15 Ways to Use Semrush to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

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15 ways to Use Semrush to Skyrocket Your Website Traffic

Semrush is the #1 SEO tool in the market. They have a huge database with more than 24.9 billion keywords, 808 million domains, and 43 trillion backlinks. These data update every day to deliver most accurate information to the users.

It is packed with various tools you required to create SEO-friendly content, build high-authority backlinks, and increase organic traffic. You may find several low-cost tools in the category, but Semrush beats them all with unique tools and features.

Today, I will share 15 different ways to use Semrush to increase your website traffic by 10 times.

Let us get started.

How to Use Semrush to Grow Your Organic Traffic in 2024?

Semrush is the best place to discover easy to rank keywords, new link building opportunities, and get valuable SEO suggestions. It can do many more things to improve your content visibility and bring a massive traffic to them.

1. Find less-competitive keywords

Keyword research is a major part of Semrush SEO suite. It lets you dig in to the organic search queries to find all possible keyword variations for your seed keywords. Filter results to see less-competitive keywords for which you can rank easily on SERPs.

Visit Semrush and enter a seed keyword in the search box to get suggestions.


It shows keyword variations along with the following metrics,

  • Global search volume
  • Search volume in top countries
  • Keyword difficulty percentage
  • Average CPC rate for the searched keyword
  • Competition level
  • Search results volume
  • Organic search trends

In the above example, I searched with the keyword, ‘WordPress blog themes’. The graphical chart on the top-right side shows that it has a steady demand in organic search queries. So you can expect a regular traffic on a matching content.

Semrush categorizes keywords into different sections such as keyword variations, questions, and related keywords. Click view all keywords to explore them in detail using Semrush’s famous Keyword Magic Tool.


Now you will see all keywords with their individual search volume, search trends, keyword difficulty, etc. The keyword difficulty rate from 0 to 39% are easy to rank and 40 to 59% as possible to rank by creating high-quality content and building authoritative backlinks. Apply filters accordingly to find less-competitive keywords.

Then, it will show easy to rank keywords like this,


Select keywords and add them to your Keyword Manager list. It is an interesting tool to monitor your target keywords and get the latest metrics on them. It also provides potential click percentage to know how much clicks you can expect if ranks higher in the search engine results for each keyword.

Visit Keyword Manager from the left pane to view updates on the selected keywords and send them to your position tracking tool to monitor SERP ranking variations.

2. Create SEO-friendly content

Semrush offers SEO content templates on all subscription plans. They guide you how to create quality content that audience will love and rank them higher in search engine result pages.

Scroll-down through the SEO tool kit to locate the SEO Content Template tool (Under On page SEO menu). Enter keywords that you would like to target in the next post and click the create SEO template button.


It shows top-ranking web pages for each keyword. Read them one by one to get an idea about whatever information you need to cover in the post in order to defeat competitors. Semrush will also suggest related keywords which are worth to target and drive more traffic to your blog post.

Consider preparing content with the recommended text length and build backlinks from reputed sources to boost your page rankings. Shift to Real-time Content Check tab to create SEO-friendly content easily. It runs a few checks on your live texts to make sure that it contains all relevant keywords and external links so it will get more love from search engines.

The Real-time Content Check is also available on WordPress and Google Docs through add-on plugins to simplify your content creation process.

3. Update existing content

Semrush analyzes your existing blog posts and leave improvement suggestions through On-Page SEO Checker.

On Page SEO checker

Open SEO toolkit and visit On Page SEO Checker from the bottom. You should create website projects to run On page SEO audit on each site. Click the Create Project button from the top-right side and enter domain address and name to proceed.

Semrush will analyze your pages and provide various ideas to improve your content visibility and traffic. It suggests new keywords, backlinks, and other page-level modifications to bring more visitors from organic search queries.

4. Discover new keyword opportunities

Semrush’s Keyword Gap is an excellent tool to detect new keyword opportunities and increase your website traffic. Compare your organic keywords with that of competitors to find missing opportunities and develop content accordingly.


Open SEO toolkit on Semrush and visit the Keyword Gap tool. Enter your domain name in the first field, then add competitor domains in the remaining fields. In this way, you can conpare up to domains at a time.

