Backlinks: 25 Ways to Build High Authority Backlinks for Your Website

Backlinks 25 Ways to Build High Authority Backlinks for Your Website

Want to know how to build backlinks for your new website?

Backlinks play a vital role in SEO and traffic. Search engines consider them as upvotes for your content and rank it higher in SERPs based on the number of backlinks having.

Then, you may ask, do all backlinks have the same value?

Nope. Backlinks from top authority websites are a hundred or a thousand times valuable than low-quality site links. Such websites have a high online reputation so their links can create magic in your search engine rankings and traffic within a short period. In other words, one high-quality backlink is equal to a hundred normal backlinks.

Pay attention to build backlinks from authoritative sites. It will help you to boost website authority, search engine visibility, and sales.

Today, we’ll explain different link building strategies that can bring your business to new heights in 2024.

How To Build Backlinks for Free in 2024?

Before choosing a website for getting backlinks, make sure that it has a high domain authority.

Visit Moz to run a free domain analysis and check DA, referring domains, ranking keywords, and top pages on any website.

Ahrefs free backlink checker is another useful tool to check the SEO metrics of a site including its Domain Rating (DR) and backlinks.

If your target site has a good DA or DR, proceed to the next step. Contact webmasters for guest posting opportunities or getting linkbacks.

Let’s get started.

1. Guest Posts

Build backlinks

Guest posting is the most popular method for link building. Find the reputed websites in your niche to publish your content as a guest author. There are several blogs in tech, travel, business, and other categories where you can submit posts to get backlinks in return.

Start by pitching to low or medium-level websites. Write epic posts on your favorite topic and respond to the comments you received to build relations.

Before writing posts, make sure that your target website is in the same niche. Otherwise, posting may not drive results as you expected. High domain authority and do-follow backlinks are other points you should confirm before finalizing an opportunity.

Read these posts to know more about guest blogging:

It’s easy to find guest posting opportunities using Google search. Search with keywords like ‘blogging’, ‘WordPress’, ‘SEO’, etc. to get relevant link suggestions. Open pages and contact blog owners by showing your interest to share knowledge.


If you are unable to fetch the contact details of a blog, install Hunter browser extension for Chrome to find email addresses quickly. It is also useful for getting names, phone numbers, and social accounts related to a website.

There are several ways to find guest blogging sites. You can easily find opportunities by searching for one of the following keywords,

“Submit guest post”

“Write for us”

“Guest post”

“Guest post guidelines”

“Become a contributor”

“write for us” + “keyword” blog

“Keyword” + “accepting guest posts”

“Keyword” +” contribute”

“Keyword” + “guest post”

“Keyword” + “become a contributor”

“Keyword” + “guest author”

“Keyword”+ inurl:guest-posts

“Keyword”+ inurl:write-for-us

“Keyword”+ inurl:contribute

Open relevant pages and read their guest post guidelines carefully. If they match your interests, submit your request with topic suggestions.

2. Use Quora to Build Backlinks

Quora is a famous question-answer website to clear doubts on any subject. Search for keywords like best SEO tips, food, travel, or others related to your content topic.

Quora backlinks

Find the most answered or unanswered questions and give them a detailed answer with examples if possible. You can also provide a blog post link to let readers know more. But be careful not to spam. Otherwise, Quora may ban you for violating their policies.

3. Infographics

An Infographic is a popular content type that can reach thousands or millions of social media users in short moments. But do you know that it is the best choice for building high-quality backlinks also?

Create a beautiful infographic in your niche using a free infographic maker. You can also hire a freelance designer to create professional-quality infographic templates at affordable rates.

If thousands of people visit your website regularly, you can publish that infographic exclusively on the site. Otherwise, you should promote the content maximum through social media channels to improve visibility. Influencer marketing and blogger outreach are other common methods to publish infographics on similar niche websites and get backlinks.

4. Broken link building

Broken link building is one of the effective methods in the link building process. Needless to say, broken links can negatively impact a website’s SEO and online reputation. But it is practically impossible for large websites to check each and every page regularly for dead links.  Right?

Check My Links is a simple browser extension for Chrome to detect broken links on any webpage easily. Install and activate the extension on your browser first. Open your target page to see if there is any link is highlighted with red color. It is a broken link.

Contact webmasters, inform them about your research and ask them politely to replace the outdated link with your similar blog post link. Most likely they will respond favorably to you because of your supportive attitude and possibility to clean up their page by deleting unwanted links.

If you are not getting any response, don’t forget to send a follow-up email after 2-3 days. In this way, you can build backlinks from even authoritative sites easily.

5. Create High-Quality Content

10 Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks for Your Website

Create in-depth, comprehensive guides in trending topics around your blog category. It will help you to earn massive traffic and backlinks naturally.

Do keyword research and ensure that the chosen topic has growing demands. Search Google to find top webpages ranked for your keyword and go through them. Prepare a note of the main points mentioned in those pages to cover them in your post.

Write detailed, high-quality content that people will love. So they will mention and link it from relevant pages even without sending any requests.

