Agorapulse vs SocialPilot: Which is the Best Social Media Marketing Suite?

Agorapulse vs SocialPilot

Social media marketing tools play a crucial role in growing your business. They promote your products to a target audience and provide powerful analytics about each user clicks.

Create a schedule for your campaigns, optimize them to get maximum engagements, and make adjustments in your marketing plans to drive more potential customers to your website.

Social media management tools save our marketing time which we can divert to other productive tasks like web development and content creation. They will manage social accounts for you, collect user interactions, and keep a record of their activities in a single dashboard.

You can respond to the inquiries, change priorities, or edit the project from there itself to go with the latest industrial trends.

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Agorapulse is one of the best social media management platforms for professionals and large businesses. It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Business, and TikTok to run automated campaigns.

Key Features

  • Unlimited post scheduling
  • Social media listening
  • Social media inbox
  • White-label reporting
  • Instagram direct scheduling
  • First comment scheduling
  • Twitter threads scheduling
  • Ad comments monitoring
  • Bulk publishing
  • Team management
  • Automated inbox assistant
  • Saved replies
  • Mobile apps
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Canva integration
  • Google Chrome extension





From social media scheduling to listening, Agorapulse is a great choice. It helps you to schedule and publish content on Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn profiles and pages, YouTube channels, Google Business, and TikTok accounts.

You can also schedule first comments for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts using this tool. Agorapulse can track your brand mentions on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram as well.

They have a premium customer support and 30-days free trial in all subscription plans.



SocialPilot is an all-rounder social media marketing tool for businesses and agencies. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google Business,Tumblr, and TikTok for promoting content.

Key Features

  • Unlimited post scheduling
  • Posts with multiple images, GIF, and videos
  • Social media analytics
  • White-label reporting
  • Instagram direct scheduling
  • First comment scheduling
  • Instagram image tagging
  • Location tagging
  • Social inbox
  • Ad comments monitoring
  • Bulk publishing
  • Image watermarking
  • Team management
  • Client management
  • Mobile apps
  • Canva integration
  • Slack integration
  • Zapier integration





Whether you are going to promote blog posts or eCommerce products, SocialPilot fits your needs. It allows you to organize similar posts into categories or group client accounts, and recycle content at regular intervals.

SocialPilot is connected with all leading social networks covering Facebook groups and Instagram Business accounts to bring massive traffic from them. It can automatically share posts at the best times with custom Call-To-Actions to boost conversions. Monitor individual post performance to find what type of content works best for you on each platform, generate reports and share them with clients as you wish.

They have a 24/5 customer support and 14-days free trial.

Agorapulse vs SocialPilot: Comparison

Today we’re going to compare two popular social media management tools, Agorapulse and SocialPilot. Both are incredible assets to your business that will help you to simplify the marketing tasks. We used Agorapulse for a long time and now using SocialPilot to manage the promotions.

1. Design

Agorapulse has a beautiful and professional quality design. It is highly responsive and provides tons of options to schedule, monitor campaigns, and listen to the followers. It lets you customize the posts with emojis, videos, and own images to apply a unique look to them.

Agorapulse schedule

Agorapulse’s interface is stunning, and it will make you addicted to the tool. They take remarkable efforts and deliver exceptional performance to simplify your social media management tasks.

At the same time, SocialPilot has a simpler and cleaner look that you will admire from the very first visit. You can access various content management tools from the left pane of the dashboard. Whether you are a fresher or an expert in marketing, SocialPilot is a perfect place to start.


In four ways you can create and schedule a post with Social Pilot—dashboard, web page(with Chrome extension), curated and RSS feed contents. It also allows you to customize the posts with videos, GIF files, and own images to improve your social media engagements.

2. Social media management

Choosing the right social media management tool is essential to reach your audience effectively. Find your best traffic sources and know how many visits they send to your site each day. Make sure that the chosen marketing service supports all required networks.

AgoraPulse dashboard

Agorapulse can automate campaigns on Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn profiles and pages, Pinterest, TikTok, Google Business, and YouTube.

SocialPilot schedule

SocialPilot supports more networks and destinations than Agorapulse. You can connect to Facebook pages, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles and pages, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google Business, and TikTok with a SocialPilot account. Thus, it helps you to reach more audience and generate more leads or sales of the products.

3. Keep track of your social media conversations

Agorapulse updates you with user interactions and messages you receive on social media inbox. So you can respond to the fans and follow-up their queries right from the Agorapulse dashboard.


It also allows you to assign messages to a certain team member who can answer the queries better. You can quickly locate the account of the respondents and label or ban them from further dealing with your business in a social site.


Similar to Agorapulse, you can manage all your social media conversations like messages and comments from SocialPilot too. Thus, both tools provide great value for your social media management efforts by allowing you to control all accounts from a single interface.

Start your 30-days trial

Agorapulse free trial

A 30-days free trial is available with all Agorapulse plans. Connect your social accounts, schedule posts, and monitor analytics to see the power of social media. No credit card is required to activate your free trial.