It will compare all domains and display results on the next page. Scroll-down to the bottom to see missing keywords for which all your competitors are ranking, but you are not. Shift to the Untapped tab to view keywords for which at least one of your competitors are ranking in the top 100 search results, but you are not.


Create content on the missing topics and strengthen ranking positions to enhance your search traffic. Google love content having a minimum length of 1500 words or more and give preference to them in placing top results pages. Cover all possible information and related keywords to develop lengthy content which encourage readers to spend more time on your site as well.

Frequent content modification is another proven strategy to boost your SERP ranking and organic page visits. It is not a matter, how many blog posts you have. But update them regularly to provide up-to-date information to the visitors so they will come back again and again to collect the latest details. It will also tell search engines that you updates content frequently and consider placing it on top pages.

Link building is one of the effective method to increase domain authority score and grow traffic. Analyze your competitor’s SEO strategies to create trending content and build high DA backlinks to them.

Semrush lets you compare your backlinks with competitors’ backlinks to find the gap. Just like the backlink gap tool, it displays results in different sections. Apply filters to view top-authority backlinks of your competitors.


Check referring pages thoroughly to discover link building possibilities. If you have a similar blog post, update it with the latest details and make it a complete guide on the topic. Contact referring domains, make a brief introduction of yours and inform them about your article in a few sentences.

Ask them politely to replace their current link with yours as it is more detailed than the former. In this way, build relations with various niche domain owners to get backlinks and social media mentions from them. It is important to note that as the number of backlinks increases, so does your organic traffic. So take maximum efforts to strengthen your link profile through guest blogging, relationship building, and other similar methods.

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6. Audit and fix SEO issues

Complex SEO errors and slow speed issues will affect your website traffic negatively. Hence it is essential for web masters to run frequent SEO audits on their site to find mistakes and fix them at the earliest.

Semrush can audit your site detect issues relating to crawlability, schema markup, internal linking and many others. It scans texts, links, images, meta data, etc and suggest what to do to improve your on-page SEO and search engine presence.

Their SEO audit tool is useful to find these things,

  • Broken links and broken images
  • Internal links with nofollow attribute
  • Pages gaving slow speed issues
  • Pages without H1 headings and meta descriptions
  • Pages having a low text-html ratio
  • Pages have a long text count
  • Images have no alt attributes
  • Sitemap issues
  • Uncompressed pages and files
  • Pages use too many JavaScript and CSS files
  • Unminified JavaScript and CSS files
  • Many more

Create SEO audit projects for all your websites to keep an eye on the SEO part and fix things before your business is getting infected. SEMrush allows users to create up to 40 projects based on their plans.

7. Run competitor analysis

Semrush is the right place to analyze your competitor’s traffic, ranking position changes, and identify their top performing posts. It also helps you to detect countries from where they are getting most traffic, main referral sites, and everything you need to know to build a similar successful niche website.


Visit Organic Research tool and enter a domain address to view their top organic keywords and the traffic they generate. Open keywords to monitor searching trends and get full metrics including related keywords, backlinks, etc. If they are less-competitive keywords, prepare a quality content on the same topic and add maximum keywords without stuffing to bring more visitors to your site.

8. Track ranking positions

Position tracking is another Semrush tool to track organic search positions for custom keywords. It provides ranking variations with daily updates for up to 500 keywords on the Pro plan, 1500 keywords on Guru, and 5000 keywords on the Business plan. The reports cover mobile ranking as well.


Visit the Position Tracking tool and create projects with your domain URLs. Choose a search engine on which you want to track rankings. Choose a device type and add a target location. Then, add keywords one at a line to create the project.

Semrush will send weekly notifications to your registered email address with ranking updates. But you can visit Semrush account any time to monitor changes and update content to polish rankings.

9. Find individual page metrics

Semrush provides powerful metrics on any individual web page. It lets you know several things like how many organic page visits it gets, what are the main keywords, how many backlinks it has, traffic trends, and so on.


It will also collect promotional strategies of your competitor and display sample ads if any along with the keywords used in them. These figures help you to prepare a more detailed content on the topic and promote it to reach a wider audience.

10. Run content audits to find low-performing posts

There is no use of keeping low-performing posts on your site. In addition to generating just a numerous page views per month, they may affect your overall search engine rankings and online reputation also.


