SocialDog Review: Is It the Best Twitter Management Tool?

SocialDog Review

Looking for SocialDog reviews? I guess you are a Twitter marketer, and you want to analyze SocialDog features to check whether it can meet your needs or not. Isn’t it?

Promoting products and contents on social sites is essential for any business. It helps you to reach thousands of prospective customers within a short period of time. Twitter is a leading social network, and best for serious buyers. Among them will be big businessmen, professionals, and high profile celebrities.

Schedule your tweets at peak times, engage with followers, and respond to messages as early as possible. If you can utilize Twitter’s potential properly, you can turn it into your lead generation machine and acquire more customers. But no one can do it manually.

You need a powerful Twitter automation tool to handle various marketing tasks on behalf of you.

SocialDog is a popular social media management suite for businesses and influencers. Today, we’re going to review SocialDog and analyze key features, pros and cons, and pricing plans.

Let us get started,

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Why SocialDog?


SocialDog is an amazing Twitter marketing tool for all your needs. Not only Twitter, it also supports Facebook and Instagram to run campaigns. It lets you schedule unlimited posts, monitor performance, and manage your followers from one place. Get insights about your posting times and schedule content at the best times to earn more likes, retweets, replies, etc.

Create a daily posting schedule and SocialDog will automatically send your posts at the chosen time. Monitor your previous social media content along with engagements and reshare them again. Sometimes, you may need to schedule posts in bulk. SocialDog’s bulk scheduling allows you to schedule up to unlimited posts with a single CSV file. This way, you can schedule posts for the next 3 months in advance.

RSS auto post is another interesting feature for content creators. Connect your RSS feed and SocialDog automatically share your latest blog updates on social media and drive engagements. It will monitor your account and lets you know how many followers you gained or lost every day, how your tweets perform, and which is the optimal time to share your tweets.

Learn what tweet type brings more engagement and which hashtag or keyword is most popular among your audience. It helps you to identify your target audience and create similar posts to promote your products or content.

SocialDog is perfect for any business, agency, or freelancer who is active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It can automate your digital promotions and find new potential followers by keywords, location, following/follower ratio, etc. SocialDog will also tell you who unfollowed you recently and who are inactive followers in your network.

Their pricing starts at $9 per month. You can activate their 7-day free trial to test their premium features for free.

Key Features of SocialDog

socialdog contests
  • Schedule unlimited tweets
  • Schedule retweets
  • Schedule Twitter threads
  • Schedule Facebook posts
  • Schedule Instagram posts
  • Social media inbox
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Track mentions
  • Best times to post tweets
  • Content analytics
  • Social media contests
  • 1-10 Twitter accounts
  • Multiple users
  • Bulk scheduling tweets
  • RSS auto tweets
  • Post history
  • Manage Twitter followers
  • Find new potential followers
  • Detect Twitter non-followers
  • Follower analytics
  • Hashtag analytics
  • Instagram Trends
  • Instagram Follower analytics
  • Track mentions
  • Reporting
  • CSV download
  • Slack notifications
  • Export publishing calendar
  • 7-days free trial

SocialDog Review: Top Reasons to Use SocialDog

No matter what kind of business you are running. Customer is the king. Spread awareness about your products and content. Attract more and more visitors to your platform, and convert them to your regular customers.

Twitter is one of the best places to meet new clients and encourage them to test your products or services. Run automated marketing campaigns to share updates about your latest blog posts, new products, and upcoming events. Respond to comments and track user engagements with frequent updates.

These are the top reasons to use SocialDog for your business,

1. Schedule tweets

SocialDog Schedule tweets 1

SocialDog allows you to schedule unlimited tweets and Twitter threads, and send them at a specific time or as per your queue schedule. Upload images (even multiple) and add emojis to improve engagements.

As you enter text and web link in the composer, it will show how your tweet appears on desktop and mobiles in the right pane. It will appear like this,

SocialDog preview

SocialDog will automate your Twitter campaigns in many ways. It can automatically retrieve posts from your RSS feeds and share them on Twitter. You can also schedule up to 500 posts for the next 3 months using a single CSV file.

If you are a busy marketer, these features will help you save a lot of time and generate traffic from Twitter easily.

2. Track engagements

Twitter analytics

SocialDog monitors your Twitter account in real-time and display statistics with graphical charts. Track how many likes, retweets, and replies you receive each day, and optimize campaigns to reach more people.

Find your most popular tweets along with engagements, what tweet type your fans like mostly, and which hashtags work best for you. From SocialDog’s tweet analytics, you can learn everything about your promotional campaigns, from tweeting time per day to client allocation to media types.

Finding the best time to tweet is another advantage of SocialDog. You will know what day of the week is best to get more likes and retweets, and at which time your audience is mostly active. Track engagements by time of the week, and change poor-performing campaign timing to another. It will help you to boost tweet visibility and increase traffic.

3. Keyword monitoring

keyword monitoring

SocialDog will tell you who’s mentioned your brand name on Twitter and who’s tweeted with your target keywords. Discover users and filter them by number of followers, number of tweets, location, URL, and much more.

The keyword monitoring tool is ideal to detect new customers who might be interested in your products or niche. Open filters and check ‘Active’ to view only active users tweeted about your keyword. Before connecting, make sure that the profile is genuine and he/she has a reasonable number of followers.

