Top 10 Best Website Theme Detector Tools To Detect Themes on Any Site

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Do you want to know what theme a website uses? Be it WordPress or Shopify site, we can help you find out what their theme is.

The look of some websites will impress us at first glance. Then we naturally want to know what theme they are using. Many questions will arise in our mind. Is it a free theme? If premium, how much it cost? To get answers to these questions, you should know the theme name and source. 

In this post, we're going to share the different methods and tools to detect a website theme easily. 

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Open your target website and scroll down to the bottom to locate copyright texts. If it is a premium theme, it would most likely have been revealed via the footer link. Click the link text to know more about theme features and pricing. 

2. Inspect element or view page source

This is another method to detect a WordPress theme. Open your target website on a desktop browser. Right-click on the page. Choose 'View page source' or 'Inspect' option from the menu. 

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Now the page will open in HTML mode. Press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type 'theme'. Hit search. 

You can see that the word 'theme' is highlighted wherever it appears. Click up or down arrow on the search box to view them one by one. WordPress stores theme and plugin files in the wp-content directory. 

Locate where the directory name is mentioned followed by the folder name, themes. 

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It will appear like this, In the above example, it is Astra. Search Google for Astra theme. It will display all relevant details including the official website, pricing, reviews, etc. 

Doesn't work? 

If you are unable to find the theme with the above method, there are two possible reasons. 

  1.  They are using a custom theme designed exclusively for the site. You can't buy it from online marketplaces. 
  2.  It is not a WordPress website. Only WordPress websites will show wp-content/themes path in the HTML version. It won't work with other Content Management Systems. But still, you can use the keyword 'theme' to collect the theme-related information. 

For Shopify websites, search for 'Shopify.theme' on the View page source. Then, you will get results like this. 

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In the above example, Shopify theme is 'Debut'. It is a free Shopify theme that you can install directly from store settings. As I said earlier, search in Google with the theme name + 'Shopify theme' to get more details. 

What WordPress is that? Best WordPress Theme Detector Tools

You can find out a WordPress theme using a WP theme detector tool easily. Some of them will also help you to identify the main WordPress plugins a site uses. 

1. WPThemeDetector

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WPThemeDetector is a great tool to discover the active theme on a WordPress website. Enter a URL and hit search. It will tell you what WordPress theme is installed on the site and who is the theme developer. 

For free themes, you will see an option to download the theme instantly. Otherwise, visit the author site to know more. WPThemeDetector works with not only themes, it can also figure out popular WordPress plugins installed on site. It will display results along with their ranking position and popularity so you can know how much popular they are. 

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2. What WordPress Theme Is That

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What WordPress Theme Is That is another powerful WordPress theme detector. It can find out installed themes and plugins on a site in quick moments.

If you want to buy the product, open the author website to know about pricing or download the item. 

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3. Scan WP


Scan WP is a simple WP theme detector tool. It will scan your target site and uncover details including their active theme, hosting provider, and plugins. 

Integrated with Semrush, it will also help you to detect top organic keywords, backlinks, and ranking of the same site. So will get a better idea about their SEO strategies and web development tools using a single tool. 

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4. Code in WP

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Code In WP is a leading website that published WordPress tips and tutorials. They have developed a unique WP theme detector tool and you can use it to find what WordPress theme is installed on a site. 

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5. WPdetector

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WPdetector is another place to find what WordPress theme is that. Enter a website address to detect which theme they are using and what WordPress plugins are installed. The results will cover product rating, number of installs, and the last updated date. 

If you want to know more, click on download and you will be redirected to the merchant site. It can also provide details like the hosting service, server location, and even name servers of your target site. 

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6. Gochyu

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Gochyu is an all-in-one website theme detector. It supports,, Squarespace, Joomla, Prestashop, Shopify, and Drupal to discover the active theme and plugins. 

It will let you know who is the theme author, how many times it downloaded, and when it is updated lastly. Click on spy to monitor the website traffic and keywords with Semrush. Hosting is another part which will tell you about the hosting provider and their starting price. 

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What Shopify Theme is This? Best Shopify Theme Detector Tools

Do you want to know what theme is installed on a Shopify site? Here's the way. Open any of these Shopify theme detector tools and enter a URL to spy on. 

1. Shopify Theme Detector

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Shopify Theme Detector is a popular tool to detect which theme is installed on a Shopify site. Just enter your URL and it will list the theme name in a few moments.

For custom domain sites, it can furnish important SEO metrics with a Semrush integration. It includes main organic keywords for which the store is ranking, top backlinks, main competitors, etc. 

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2. WhatStoreTheme

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WhatStoreTheme is another Shopify theme detector for online stores. It will display theme details along with a download link. So you can download theme files instantly or visit official stores to explore more details. 

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3. Avada

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Avada Shopify Theme Detector is another place to spy on an online shop. Enter a store URL and it will tell you what Shopify theme they are using. 

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4. Shopify Add Detector

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Shopify Add Detector is a simple Google Chrome extension. It lets you find the active theme and plugins installed on a Shopify site. 

Open your target store and click on the extension icon. It will scan and list all apps installed on the site with the app store links. 

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