8 Best Apps to Get More Twitter Followers Fast

5 Best Apps to Get More Twitter Followers Fast

Twitter is a great place to establish your brand identity and promote business. It will help you to market products in front of a large audience and connect with more clients. But there is one thing that may affect your social media reachability, traffic, and negotiation power.

Do you know what it is?

The number of followers.

Getting more Twitter followers will help you to gain thousands or even millions of tweet views within a few moments. Who knows how many of them will visit your pages and buy items?

So you should take maximum efforts to get more followers on Twitter. But how it is possible?

Can you buy Twitter followers?

There are several websites available where you can buy Twitter followers at cheap rates or on a follow-back basis. Starting from $1 onwards, they will offer different pricing plans to increase your followers fast.

Choose a plan, make the payment, and get new followers within a maximum timeframe of 48 hours. Some other websites allow you to gain followers instantly. Create an account, follow listed profiles, send tweets, and like Facebook pages to get credits based on your social media power. You can utilize those credits to buy new followers on Twitter.

So should you buy Twitter followers to grow your business?

No. It’s wrong. Buying followers will not add any value to your social media presence. It will just waste your money and precious time.


Here are the reasons,

1. Twitter follower services often provide fake followers. Most of them will be bot accounts. They will not engage with your tweets like real followers do. No retweets. No likes or replies. But still, they will remain in your network.

2. No retention guarantee. Such fake followers may unfollow you at any time. With the sudden increase or decrease in your followers, inform others that you are following some illegal methods to gain followers. Needless to say that it will affect your online reputation.

3. Twitter ban. The microblogging site is against buying followers. If it finds any suspicious activities on your account, you will be banned from accessing Twitter services.

4. Adult content. Fake followers will do several things to gain more followers including posting porn videos, photos, and links. Do you want to see such inappropriate content on your home feed?

So how do you get more followers on Twitter, legally?

Let us get started.

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Best Apps to Gain More Twitter Followers fast

Today, we prepared a list of 8 best social media tools that help you to schedule tweets at peak times, interact with followers, create Twitter contests, and design stunning Twitter graphics to attract more audience.

1. SocialDog


SocialDog is the most comprehensive Twitter marketing tool to schedule your tweets and expand your network. Create unlimited tweets and monitor how they perform. It will analyze your posts and network, and display statistics using a chart. So you can quickly know how things are going on in each day.

Add your target keywords in SocialDog’s keyword monitoring tool and it will show the latest tweets that matching your query. Filter tweets by user location, number of followers, and number of tweets to analyze user credibility.

If they have a reasonable follower strength and tweets very frequently on your favorite topics, follow them or retweet their tweets to build relations. This strategy will help you to get more retweets and gin more twitter followers.

Head to SocialDog analytics to find what kind of posts and hashtags work best for you, which keywords you use frequently. Create new campaigns on topics or media types in which you get more user engagements. SocialDog analyzes your tweets in detail and suggest the best time to get more likes and retweets. Schedule your campaigns accordingly to maximize conversions.

Twitter follower management is another advantage of the tool. It will tell you who unfollowed you, who is inactive in your network, and who likes or retweet your posts mostly. Remove unfollowers to keep a healthy following-follower ratio and attract new followers. You can also utilize their keyword monitoring tool to find new potential followers based on your niche keywords.

In short, we can say that SocialDog is a matchless tool to promote your products and increase Twitter followers.

Visit SocialDog (7-days free trial)

2. Tweetfull


Tweetfull is a great Twitter automation suite to schedule tweets, automatically follow users and retweet tweets by keywords, and much more.

Welcome your new followers with personalized messages and convert them to your loyal customers. Connect your blogs and Tweetfull will generate personalized tweets from your content, and schedule them at the peak time. You’ll also get engaging images for tweets to reach more people within a short period of time.

Tweetfull updates their search algorithm frequently to avoid bot accounts and adds only real human followers to your network. It will automatically follow new users, like, and retweet tweets to build connections and increase your followers.

Building unique Twitter campaigns is a unique feature of Tweetfull. It allows you to copy followers of competitors, engage with accounts who tweet your target keywords and hashtags, and automatically like or retweet tweets of top influencers in your industry.

No need to spend 24/7 on Twitter. Set up your campaign and Tweetfull will detect relevant tweets, and engage with them on behalf of you. Finally, run a Twitter unfollow campaign to remove people who are not following you back on the social site. It gives you full control over the campaign and lets you filter users by follower count, following count, account age, tweet count, etc. Thereby, you can figure out only meaningful connections who will engage with your tweets.

Visit Tweefull

3. Circleboom


Circleboom is a powerful social media management suite to schedule and publish posts, monitor Twitter followers, and delete tweets in bulk. It lets you schedule tweets, Twitter threads, and Twitter polls to improve engagements on your network.

Mention Twitter users in your posts and add trending hashtags from hashtag collection to boost your tweet reachability. Twitter poll is a great option to collect user thoughts and generate upcoming content ideas. You can easily create polls with multiple options using Circleboom’s poll creator.

