make changes in the content development strategies based on the statistics to boost downloads.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to enable file download tracking in WordPress with MonsterInsights.

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What is MonsterInsights?


MonsterInsights is the #1 Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It can track various things on a website including popular posts, affiliate links, ad clicks, popular authors, digital downloads and so on.

The plugin is developed by the same team behind WPForms and OptinMonster. It is easy to configure and lets you track audience in real-time right from the WordPress dashboard. Discover the top countries and referral channels that bring more traffic to your pages, on which pages they land in, from what device and many others using the single tool.

MonsterInsights is perfect for all business types to analyze audience behavior, their interests, and activities. It is also integrated with Google Search Console and displays top search terms that send more organic visitors your content along with your ranking position for the keyword, impressions, clicks, etc.

They have a premium customer support and a 14-days money-back guarantee in all subscription plans.

Pricing: Starting at $199/mo

Key Features

  • Analytics dashboard
  • Real-time statistics
  • Search Console report
  • eCommerce tracking
  • Universal tracking
  • Engagement tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Custom dimensions
  • Form conversion tracking
  • Author tracking
  • Affiliate link tracking
  • Ad clicks tracking
  • Downloads tracking
  • Scroll tracking
  • Category/tag tracking
  • Popular posts widget
  • More
  • Premium customer support
  • 14-days money-back guarantee

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Setting Up File Download Tracking in WordPress

Follow these steps to enable file download tracking on your site using MonsterInsights,

1. Install and activate MonsterInsights on your site first. After activation, it will add a new top-level menu on the left sidebar- Insights.

Follow the step-by-step wizard to connect to Google Analytics and insert your tracking code automatically. So there is no need to enter Analytics code manually on the site. MonsterInsights will handle those things for you.

Then, go to Insights > Settings.

MonsterInsights licensePin

Enter your licence key to verify your purchase and turn on automatic plugin updates. Sign in to MonsterInsights account to collect your license key. Paste it in the plugin settings. On the successful verification, you will get a confirmation message on the screen.

2. You may have seen the file download tracking option during the initial setup. MonsterInsights will start tracking your file downloads automatically based on this setting. Head to Insights > Settings >Engagement to see an option like this,

File download trackingPin

It will track all popular file formats like doc, pdf, ppt, zip, xls, docs, pptx, and xlsx as default. Add more file extensions (separated by commas) in the box if needed.

View File Downloads in WordPress

Move to Insights > Reports > Publishers to view statistics relating to top downloads, top landing pages, outbound links, and affiliate links.

Scroll down to monitor file downloads.


On this section, it will show your download links and number of clicks received on each of them. This data is useful to identify your popular products or files and develop relevant content accordingly.

View File Downloads in Google Analytics

Sign in to Google Analytics and choose your property from the top on which you want to view file downloads.

Scroll-down and expand the Behaviour menu. Click Events, followed by Top events. On the main screen, you can view all file downloads if they are created as events.

file downloads tracking AnalyticsPin

Here, all your file downloads are categorized as download. Click downloads to get a report for each file.


That’s it. Find your most downloaded files and create similar, relevant products to improve user engagements on your site.

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MonsterInsights is the #1 Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It is fast and reliable. With the plugin, you can track almost anything on your WordPress website. It lets you monitor real-time traffic without leaving the WordPress dashboard.

Track your popular posts, keywords, author posts, external links, and much more. Find which is your most selling product and what type of content bring more traffic to your pages. Check how many times your files are downloaded and how many form conversions are made. It is a great choice for businesses, online shops, agencies, and others to get full details about their audience.

MonsterInsights has a fast customer support and 14-days money-back guarantee in all subscription plans.

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