How To Get Instagram Followers in 2024- A Complete Guide to Follow

How To Get Instagram Followers

Want to know how to get Instagram followers in 2024? Read our step-by-step guide to build a strong social media portfolio for your brand and acquire more followers on Instagram.

Instagram is a great content marketing and media sharing platform that can supercharge our efforts. It is one of the fastest-growing social networking sites next to Facebook and YouTube, with 1 billion active monthly users sharing millions of images every day.

The photo-sharing site has a unique way of marketing. Unlike other social media sites, it focuses on building awareness about brands and products. Facebook allows you to share external links on profiles, pages, and groups just like an advertisement board. You can do the same thing on Twitter profiles also. But on Instagram, you need to do the promotions in the form of photo and video postings.

Create an image or video of your product and share it with a brief description. Instagram posts look awesome and reach a maximum audience within a short period, thereby lets you improve the traffic and sales. The platform has a hidden power to make your posts viral and uncover more possibilities than you imagine. but this point depends on one factor,

Your Instagram followers.

Your post-exposure and engagements will increase with the number of followers you have on Instagram. Today, we’ll share 12 different ways to get more Instagram followers in 2024 and beyond.

13 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2024

Follow these methods to gain more Instagram followers, improve your post reachability and boost conversions.

1. Customize your Instagram profile

Instagram Followers

Impress your visitors from very first sight. Develop a professional-quality Instagram profile to convert them to your fans and followers.

These are the key parts of your Instagram profile,

1. Your profile photo

2. Website address

3. A short biography

Add a beautiful profile picture first which should showcase your business or logo. Enter your website address and a short description of your whereabouts. Don’t forget to place relevant, maximum 2-3 hashtags in your bio to let others quickly find your profile and posts.

Before hitting the ‘Follow’ button, people will go through all these things and posts you created. Upload high-quality photos and videos to Instagram and create engaging stories to encourage your visitors to follow you.

2. Use Instagram stories templates

Instagram Followers

Creating Instagram stories is the best method to promote your products. But it may consume lots of your time and efforts in crafting engaging stories that the audience will love. You can simplify the process using professionally designed Instagram stories templates.

They are gorgeous, editable and lets you prepare classy Instagram stories within a few minutes. Being easy to use, anyone can edit and customize the contents as they need. Moreover, you can maintain a consistent and unique look at all your Instagram posts with the templates.

3. Create your own hashtags

Instagram Followers

Hashtagging is a modern way to promote your brands and increase Instagram followers. Create hashtags with your brand name like #adidas, #facebook, etc which will spread awareness about your business. Use it on your website, advertisements, promotional materials, and social media posts.

Ask your social media followers to do the same when posting about you. Branded hashtags will help the companies to bring all posts mentioning them under one roof and address your queries quickly.

4. Use hashtags in every post

Instagram Followers

Target users with relevant hashtags. Placing keywords play a crucial role in Instagram marketing. Use them properly to reach an audience at large and get more free Instagram followers.

Find out the most trending Instagram hashtags in your niche or analyze what your competitors are doing. Keep an eye on their marketing campaigns to know hashtags, keywords, and strategies they follow. Track their progress to adopt suitable techniques to your own posts and expand the network.

5. Connect with other influencers

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Connect with major Instagram influencers in your industry. Follow their posts and interact regularly to build a strong relationship. Once you reach their good book, it will help you in many ways.

Visit their followers’ list and follow, and engage with interesting accounts there. If they are keen to expand the network, most likely, will follow you back. Thus you can increase Instagram followers from 0 to thousands within a few weeks.

6. Create Instagram reels

Instagram Reel is one of the best methods to reach more people faster. They can be easily discovered through dedicated ‘Reels’ tab from the left pane of Instagram’s desktop version and from the bottom panel of iOS/Android apps.

Sign in to Instagram and open your Reels feed to view popular reel videos that you might be interested in. It showcases content from all Instagram accounts including your non-followers. You will be able to like reels, leave comments and follow users from the same feed.