Circleboom tracks user engagements and activities to find out the best time to post your tweets. It will also tell you about followers’ interests, language, and other characteristics. This helps you to build upcoming campaigns and increase your traffic.

No matter what kind of business you are running, Circleboom is a great choice to automate promotions and earn more Twitter followers. Their Twitter management plans start at $17.99/mo and social media scheduling plans start at $15.83/mo.

Visit Circleboom

4. SocialBee


SocialBee is another fantastic tool to earn more Twitter followers. It is our favorite social media management suite top schedule and monitor content on all leading social sites.

You will be able to design amazing Twitter graphics using built-in Canva integration and decorate tweets with Giphy animated stickers right from your SocialBee dashboard. Format texts to make them bold or italic and import hashtags from your collection to use branded keywords, and improve your content reachability.

AI-based image and caption generator is a major part of SocialBee’s tweet composer. It can generate a tweet or Twitter thread on a certain topic, rewrite a content for your Twitter followers, or generate funny tweets that your fans will like.

SocialBee helps you find top-performing posts, track engagements, and recycle content automatically to boost traffic. With their browser extension, you can schedule tweets from anywhere and connect to top brands. Before sharing, look at their footer section and collect their Twitter usernames. Mention them in your tweets, so they know you visited their site and shared the tweet.

Create a new content category on SocialBee for curated posts and set a separate posting schedule for them. For example, once in a day. Visit top and growing websites in your niche, and add some of their posts to your publishing queue. SocialBee automatically share and mention @websites to let them know that you read their content frequently. After a couple of such tweets and replies, they will start sharing your tweets, and even follow you back.

Visit SocialBee (14-day free trial)

5. Twiends


Twiends is a popular tool to gain Twitter followers fast. It features thousands of real Twitter users on the homepage, and you will be able to filter them by interests, location, etc.

Click a Twitter handle to view their latest tweets, photos, and retweets. It is also possible to follow a user in one-click without going to Twitter.

Twiends is different from common Twitter follower services. It works like ads on Google search and Twitter. Your profile will be promoted among visitors a certain number of times and they can follow you if interested,

The main advantage of Twiends is that it features only real Twitter accounts who may engage with your tweets. It is best for businesses and marketers who want to gain more Twitter followers, without buying bot followers.

Visit Twiends (Free Trial)

6. TweetDeck


TweetDeck is another free tool to get more Twitter followers and expand your network. It lets you schedule tweets, respond to private messages, and monitor Twitter activities from one place.

Sign in with your Twitter account, and it will showcase your notifications, messages, mentions, etc. in different feeds. Add columns to view and track other parts of your Twitter account. For instance, Trending. It lists trending hashtags on the social site that you might be interested in. Click a hashtag to view relevant tweets. This way, you can stay up to date with the latest things affecting your industry and update your followers.

TweetDeck also has the facility to monitor mentions to respond to users’ questions in a timely manner or to thank them for tweeting your post. It will help you make your customers feel appreciated, and your content will reach more people.

We are all familiar with Twitter lists that allow us to exclusively view tweets of selected individuals or businesses. If you are on Twitter, you have to open each list to see such tweets. But TweetDeck handle them differently.

Add a new TweetDeck column for lists. Tweets from your list members will appear there. As a result, you will be able to respond to list tweets quickly. It will help you improve relationships and find new opportunities also.

Visit TweetDeck

7. Visme


According to marketing experts, sharing custom graphics can increase the visibility of your social media posts and attract more customers. But it is a time-consuming process, especially for people having no designing knowledge. Right?

Visme is a great graphic designing platform. It is user-friendly and easy to use. Anyone can handle their designing tools smoothly and build eye-catchy images and infographics in minutes.

Their library is enriched with hundreds of beautiful social media templates and millions of royalty-free images. It supports creating graphics for Twitter headers, Twitter ads, Twitter posts, and Twitter carousel posts. Pick a template and customize it to replace texts, change colors, etc.

Sometimes, you may need to insert call to actions, 3D animations, diagrams, and others in the design. It is also possible.

When your design is ready, just click ‘Share’ button on the top to schedule and publish it on Twitter.

Visme is the best place to create an engaging social media content and attract more customers. You’ll also be able to organize content in to multiple projects and folders with team management abilities.

Visit Visme

8. SocialPilot


SocialPilot is another powerful tool to grow your Twitter account. It can schedule tweets, monitor user engagements, and track brand mentions from one place. Upload your own images, set a target location, and add emojis to apply a unique touch to your tweets.

SocialPilot will automatically analyze your Twitter audience to know when they are most likely active and schedule your content accordingly. It curates trending posts in your industry that you can share on social sites. Sharing similar niche posts will help you find new people who might be interested in the topic and encourage them to follow you.

Monitor statistics to identify what post types and which hashtags work best for you. SocialPilot also allows you to add GIF animations and videos to tweets, generate high quality post captions, and suggest best hashtags for your tweets. As a result, your tweets get more attention and reach more people.

Visit SocialPilot(14-days free trial)

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