Interact with their tweets and add them to your Twitter lists, so you can track them closely. Send weekend and monthly (‘Happy November’) wishes tweets to strengthen your relationship.

SocialDog can also display user accounts with xxx followers (e.g., 2000 followers) and high or low follower/following ratio. Expand Advanced filters on SocialDog’s keyword monitoring tool and pick appropriate options to find users that match your requirements. Follow them and like or retweet their tweets, most likely they will start to follow you in a few days.

4. Manage Twitter followers

socialDog twitter unfollow

Twitter management is a major part of SocialDog. It will show who are your Twitter non-followers, who follows you, but you are not following back, and who is inactive in your network.

Keep an eye on your followers and learn how they engage with your tweets. Get in touch with most engaged users, and share their posts as tit-for-tat. This strategy helps you to get more retweets and comments in the future.

SocialDog analytics

SocialDog sends you daily email notifications with Twitter growth report and recent unfollower list. If someone unfollowed you, do the same to them in order to keep a healthy following/follower ratio for your account. No need to visit Twitter, click ‘unfollow on Twitter’ that appears next to your non-follower account details (right end)on SocialDog dashboard to remove them from your network.

5. Twitter contests

Twitter contests

Twitter contests and giveaways are an essential part of brand promotions. Offer attractive prizes for following your Twitter account and retweeting a special tweet related to your new product launch or event sale.

Sign in to your SocialDog account and head to Twitter engagement tab under Followers menu. Tap Contests and choose your contest tweet from the drop-down list.

Open advanced filters and set conditions to view eligible entries. For example, if you want the user to follow you on Twitter in order to participate in the contest, check the Followers box. Then, SocialDog will only show participants in your follower list and exclude others.

Select a winner randomly to hand over the prize.

6. Multiple social accounts

If you are running a business or agency, you may need to automate promotions on multiple Twitter account. Luckily, SocialDog allows you to connect up to 10 social accounts and 20 users for managing tasks.

Connect all your accounts including client profiles to schedule and monitor campaigns, and manage followers. Track your account performance for the last 1 or 2 years or even for unlimited period, and generate reports with complete information.

Final thoughts

SocialDog is an all-in-one Twitter marketing tool to schedule and monitor your unlimited marketing campaigns. Create social media posts and schedule retweets at the optimal times as suggested by the app. Connect your RSS feeds and upload CSV files to automatically publish content, saving you hours of marketing time.

Just scheduling posts won’t stop your work. You should monitor them and understand how they perform, how the audience reacts and at what time the tweet gets more engagements. Only then can you reach more people and boost conversions.

From content scheduling to engagement tracking, SocialDog is a one-stop solution for all your social media marketing needs. It will analyze your tweets and what post type can drive more impressions, and when to post them. You can also track the engagements of each hashtag and keyword to understand the interests of your audience.

SocialDog helps you to monitor up to 10 keywords to understand latest industrial trends, and find new people who are interested on your target keywords. Get in touch with them to explore new possibilities and increase your Twitter followers.

Twitter follower management is another part. SocialDog tells you who engage with your posts mostly and who unfollowed you. In short, we can say that SocialDog is a powerful Twitter automation tool that helps you grow business and save time.

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SocialDog has three subscription plans: Lite+, Pro, and Business.


  • $9/mo/account
  • 30 scheduled posts
  • Advanced follow management
  • 1 year analytics
  • Instagram Trends
  • 30 RSS auto tweets
  • 2 social accounts
  • 1 team member


  • $49/mo/account
  • Unlimited scheduled posts
  • Advanced follow management
  • 2 year analytics
  • 100 RSS auto tweets
  • 5 keyword monitors
  • Advanced Twitter analytics
  • Instagram Trends
  • Instagram profile page analytics
  • Twitter follower analytics
  • 3 social accounts


  • $149/mo/account
  • Unlimited scheduled posts
  • Advanced follow management
  • Unlimited period of analytics
  • 300 RSS auto tweets
  • 10 keyword monitors
  • Track mentions
  • Tweet engagement
  • Contest
  • Full Twitter analytics
  • Instagram Trends
  • Instagram profile page analytics
  • Twitter follower analytics
  • 5 social accounts
  • Up to 5 users


  • $299/mo/account
  • Unlimited scheduled posts
  • Advanced follow management
  • Unlimited period of analytics
  • 600 RSS auto tweets
  • 30 keyword monitors
  • Track mentions
  • Tweet engagement
  • Contest
  • Full Twitter analytics
  • Instagram Trends
  • Instagram profile page analytics
  • Twitter follower analytics
  • 10 social accounts
  • Up to 20 users

If you are a beginner, the basic Lite+ plan may be enough for you. You can schedule 30 posts and send up to 2 RSS auto tweets in 1-hour interval. It contains basic analytics about your account and followers such as number of followers, their location, gender, and your tweet type statistics.

Pro is the next plan ad it gives you more detailed insights about accounts and data. You can schedule unlimited posts, send up to 100 RSS auto tweets and track 5 keywords using this plan. I personally recommend their business plan as it gives you full benefits of SocialDog platform. It comes with unlimited post scheduling, 10 keyword monitors, and full social media analytics.

Business plan users can retrieve analytic data for unlimited period. They can also set up contests and add up to 5 users to manage social accounts. If social media is your main referral channel, and you want to take full advantage of it, then it is better to choose the Business plan.

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