3 Best Apps to Get More Twitter Followers Fast

3 Best Apps to Get More Twitter Followers FastPin

Twitter is a great place to establish your brand identity and promote business. It will help you to market products in front of a large audience and connect with more clients. But there is one thing that may affect your social media reachability, traffic, and negotiation power.

Do you know what it is?

The number of followers.

Getting more Twitter followers will help you to gain thousands or even millions of tweet views within a few moments. Who knows how many of them will visit your pages and buy items?

So you should take maximum efforts to get more followers on Twitter. But how it is possible?

Can you buy Twitter followers?

There are several websites available where you can buy Twitter followers at cheap rates or on a follow-back basis. Starting from $1 onwards, they will offer different pricing plans to increase your followers fast.

Choose a plan, make the payment, and get new followers within a maximum timeframe of 48 hours. Some other websites allow you to gain followers instantly. Create an account, follow listed profiles, send tweets, and like Facebook pages to get credits based on your social media power. You can utilize those credits to buy new followers on Twitter.

So should you buy Twitter followers to grow your business?

No. It’s wrong. Buying followers will not add any value to your social media presence. It will just waste your money and precious time.


Here’re the reasons,

1. Twitter follower services often provide fake followers. Most of them will be bot accounts. They will not engage with your tweets like real followers do. No retweets. No likes or replies. But still, they will remain in your network.

2. No retention guarantee. Such fake followers may unfollow you at any time. With the sudden increase or decrease in your followers, inform others that you are following some illegal methods to gain followers. Needless to say that it will affect your online reputation.

3. Twitter ban. The micro-blogging site is against buying followers. If it finds any suspicious activities on your account, you will be banned from accessing Twitter services.

4. Adult content. Fake followers will do several things to gain more followers including posting porn videos, photos, and links. Do you want to see such inappropriate content on your home feed?

So how do you get more followers on Twitter, legally? In this article, we list the 3 best social media apps that will help you to boost Twitter followers in a few days.

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Best Apps to Gain More Twitter Followers fast

Let us start.

1. SocialBee


SocialBee is a great social media tool to automate your marketing campaigns and manage Twitter followers. It lets you schedule posts on leading social networks at peak time to gain maximum exposure on them.

Custom Twitter photos are useful to boost the visibility of your Twitter tweets. With SocialBee, you can upload unique photos and videos to tweets or use emojis to attract more audiences. Such personalized tweets will help you to gain more followers also.

Engage with your followers regularly, respond to comments, and retweet their interesting posts. These strategies will help you to build a strong relationship with other niche experts and expand the network. SocialBee also allows you to monitor your Twitter growth, audience, and activity statuses using graphic charts. Find your top-performing posts and make the necessary changes in marketing campaigns to improve results.

Head to SocialBee > Audience to explore more Twitter follower features. User search is the first option you will see on the new page.

Twitter followersPin

Enter your keyword in the box to search Twitter users by interests, profession, location, etc.

Add filters to detect active users or accounts having a minimum of 1k and more followers. For instance, choose ‘last tweeted newer than 2 days’ filter to find the most active Twitter profiles. In the same way, profiles with avatars to exclude fake followers from the results. If you feel that any user matches your criteria, click on the external link icon to open the corresponding profile in a new tab. Follow the user and retweet one of their tweets in order to get their attention.

The competitor audience is another part of SocialBee that will help you to spy on competitor’s Twitter accounts.

get more twitter followersPin

Enter the Twitter handle of your competitor and hit on search. Apply filters to remove low-quality profiles from the search results. This strategy is useful to steal your competitor’s Twitter followers and grow your traffic.

SocialBee is a perfect tool for both social media scheduling and Twitter management. Click Non-followers to find who is not following you back on Twitter. Unfollow non-reciprocated accounts to clean up your Twitter account. If you want to remove certain accounts from appearing on your non-followers list (Eg. celebrities), add them to your whitelist. Thereafter, SocialBee won’t display those accounts on your non-reciprocated following list.

Visit SocialBee (14-day free trial)

2. Crowdfire

Crowdfire appPin

Crowdfire is another powerful social media marketing tool to schedule content, monitor analytics, track mentions, and gain free Twitter followers. Upload your own images, set a target location, and add emojis to apply a unique touch to your tweets.

Crowdfire will automatically analyze your Twitter audience to know when they are most likely active and schedule your content accordingly. Content curation is it’s another notable feature that will suggest the best posts you can share on social media. Sharing similar niche posts will help you to find new people who might be interested in the topic and encourage them to follow you.

Monitor statistics to identify what kind of post and which hashtags work best for you. Crowdfire also allows you to track mentions, read comments, and respond to them without visiting Twitter. It is free to use for up to 3 social media accounts and 10 scheduled posts per account.

Visit Crowdfire (Free)

3. Twiends


Twiends is a popular tool to gain Twitter followers fast. It features thousands of real Twitter users on the homepage, and you will be able to filter them by interests, location, etc.

Click a Twitter handle to view their latest tweets, photos, and retweets. It is also possible to follow a user in one-click without going to Twitter.

Twiends is different from common Twitter follower services. It works like ads on Google search and Twitter. Your profile will be promoted among visitors a certain number of times and it is up to them to follow or not follow you.

The main advantage of Twiends is that it features only real Twitter accounts who may engage with your tweets. It is best for businesses and marketers who want to boost Twitter followers fast.

Visit Twiends (Free Trial)

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