SocialBee Review: Is It the Best Social Media Scheduling Tool?

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Are you looking for the best social media scheduling tool to schedule and share your content?

Social media marketing is the process of promoting your products and content among billions of internet users to boost traffic or sales. Do you think any business can survive these days without marketing their items on social media?

Nope. Even industrial giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook spends millions of dollars each year for digital marketing. Assume what will happen if they cut short their advertising budget or stop promoting products on social sites.

It will affect their total business and revenue. None wants it to happen.

A social media marketing tool is not just for promotions. It should carefully monitor the growth of your campaigns, analyze the audience, track click rates and replan the strategies based on the reports generated.

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SocialBee is a great social media management tool for businesses. It comes with social media scheduling, monitoring, and analytics features to help you to utilize digital marketing possibilities efficiently and grow your traffic. Start creating campaigns on leading social sites, monitor how the audience responds to your posts, interact with them, and track analytics to update or change promotional strategies.

SocialBee supports all leading social networks including Facebook (profile, pages, & groups), Twitter, LinkedIn (profile & company), Pinterest, Instagram, and Google My Business. It doesn't have a direct Pinterest integration. But you can schedule and send pins via a free HootSuite account. Facebook profile and Instagram scheduling will work with mobile app reminders. 

SocialBee allows you to organize posts in different categories (eg. technology, social media, affiliate marketing, etc) and apply specific settings to each of them. You can mark a category as either evergreen or share once. SocialBee will automatically share your evergreen content on connected social accounts at regular intervals. 

Workspace is a unique feature of SocialBee subscription. It helps you to manage campaigns of multiple clients from a single dashboard. For instance, the Pro plan has the ability to create up to 5 workspaces which you can assign to 5 different clients. Open a workspace, connect social media profiles where you want to promote items for that particular client, and schedule. Add team members if needed and grand them required permissions to manage posts in the workspace. With workspaces, you can share content safely for various clients without mixing with each other. 

SocialBee gives you full control over social media scheduling. Create your social media posts through the browser extension and set it to automatically recycle for unlimited times or until an expiry date. Customize content for any social media account if needed. 

SocialBee is a great tool for businesses and agencies to create, share, and monitor campaigns on social sites. It works best for managing your Twitter followers also. Search new potential followers using keywords or spy on your competitor's Twitter accounts to get ideas to expand your network. Finding Twitter unfollowers is another notable feature of SocialBee. Detect Twitter non-followers easily from the Audience panel and unfollow them to clean up your Twitter account. 

Creating a Social Media Campaign with SocialBee

It is easy to schedule and share your social media posts with SocialBee. Sign in to your SocialBee dashboard and connect all required social accounts. 

SocialBee accountPin

SocialBee organizes your social media posts in different categories. So you should create a category first before scheduling content. Click on the Category icon from the left pane and tap the 'Create Category' button. 

SocialBee categoriesPin

Assign a category name and choose its type as 'Evergreen' to automatically recycle content in them. Tap the create button to save. Now you can add new posts to the category. 

Click the 'Add new post' on the top. Then, you will get a screen like this. 

SocialBee postsPin

Select social media accounts where you want to share the content. Choose a category from the drop-down list. 

In the content area, enter your text along with the post URL. SocialBee will automatically shorten your URL as per the workspace settings. It is integrated with popular link shortner services like Bitly, Rebrandly, JotURL, Replug, etc or you can also use SocialBee's own service to apply a professional touch to your social media posts. 

SocialBee will show a post preview for each selected profile on the right pane of the screen. Do you want to upload custom photos or videos to the post? Click the 'Replace link with a photo or video' option to customize your social media posts and boost engagements. 

Tap the 'Customize for each profile' button to manage posts on individual accounts. Scroll down to the bottom to set a schedule. 

SocialBee schedulePin

SocialBee will automatically recycle your content at frequent intervals as per your category settings. The post can be shared in four ways - share instantly, post at a specified time, or add to top/bottom of the queue. 

Pro Tips

Do you know how to set up schedules for your social media profiles, pages, and groups? Open Postings from the left pane of your SocialBee dashboard and click on schedule setup. Choose a profile to create a schedule for it. 

SocialBee schedulePin

Select a day, enter a time and choose a category from the list to add a new posting time. SocialBee will pick a post in order from the category section and share it on your page at the chosen time. But you are always free to shuffle the queue or share posts instantly from the SocialBee dashboard. 

Next, configure how long you want to share this content. You can set either an expiry date or a number of times, after which the item will move to archives. On finish, click on 'Add post' button to save. 

That's it. 

Open the respective category (Content > Categories) to edit and manage your posts anytime. 

SocialBee manage postsPin

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SocialBee has five types of subscription plans. 

