How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

In contrast to other social media platforms, Instagram has a heavily active user base – more than 500 million people access the app daily. So, it will be a wise decision to create a business account on this platform.

The only problem is that there are 71% of US companies are already on Instagram, and it’s not that easy to find a way to make your brand stand out.

Yep, it’s not easy, yet it’s possible. In this article, you will find tips on how to write a catchy Instagram bio and get your brand noticed.

1. Start from your mission

The first thing to include in an Instagram bio is your mission. If you have just started your company and haven’t written your mission statements yet, try to answer the following questions:

  • What is the reason for your company’s existence?
  • What is your passion?
  • What goal do you want to achieve in the future?

Obviously, you can’t write that you started your company just to earn money and that your goal is to become a billionaire.  Your mission must be “noble” and address the needs of your target market.

For instance, Mango’s mission sounds like this: “We inspire and unite people through our passion for style and culture.”

How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

2. State what you offer

If you have just started your company, it’s necessary to state in your bio what exact products and services your offer. It will help Instagram users to understand what your business is all about.

Do you manufacture cars, sell T-shirts, or distribute candles? Tell your audience more about your business and get them interested in buying your products.

How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

3. Tag related accounts

If you run multiple accounts on Instagram, you can list them in your main business account. It will help you to gain more followers and boost engagement across all your accounts.

It’s worth mentioning that this approach works only for well-known brands. If users are not familiar with your brand, it’s highly unlikely that they will want to follow all your accounts.

How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

4. Add your branded hashtag and tag

Are you going to embrace user-generated content (UGC) as a part of your marketing strategy? If your answer is “yes”, don’t forget to put your branded hashtag and tag in your bio. Let users know what they should add to their Instagram posts for a chance to be featured.

How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

5. Be proud of your history

If your company has a long history, you should be proud of it. And you should mention the year of the company’s establishment in the Instagram bio. It may surprise you, but this little trick can significantly increase brand loyalty.

People tend to trust old companies more than new ones. They believe that only those companies that offer high-quality products can stay afloat for decades.

How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

However, if you work in the niche that has appeared just a few years ago, or if you offer innovative products, you should also mention the year of the company’s establishment. It will help you to show that your company is young yet progressive and fast-growing.

How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

6. Mention that your company is involved in charity

Is your company involved in charity? Do you support a local community group or sponsor homeless animal shelter? Don’t hesitate to mention this fact in Instagram bio for your venture!

Customers are more loyal to companies that help people and animals in need. So feel free to follow the example of famous brands and use charity involvement to manipulate buying decisions.

Warby Parker, sunglasses and eyewear store, states in its Instagram bio that it “distributes a pair of glasses to someone in need, for every pair sold”. Since the vast majority of customers do like to give to charity, this statement in bio helps the company to generate high revenue.

How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

7. Use bulleted lists

Keep in mind that most Instagram users do not read the entire bio. They only scan the text through. So if you want to grab the attention of your prospective customers and make them read the entire bio, you should use bullet points.

The bulleted list should include from three to seven points. Not less. Not more.

How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

8. Add emojis

Instagram is visual platforms, and it’s crucially important to make bio visually appealing. And the simplest way to enhance your written message is to add emojis.

Use the emojis wisely, and you will make your business account look more engaging and memorable. It will help you to drive more traffic and significantly boost reach.

How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

However, if you target a global audience, you should be careful choosing the emojis. You should be aware that some emojis may be interpreted differently in different people. For instance, if you sell vegan food, you should avoid using “peach” and “eggplant” emojis, because some Instagram users use them as “sex emojis”.

9. Keep it short

As you know, Instagram bio can’t be longer than 150 characters. But it doesn’t mean that you need to use all 150 characters to describe your venture.

If you can present your brand in one short sentence, or even in a few short phrases, that’s great. The simpler your bio is, the better.

How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

10. Explain where to buy your products

Do you sell impulse products such as jewelry and cosmetics? Don’t forget to mention the stores where to buy your products. This little trick will help you to double your sales.

Here is how it works. When a girl finds a fancy nail polish on Instagram, she wants to buy it right here and right now. And if you direct her to the website where she can make a purchase, she will buy your product immediately.

But if you leave your profile empty, the shopper will have to search for your product online. It means she will have more time to think whether she needs your product and to compare your product with products of other brands. And it’s highly likely that she will change her mind and will buy nothing.

How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

11. Add shipping information

Do you sell your products at local stores only? Or maybe you sell your products on your website and offer free worldwide shipping?

Your followers live in different countries, and they wonder whether they can buy your product or not. So it’s crucially important to provide detailed shipping information in your Instagram bio.

Keep in mind that if you do not add this information to the bio, you will have to reply to dozens of direct messages and comments.

How to Write Winning Instagram Bio for Your Business

 12. Proofread your bio twice

Most people wrongly believe that it’s impossible to make a mistake when writing a 150-characters bio. And they do not take the proofreading process seriously. As a result, they create Instagram bios that are full of grammar mistakes and typos.

If you want your Instagram account make a good impression on your customers, you should make your bio perfect in terms of grammar. You should make sure that every word is written correctly and every comma is placed in the right place. Moreover, ensure to link website in your bio to direct followers to your online platform or portfolio for more information about you or your business.

In conclusion

You know your company better than any other person does. So should write an Instagram bio for your venture by yourself.

Think about how to present your brand in the most favorable light, apply the tips given, and you will create a winning Instagram bio.

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