6. Mention Influencers

10 Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks for Your Website

Mentioning influencers in your articles is another way to build backlinks. Find key influencers in your industry and link to their viral posts when needed.

Linking to authoritative sites is also a good idea to boost your domain authority and educate search engines about your content type. For example, SEO blogs will have links to SEMrush and Ahrefs. On the other hand, it is not necessary for cookery websites to link to such SEO tools. If your site has links to SEMrush, search engine bots will realize that the site is related to search engine optimization and will treat your links accordingly.

Mere linking is not enough to come into the influencer’s attention. Search Twitter for their official accounts and tweet them with your post link and words like ‘You’ve mentioned here’. So they will know about your outbound link. It is like a give and takes a policy that will work favorably in your way in the future.

Retweet influencers’ tweets and share their posts on your social media channels (especially Twitter and Facebook) to reach their good book. You can leave meaningful comments on their pages also. These strategies will help you to build a strong connection with influencers and get high-authority backlinks.

7. Join Hands with HARO

Are you familiar with HARO? Help A Reporter aka HARO is an online platform to connect journalists and sources. It helps journalists to find sources for upcoming stories and publishers to get backlinks from reputed websites.


Journalists can post their pitches on HARO and sources can respond to them with their content links. HARO has free and premium subscription packages. Free members will get three email notifications a day with opportunities. Premium members can set alerts for certain keywords to know about the latest opportunities as they published. Mobile notification is another advantage of HARO’s premium plans.

8. Spy on Competitor’s Backlinks

Ahrefs backlink analysis

Competitor analysis is a proven way to build backlinks from influential websites and boost your traffic. Spy on your competitors to detect their powerful backlinks and develop more comprehensive, link-worthy content in the same subject. Contact referring websites and ask them to link to your page as it contains more relevant information than the competitor.

broken link analysis Ahrefs

Broken backlink analysis is another part that lets you build backlinks easily. Visit Semrush or Ahrefs and enter a website URL to find their broken backlinks. Contact referring domains and inform them that the corresponding link is broken and ask them to replace it with your similar content link. Most likely, they will accommodate your request especially if your post has a good quality and worth mentioning.

9. Ask for Backlinks

Once you started getting decent traffic, you will get several link placing requests even from niche influencers and authoritative websites. Hence you should not feel shame for begging for backlinks.

Search for keywords in your industry and get in touch with website owners for backlink opportunities. Inform your willingness to share their content on your social media pages and communities in return. Make regular follow-ups up to 5-6 times until you get a response.

It’s better to use professional email addresses rather than free email accounts to get a fast and positive response from parties. Many web hosts let you create free, unlimited email addresses with your domain name through cPanel.

10. Recover Your Lost Backlinks

Broken backlink analysis is an inevitable part of the SEO and link building process. We already saw how to steal broken backlinks of your competitors in the above steps. The same strategy will work for recovering your own lost backlinks also.

Open a competitor analysis tool and enter your domain address to explore lost backlinks. Approach referring websites and ask them in a friendly manner to update the links. If your page changes the address recently, don’t forget to redirect the old post to the new address via .htaccess update or an SEO redirection plugin.

11. Relationship Building

Relationship Building

Develop a strong relationship with other niche writers, marketers, your regular clients, and social media followers. Interact with them frequently to share thoughts on various topics and leave content feedback.

Impressed with a post, written by one of your fellow authors? Share it on your social media profile to boost its reachability. You can also mention it in an upcoming post which will strengthen your relationship. Naturally, he will do the same for you.

In the same way, you can seek a backlink from the client websites. Offer a considerable discount on your pricing packages if needed.

12. Provide Royalty-Free Images

Are you a photographer? Or do you have a passion for designing?

If so, you can build unlimited backlinks by offering royalty-free images on free stock photo websites like Flickr. Take stunning photos or create attractive designs and provide them for free in exchange for attribution credits. Thus you can earn as many backlinks as you need from different websites or content types.

13. Expert Roundups

Expert roundups

Niche websites and blogs often conduct roundups to collect feedback from experts on various topics relating to their sectors. Such expert roundups will help you to get more traffic, build relations, and earn backlinks from trusted sources.

14. Write Testimonials

What is a testimonial? It is an opinion expressed by the verified customers about a digital product or an online service. Companies or agencies use it to attract new customers and expand their business.

Write a testimonial about hosting service, SEO consultation firm, and any other product you use. If approved, your testimonials will be published on the product’s homepage along with a link to your site. It is another proven way to earn free backlinks from popular business websites.

15. Forum Backlinks

Are you using forums to ask questions and build backlinks? If not, you are doing a big mistake.

Forum link building is a great method to build quick backlinks but you should use only relevant forums for the purpose. Otherwise, you may get the Google Penguin penalty. Participate in threads related to your niche and add links only when it is required. Avoid placing unnecessary links as spamming will hurt your website SEO and reputation.

16. Link Roundups

Link roundups are a great source of backlinks. Do you know what’s a link roundup? They are weekly or monthly collections of best blog posts in an industry like SEO, Marketing, Social Media, Make Money, Blogging, Business, etc with links to the original content. They will help you to build both traffic and backlinks to your pages.

