How to Create Epic Blog Posts That Attracts Repeat Readers

How to Create Epic Blog Posts to Attracts Repeat Readers

Does your blog post attract repeat readers? How can you produce content that will make readers keep coming back to your site? If you’re struggling to create quality blog posts that connect with your target audience, this post is right for you!

Among the most common questions people (new bloggers) ask often is, “how they can drive web traffic and attract more readers. Yes, it is not rocket science, but it requires some work on our part.

For a stranger to trust you so much as to signup for your email newsletter, you must give him something of value. That is the criterion for attracting return readers. So what are you offering visitors, quality, or mere junk?

In this article, you will learn practical blogging tips that will help you drive more traffic to your blog, gain new fans, and attract repeat readers.

Let’s get on it:

1. Build Bonds with Other Bloggers

I like to start with the idea of ​​building relationships with bloggers in your industry because that was precisely how I started even before I got a blog. Relationship building is one of the most effective ways to attract new and repeat readers.

It helps you create a loyal readership or blogging community fast. For example, before I started my blog, I got busy reading other blogs and commenting on the posts I read. I also engaged with bloggers on social media and in groups (Facebook groups).

These activities opened the way for me, which lead to other bloggers inviting me to guest post on their blogs. That is at a time when I had no blog or website. But was I blogging at the time? Yes. I was writing blogs on Medium and LinkedIn Publisher.

The point is, the more blogging relationships you build, the more doors will open for you. And you will attract a loyal readership.

How Can You Build Relationships With Other Bloggers?

There are several ways. You can follow my example above and start:

  • Commenting on blogs.
  • Share posts from other bloggers across marketing channels
  • Interact with other bloggers through emails and social media
  • Commend them for a job well-done on their most recent achievement or latest blog post.
  • Link to their blogs to help them rank

This approach will get you noticed quickly. In fact, even if they do not invite you for a guest post slot, they can mention you in one of their posts. A straightforward mention from a top blogger is social proof that will help to boost your credibility.

2. Apply Email Outreach

Write an Outreach Email That Doesnt Suck

I remember how I used email outreach to connect and build relationships with top bloggers in my niche. However, for optimal results, you need to first interact with them through their blogs and engage them on social media sites for a couple of weeks or months.

I did mine for over a month before reaching out via emails. In that way, they can quickly identify you and respond to your emails.

After you have interacted with their posts for some time, send out emails, and connect with them. You can use that avenue to request for a guest posting opportunity or offer to include them in your upcoming blog post.

Seeing your effort in connecting through content engagement, although not all, but some of them will respond in kind and share your blog content with their audience. That will, of course, increase your blog’s visibility and attract new readers to your blog

3. Create Roundup Posts

Roundup posts are fantastic blogging resources that can drive tons of website traffic for the longest. Why is that so? Because your roundup content is the result of many different expert opinions.

And when the experts you featured share your post with their audience, you are sure to increase blog visitors and readerships. Also, you will build bonds with the experts who contributed to your roundup post.

Additionally, you will gain the trust of their followers, who might become loyal readers of your blog.

4. Persuade Readers With Storytelling

Tips to Write an Outreach Email That Doesnt Suck

According to Buffer, storytelling helps to activate the human brain. And when the mind is active, you become receptive to what you’re hearing. Storytelling is a content marketing tool that compels a user to embrace things he ordinarily would not have accepted. Why?

Because stories will grab your focus and transport you to an imaginary world where you get persuaded to consume the content you may not have wanted. Similarly, using tales to amplify your blog posts will help you become a better blogger and content marketer.

It enables you to convince website visitors to continue reading your posts and take other vital steps that will make your blog profitable.

How to Use Storytelling to Strengthen Your Blogs and Persuade Readers

Although there are several ways, we will only discuss a few in this article.

A. Utilize Metaphor

The use of metaphor as in your stories will lit up the sensory cortex of the human brain. That is, according to research.

Graphic via The Human Memory

The sensory cortex, according to experts, is the part of the brain that is accountable for obtaining information through touch and translating data from various parts of the body. So when receiving data, the sensory cortex lit up due to the use of metaphor. The metaphor aids to spark the sensory cortex – making it light up. So use metaphors to make your content compelling.

B. Utilize The Right Imagery

Using imagery is a powerful content tool that helps readers to connect with your material quickly. Visuals give readers a mental picture of the story and make them stick. That is why content pieces that contain relevant visuals generate additional views than those without images.

For instance, tweets that include images obtain 150% more retweets than those without visuals. Hence, using the right imagery will enable you to attract more website traffic and repeat readers.

C. Use Power Words (Verbs)

Verbs are part of speech for conveying a subject in action. So using verbs is vital since it makes your blog content forceful. It is the opposite of passive writing that makes your material weak.

5. Research Your Theme

Why is researching your subject essential to the success of your blog posts? Research reveals that blogging accounts for a 97% increase in inbound links. And you agree that building quality links is a critical Google ranking factor.

Moreover, websites that include a blog have more than 430% more indexed pages. However, you cannot attract links if your blog content is not highly informative and relevant to the reader. That is where researching your theme comes to play.

Trends keep evolving, such as the Google search algorithm that continues to change. As a result, research can help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry. Not only will it help you build trust with your readers, but it will also set you up as an expert.

Graphic via Convince and Convert

Indeed, Convince and Convert revealed that 50% 0f bloggers who spend more time researching their topic get more positive results. Therefore, it is ideal to examine your material well enough to extract valuable information that will encourage your readers to keep coming back.

*Important* After researching your chosen topic and ready to start writing, ensure to optimize it for SEO with long-tail and semantic keywords to boost search engine visibility. In this way, existing readers will always come back for more since they find your blog materials helpful.

6. Proofread Your Posts Before Publishing

Proofreading is the best way to create an epic blog content that is free of spell and grammar errors. However, as humans, you may not be able to identify all the mistakes in your material. Thus, you can use blogging tools to help you out, and the most prominent of all is Grammarly.

This tool enables you to not only detect spelling and grammar mistakes, but it also aids you to avoid plagiarism in your material. As a result, when your blog posts are free of error, you become credible to your target audience and recognized as a professional.

This step will build your brand and set you up as an expert. Ultimately, you will attract repeat readers to your blog – people who are ready to buy from you.

Final thoughts

Creating engaging content that connects with your readers and drives traffic requires time, planning, and effort. Nevertheless, the result is worth the efforts you put into it as it will gain you more website engagement, traffic, and new a readership.

Consequently, Apply the tips above to ensure your blog content delivers meaningful results. You may be thinking that blogging is difficult, and yes, it is. But it gets easier with practice.

What other tips and insights would you like us to add to this article? Please, your comment will be appreciated!

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