4. Monitor social media activities of your competitors

Competitor analysis is a key part of preparing an effective business plan. You should track each and every activity of similar companies to steal their promotional strategies and achieve the goals.

Agorapulse lets you add Facebook pages of your competitors and monitor their activities including the number of followers they add every day, posts per day, engagements they receive, user interactions etc.

Agorapulse competitors

Choose a period for which you want to analyze the social media growth trends of your competitors. Upload reports to PowerPoint to check statistics closely and make updations in the strategies to win the competition.

It also displays activities on your social media accounts in detail. Such activities include your fan strength, posts published, impressions, clicks, and engagements on the campaigns.

SocialPilot competitors

On the other hand, SocialPilot doesn’t have any options to track your competitors in social sites. But it lets you monitor your own accounts with audience growth, posts frequency, engagements, performance of individual posts and much more. Thus, it provides valuable insights to modify your current marketing campaigns and expand the network.

5. Collaborate with team members

Team collaboration is another major part of your social media management plan. Divide tasks between the members and establish a timely communication with them to ensure a smooth workflow in the organization.

Agorapulse allows you to add new team members, assign certain user roles to them to manage accounts or specific queries, and create unique user groups to better manage each section.

AgoraPulse features

SocialPilot also allows you to expand the team and assign members to handle accounts or campaigns without accessing social accounts directly. Give privileges to them to read and respond to Facebook messages if required.

Start your 14-days trial

SocialPilot free trial

A 14-days free trial is available with all SocialPilot plans. Connect your social accounts, schedule posts, and monitor analytics to see the power of social media. No credit card is required to activate your free trial.

6. Ease of use

Agorapulse is easy to use, and you can schedule posts either from the account dashboard or with the help of Chrome extension. It also offers iOS and Android apps to create, manage, and monitor marketing campaigns anywhere from any device you have.

It comes with drag and drop functionality to change priorities and time of your upcoming posts. Thus, you can bring a content in demand to the front-end or postpone it to another moment easily using Agorapulse calendar.

SocialPilot is simple to use and lets you schedule a post from any web page with the Chrome extension. It also allows you to re-order posts using drag and drop feature of the social media content calendar.

As we know, peak time varies with regions and social networks. SocialPilot is super easy to handle the situation and you can set different schedules for the same post to appear it on each account. Just expand your calendar for a particular date and drag a social media post (suppose, Pinterest) and drop it to another time to set a new schedule.

7. Content recycling

You may need to recycle social media posts at regular intervals to ensure regular social traffic to them. Agorapulse is highly flexible, and you can republish the contents unlimited times with the tool.


While creating campaigns, set dates and times to republish content, and Agorapulse will do it automatically.

SocialPilot content recycling

SocialPilot also allows you to recycle contents, but it has certain limitations. It lets you republish posts for up to 10 times within a chosen period. You can set a schedule for each share. It is convenient to send your posts at the peak time of different regions and networks.

8. Cost

Agorapulse‘s plans start with $49 per user per month on which you can manage 10 social media profiles. If you want to connect more social media accounts, go for the Professional plan. It costs $79 per user per month and you can add up to 15 social profiles to run automated marketing campaigns.

Both plans offer all major social media management features like publishing, listening, social inbox, reports, competitor analysis, apps, and others.

SocialPilot is slightly cheaper than Agorapulse and its plans start at $30 per month. You can add 10 social media accounts and 1 user in this plan. It contains bulk scheduling, analytics, content curation, and RSS feed integration options.

The advanced features like social inbox and team management are not available in the base plan. For that, you have to upgrade to the next-tier that costs $50 per month.


Choose a social media management tool based on your requirements. If you are a blogger or small-scale business and content marketing is your sole purpose, opt for SocialPilot. It is less costly, and you can integrate many social sites than you actually required to run the campaigns.

There are very rare tools that allow you to schedule posts on Pinterest and Tumblr (I love both of them as they can divert massive traffic to your pages). SocialPilot is one of them. Our honest review will help you learn how SocialPilot can save you time in social media management and help you reach more audiences.

SocialPilot is the best choice for agencies as well. You can add 200 social media accounts and manage unlimited clients in the dedicated plan. It is really worth your money. Isn’t it?

On the other hand, Agorapulse is a great social media management option with advanced features like unlimited scheduling, unlimited reports, competitor analysis, social CRM, and mobile apps to utilize the platforms in full strength. It can detect and delete spam comments automatically as per the predefined rules.

Facebook audience targeting is another major advantage of Agorapulse/SocialPilot and you can target the audience in certain countries while creating posts. It is really a useful option if your post is mainly applicable to a particular region or a list of countries. The posts dealing with shopping offers may fall into the category, as they may be geographically limited. Read our in-depth review to learn how Agorapulse can help your business grow and boost revenue.

Which is your favorite social media management tool? How it helped you in promoting the business?


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