Link Roundup

Search for “link roundups” in Google and social networking sites to get post links having the keyword ‘link roundups’ in the title. Alternatively, you can use search operators to see relevant posts in your category.

Try these keyword combinations,

“Your keyword” + ” link roundup”

“Your keyword” + “roundup”

“Your keyword” + inurl:roundup

“Your keyword” + intitle:roundup

These search operators will pick links from all over the web and some of them may have been published many years back. If you are using Google Search, click Tools, and choose ‘Past month’ or apply a custom date range to view the most recent link roundup posts.

17. Internal links

Internal linking is a powerful SEO tactic to reduce your bounce rate and divert readers between pages. It has a unique place in link building too.

Submitting URLs to search engines may not be enough to index them correctly. So you should link content internally to improve their visibility and power up website SEO. They should have dofollow attribute and rich anchor texts if possible. So search engine bots can locate and index them correctly. They will also help your visitors to find relevant posts without making any additional searches on the web.

18. Blogging Directories

A blog directory is a place where you can meet bloggers in different categories like SEO, tech, fashion, food, etc and build connections with them. It also allows you to promote blog posts, get traffic, and create high DA backlinks for them.

RSS feed integration is a major advantage of blogging directories. Submit your RSS feed URL and it will update your profile page with your recent posts as they publish on the main site.

19. Wikipedia Backlinks

Wikipedia is the most reliable knowledge source to get honest information everything under the sun. Google places great emphasis on Wikipedia pages and that’s why you see them on the top of SERPs.

Don’t you think Wikipedia backlinks will be very beneficial for your online business? But is it possible?

Yes, certainly. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia where anyone can submit and edit articles in categories like technology, history, science, health, and so on. For that, you should create a Wikipedia user account first. Next, find out pages on Wikipedia that have broken links. Replace them with your own links if it matches the content.

20. Blog Commenting

Follow authoritative blogs in your industry and share your honest opinions about the articles. Blog commenting is one of the easiest methods to create backlinks to your site and sometimes, individual page links. It is also useful to build a relationship with the authors and find new possibilities.

You might have known about the CommentLuv comment system. It allows visitors to leave a link to their recent blog posts. Many of us follow CommentLuv enabled blogs to build high-quality backlinks and promote the latest articles.

CommentLuv enabled

Drop My Link is a simple tool to find CommentLuv enabled blogs, guest posts, link roundups, and others in your niche. Enter your keyword, choose the category as Comment backlinks, and set CommentLuv Premium in the Footprint section. It will list all CommentLuv enabled blogs in your category in a new tab. In the same way, you can detect guest posting opportunities, do-follow comments, and KeywordLuv blogs using the tool. Enter a niche and choose appropriate options in the category, footprint sections to find what you are looking for.

21. Press releases

When it comes to link building, press release is a highly underrated technique. Some people still think press release is for news only and there is no way to build dofollow backlinks using press release. But that’s not true.

If you know how to write a press release and submit it to the right websites and publications, you can certainly increase your chances of getting new customers and boost your search engine rankings. But make sure that the link you are trying to build has a strong domain authority of at least 40+. It will ensure that your links are effective.

22. Resource website

Creating a resource website is another method to build authoritative backlinks for your site. Businesses often develop resource websites that can act as an informal hub for their industry. It features high-quality content, including breaking news, trending topics, and expert advice. Wikipedia is the best example of a resource website.

This type of website has a lot of potential, especially if you target a specific niche. It is because people will always need information to help them with their lives, careers, hobbies, and other interests. A resource-rich website can be used to build high DA backlinks for your website to enhance SEO rankings.

23. Trending topics

Google loves trending topics. When a new trend is created online, it’s going to be talked about a lot. It’s going to be mentioned in forums, news articles, blogs, and all kinds of social media sites.

However, a lot of people don’t realize this, and they’re missing out on a big opportunity to get backlinks from reputed sources and improve search visibility. That’s because when a new trend is created, a lot of businesses have a tendency to create content that is related to that trend.

24. Local Business Listings

If you have a local business, you know how important it is to be listed on, Yahoo Local, and other local directories. Getting listed on these directories is a great way to get a high DA backlink to your site that will send a lot of traffic to it.

You can reach out to the webmaster of the directory and request to be listed, but that may take a while. Sometimes, they allow you to create an instant free listing with a link to your site. These backlinks are natural and pass a lot of value to your SEO efforts.

25. Private Blog Network (PBN)

There are a number of different ways that you can build high DA backlinks for your website. One of the best ways to do this is to create a private blog network.

A private blog network is a group of blogs that are all owned by the same person, and they are all interlinked to each other. In fact, these links are sometimes called an invisible web of links. When a potential customer is searching for a specific type of product or service, they will often turn to a search engine to look for the best results. If your business is listed high in the results, you can be sure that you will get a lot of qualified traffic.

One of the most important things to remember about a private blog network is that it is all about the long term. You can’t expect to build a network like this overnight. It takes time and effort. That is why you need to be committed to the network and the long term benefits it offers.

Do you have more link building strategies to share? Let us know through comments.

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