Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Manage Your Unfollowers in 2019

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Twitter unfollow tools

Twitter is our favorite social network for promoting contents. It can generate guaranteed results if you are using it in a proper and efficient manner.

The success of a tweet depends on when to tweet and how to tweet principle. Analyze your followers, know at what time they are more active on the social site. Schedule your tweets according to the peak time to ensure maximum engagement with them. Don’t forget to insert relevant hashtags to get visits from the people of specific interests and Twitter search.

Followers strength is another major factor that influences your social media engagement. A reliable, active follower will respond to your tweets, favorites, or retweet at a certain moment. But there’re several people on social media who are just interested in increasing their fan base and nothing else.

I came across several Twitter users who follow me one day and after getting follow back, they will start unfollowing me. Thus they can keep a good difference in between people they follow and people following them. But I regularly use some third party tools to find and unfollow those unfollowers.

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools 2019

In this post, we’ll show you 6 best free Twitter unfollow tools to manage your network.

1. Unfollower Stats

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools

Unfollower Stats is a free tool to find your Twitter unfollowers. It will provide detailed statistics of your Twitter followers with the number of accounts they follow, followers, follow-back rate, and date of following or unfollowing. Just click the ‘following’ button to unfollow the user in one-click.

Unfollower Stats also allows you to block and mute users without visiting your Twitter account. Joining time is another interesting feature using which you can find the joining date and time of any Twitter user easily. It is one of the popular apps to view your Twitter unfollowers, followers, not following back, and blocked users from a single dashboard.

2. Who Unfollowed Me?

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools

Who Unfollowed Me is a simple app to detect and unfollow your Twitter unfollowers. After signing up, you will be directed to a clean dashboard where you can view the Twitter data at a glance. It includes the number of your Twitter unfollowers, followers, tweets, etc.

The app comes with a simple interface and exciting features to make your community more productive. New Followers tab shows your recent followers with an option to follow them back in one click. In the same way, you can use Unfollowers tab to find and unfollow your Twitter unfollowers.


Best Twitter Unfollow Tools is the perfect place to monitor activities and manage accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It provides powerful insights on social media posts and displays your top influencers for the period. Social media feed is ideal to get real-time updates of your social media community. With, you can schedule and send posts at the best time to share.

It also showcases the list of your recent followers, unfollowers, and non-followers. Go through each profile, check their followers’ strength, analyze your mutual engagement level and follow or unfollow them if they deserve the same. will track your Twitter audience and suggest you follow or unfollow them based on the quality they deliver.

The app is an excellent asset for the microblogging site users. It will note down the accounts who mentioned you and suggests you respond to high-value members. This process helps you to expand the Twitter community and engage the readers.

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4. Tweepi


Tweepi is useful to quickly check the users you follow and the users you are not following back. But unfortunately, unfollowers’ list is a premium feature in Tweepi. But still, you can confirm whether a person follows you or not via your following list. If the user follows you back, Tweepi will list your relationship as a mutual friendship. Otherwise, it will just mention as you are following.

5. Unfollowspy

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools

Unfollowspy is another app to detect your Twitter unfollowers. It will show your followers, unfollowers, in-active users, and people not following back in a simple layout.

The app will let you know if the user is temporarily locked by the network for any reason and also allows you to unfollow users in a single click. Schedule tweets is another main feature of the tool to schedule Twitter posts in a future date and time.

6. Audiense


Audiense is a powerful app to grow your Twitter network. It is a premium tool & mainly focuses on social media monitoring and Twitter management with some unique features.

It lets you browse your recent followers, unfollowers, people not following back, etc. You can filter the results based on various factors like date last tweet, date you followed, date they followed, influence rate, geographical location, language, profile type and so on. In my opinion, it’s the most efficient tool for managing your Twitter unfollowers that offers several ways to search and find any Twitter account you want.

Audiense has a clean, beautiful interface that will make you addictive to the app. Turn on Follow mode to quickly identify the people you follow and reciprocal follows.

Which is your favorite tool to track Twitter unfollowers? Feel free to share your thoughts through the comments section.

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