Bootstrap: 5 social media profiles + 1 workspace + 1 workspace user + 10 content categories + 10 RSS feeds + 1,000 posts per category  = $19/mo

Accelerate: 10 social media profiles + 1 workspace + 1 workspace user + 50 content categories + 50 RSS feeds + 5,000 posts per category  = $39/mo

Pro 25: 25 social media profiles + 5 workspaces+ 3 workspace users + unlimited content categories + unlimited RSS feeds + 5,000 posts per category  = $79/mo

Pro 50: 50 social media profiles + 10 workspaces + 5 workspace users + unlimited content categories + unlimited RSS feeds + 5,000 posts per category  = $149/mo

Pro 100: 100 social media profiles + 20 workspaces + 5 workspace users + unlimited content categories + unlimited RSS feeds + 5,000 posts per category  = $279/mo

Pro 150: 150 social media profiles + 30 workspaces + 5 workspace users + unlimited content categories + unlimited RSS feeds + 5,000 posts per category  = $379/mo

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Start your
14-day free trial

A 14-days free trial is available in all SocialBee plans. Connect your social accounts, schedule posts, and see how SocialBee works for you. Totally free! No credit card is required to activate your free trial. 

All SocialBee plans come with post recycling, Twitter management, social media scheduling, and analytics abilities. Their pricing start at $19 per month. In the Bootstrap plan, you can add up to 5 social media profiles and 1,000 posts in each category (1,000 x 10 categories= 10,000 posts). 

If you want to connect more social media profiles, choose the Accelerate plan. It lets you connect 10 social accounts with 50 content categories, 50 RSS feed integrations and 5,000 posts in each category.

The Pro 25 plan is the next level where you can connect 25 social media accounts across 5 workspaces. Unlimited categories and unlimited RSS feeds are other main advantages of Pro plans. 

If you are running a business or agency, then, you may need to connect more social accounts for promotions. So you can choose a top-tier plan like Pro 50, Pro 100, or Pro 150 to market products and content through up to 150 social media profiles. 

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Advantages of SocialBee

These are the main advantages of SocialBee,

1. Content Categories

If you have added hundreds of posts to the sharing queue, it will be difficult for you to find and edit them later.  I used many social media marketing tools in the past 2-3 years and hence, experienced this crisis many times. 

Creating content categories is a unique feature of SocialBee. It will help you to organize posts in different sections like blog posts, product launches, podcasts, affiliate promotions, etc. As a result of that, you can easily find them out at a later moment. It is also possible to set a category as evergreen which means posts in it should be automatically recycled. Thus you can ensure that the content is shared in connected accounts frequently and divert traffic to your pages. 

2. Workspaces

If you are running a business or agency, workspaces will add more value to your marketing strategies. They are useful to work with multiple clients or websites seamlessly. 

Create a workspace and add accounts where you are going to share content for a certain client. Add categories and posts as usual. Repeat these steps for all clients to smoothen your workflow and share items without affecting mutual interests. 

3. Content Recycling

Add your post to the sharing queue and forget about it. SocialBee will automatically recycle your content without taking any further efforts from your side. Not 10 times, not 50 times, but unlimited number of times. 

Whether you are going to promote a blog post or an affiliate product, recycling will help you to bring a regular traffic and earn a fixed monthly income from sales.

4. RSS Feeds

RSS feed integration is another advantage of SocialBee. Connect your RSS feeds to social media profiles to automatically share content when a new blog post is published. 

5. Low Cost

SocialBee is a reliable and budget-friendly marketing tool for all business types. It starts at just $19/mo for automating promotions in 5 social accounts. 

Let us compare it with AgoraPulse, a leading social media management tool for small to large-sized businesses. 




Supported Networks

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google My Business

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube

Pinterest Support



Starting Price




5 Social Profiles & 1 User


10 Social Profiles

$39/mo & 1 User

$79/mo & 2 Users

25 Social Profiles

$79/mo & 3 Users per Workspace

$159/mo & 4 Users

50 Social Profiles

$149/mo & 5 per Workspace

$239/mo for 40 Social Profiles & 8 Users


$399/mo for 60 Social Profiles & 20 Users

150 Social Profiles

$379/mo & 5 per Workspace


Unlimited Scheduled Posts



Social Media Analytics



Social Media Inbox



Bulk Post Editor



Post Expiration






Team Collaboration



Link Shortner



Hashtag Collections



Facebook Competitor Analysis



Twitter Management



Google Chrome Extension



Mobile App



For small to medium-sized businesses and agencies, SocialBee is the best social media management tool to manage accounts and promote items. It is affordable and comes with many advanced features to automate shares and increase your social traffic. 

6. Supports All Leading Networks

SocialBee supports all leading networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. It is possible to schedule posts on Facebook profiles (via reminders), Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter profiles, LinkedIn profiles and company pages, Instagram, and Google My Business well in advance. So we can say that SocialBee is a perfect marketing tool to share your blog posts, affiliate products, e-books, and many others.

Disadvantages of SocialBee

Here's the disadvantage of SocialBee,

1. No Mobile-based Scheduling

SocialBee's mobile app is now in the beta version. So only limited features are available in it. In short, the app does not currently provide options to schedule or monitor posts. 

I already spoke with SocialBee's customer support about this and they will soon update the app with some exciting features. So stay tuned! Until then, keep scheduling your posts through browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. 

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Customer Support

SocialBee has a fast and user-friendly customer support to address your queries and fix complaints if any. The support is available via email, chat and app. 

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing tool, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days of your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with their friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

30 Days



SocialBee is a powerful social media marketing solution for businesses and agencies. It will help you to automate the workflows and save time. 

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