Open Content Marketing toolkit on Semrush and create a project to analyze your content. Once the scan is finished, it will display results in multiple Content Sets.

The first set displays posts that generate less than 15 page views per month. You can see other low-performing posts in remaining content sets. Either rewrite or remove them to increase traffic on other pages.

11. Check your keyword cannibalization score

Keyword cannibalization is a lesser-known SEO issue that affect your organic search rankings and traffic. It occurs when two more pages on your site target the same keyword. The consequence is that none of them make it into the rankings because they compete with each other or place a wrong URL in the top results.

There is no problem with having multiple pages optimized for the same keyword. But the topic should be unique. For instance, WordPress SEO. It’s natural to have different posts on the same site about WordPress SEO plugins and SEO tips. They cover the same keyword, but topics are unique. So Google will have no confusion when dealing with them.


Semrush users can check cannibalization issues easily. The feature is available on Guru and Business plans. Open Position tracking tool and visit Cannibalization tab to analyze your keyword cannibalization score.

You can find issues in two ways- by keyword by URL. For instance, enter your target keyword on the first field to detect affected keywords or cannibal pages. It shows your cannibalization health in percentages. 100% means there are no issues. Fix issues if any to regain your organic search rankings and website traffic.

12. Publish social media content at the peak time

Social networking sites play an important role in increasing your website traffic. But everything has its own time. Promote on each site at the appropriate time to get desired results. Otherwise all your efforts will be in vain.

Semrush monitor your social media audience and suggest the best time to post content. It supports all leading referral sites to schedule and recycle posts to bring constant traffic to them.

Social media tracking and analytics are other major parts of their social media toolkit. They are useful to analyze your own accounts’ performance and compare them with the accounts of competitors to adapt new strategies and expand the network. Learn how to schedule and monitor your social media posts with Semrush in this guide.

There are two types of backlinks- good backlinks and bad backlinks. Good backlinks help you to rank higher in search engine results, but at the same time, bad backlinks will affect your website traffic adversely. So you should remove spammy, toxic backlinks at the earliest before they create serious losses to the business.


Semrush audits your backlinks and display them with a toxicity score. The links having the score of 60 or above are dangerous and take efforts to remove and disavow them to avoid Google penalty.

The link removal process is easy, and you can do it from the same screen. Semrush provides built-in templates to contact domain owners to remove backlinks, and it will also generate a disavow file to submit to Google. If you are not removing these toxic backlinks, they will affect your organic traffic and totally hide your pages from search engine results.

14. Find new advertisement opportunities

Advertisement is another way to promote your pages and skyrocket website traffic. If you decide to create ads, the first thing to do is to examine what your competitor is doing. Analyze their marketing strategies, view ads, and collect PPC keywords to design a unique marketing plan for your business.


Sign in to Semrush and open their Advertising toolkit. Enter your competitor’s domain name to spy on their promotions. You will see various details including the following,

  • Total ads run by the competitor
  • Target audience (gender, age group, interests)
  • Sample ads
  • List of publishers
  • Ads by countries, by device types
  • Ad types
  • Landing pages
  • Paid search positions
  • PPC keywords
  • Many more

This information will help you understand which keywords your competitor is targeting, which product they are promoting most, in which countries, etc. You can evaluate the results of the ads by checking the traffic on their landing pages. If you have similar content or products, apply a custom approach in advertising and attract more customers.

15. Create and optimize social media ads

Semrush has recently added ads feature to their social media toolkit. It lets you create, monitor, and optimize ads in simple steps.

Facebook ads

It will take maximum 2-3 minutes to create Facebook and Instagram ads with Semrush. Set your budget, target audience by location and interests, and choose your ad placement positions.

Using the same tool, you can optimize performance issues to improve conversions and website visits. Semrush will track your marketing campaigns and display results to know which ad set works best for you. The report covers number of impressions, clicks, ads with most purchases, ads with no purchases, etc.

Many top brands like Amazon, Google, and Facebook make a regular investment on social media ads to promote products and increase their website traffic. They have in-house team to design and manage campaigns. Semrush lets you do those things with minimum efforts and investment.

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