If your reel become viral, it can help you to gain hundreds of new followers easily. HD videos will get more viewers than low quality videos. Technology has developed a lot. Today, even a mid-range phone can take pretty good quality videos. Upload your own videos and optimize them with relevant hashtags, keywords, etc.

7. Photo editing apps

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Instagram pay attention to smartphone users rather than desktop users. According to the researchers, selfies and photos with faces get 40% more likes and 36% comments on the photo-sharing site.

Sometimes, we may not get photos as expected. Otherwise, you may want to edit or add new things to them. A top-rated photo editor app lets you edit and beautify photos to apply a unique touch to your Instagram posts. Add texts, stickers, and others to exhibit your designing skills and convey a message to the fans.

Snappa and Visme are popular graphic designing tools to create amazing graphics for Instagram posts, Reels, Carousels, and stories. They offer hundreds of free and premium templates in each category. Pick a template and customize it as per your requirements. When finished, download your design for sharing it on Instagram instantly.

8. Showcase your Instagram posts on other platforms

Instagram Followers

Photo feed is another proven method to get free Instagram followers. Add a beautiful Instagram feed to your site to let people know about the account and follow you. It will display your latest Instagram photos in the sidebar of the website with a follow button. So visitors can follow your Instagram account easily in one click.

Promote your posts on other social media accounts including Facebook pages and groups to get new followers on Instagram.

9. Interact with your audience

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Audience is the strength of your online business. Respect them by interacting and responding to their queries in time. Take efforts to convert your fans to regular customers through a friendly approach and a positive attitude.

You can find out several websites to buy Instagram followers. They let you expand the network fast by adding thousands of fake followers to the list. Do you think they will add more value to your Instagram marketing campaigns?

Fake Instagram followers won’t help you in increasing post exposure, engagements, and sales. What’s the use of showing a huge number in your followers’ list if they are inactive in general?

Instead, try to build an active social media audience that will emerge with your frequent interactions and posts.

10. Post regularly

Be active and post regularly on Instagram. No one will like to follow an account that updates once or twice in a month. The existing followers may unfollow you if you do not keep updating them with the latest changes and they may turn to your competitors to discover fresh things.

When someone visits your Instagram profile, they will check how often you update the feed. If you post less frequently, they will go to more active accounts. Frequent posting is a proven method to improve your social media presence and acquire more followers on Instagram.

11. Find the best time to post

You should post content when your audience is mostly active on Instagram. The optimal timing will vary by audience location and industry.

According to SocialPilot, these are the best times to post on Instagram by the days:

Monday: 9 am to 10 am

Tuesday: 9 am to 10 am

Wednesday: 5 am, 11 am, and 3 pm

Thursday: 12 pm and 5 pm

Friday: 9 am to 10 am, 5 pm to 6 pm

Saturday: 8 am to 12 pm

Sunday: 10 am to 2 pm

All these timings are in PST (Pacific Time Zone). At this time, your posts will reach more people and naturally, you can expect more engagements on them. It will increase the number of Instagram followers and your business revenue.

Use an Instagram scheduling app to schedule and recycle posts with audience targeting and custom graphics. Today, most of such tools help you to generate viral captions with AI technology and monitor content performance including number of post impressions, user clicks, audience insights, etc.

Analyze statistics to identify your followers’ interests and create more content that they may like or optimize campaign strategies to boost conversions.

12. Run contests and giveaways

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Run exclusive contests and giveaways for your Instagram followers. Ask them to publish interesting recipes or product testimonials.

Offer branded materials, ebooks, gift cards, discount coupons, or software copies to the winners who create the most engaging posts. This strategy is useful to build brand awareness and growing your Instagram network.

13. Run Instagram ads

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If you have money to invest, run Instagram ads to promote your account and posts. You can create ads with Instagram stories, photos, videos, and even use your existing Facebook ads at this point. Tell addicting stories by showcasing your products, features, and price tags to let your audience buy products in a few clicks.

Social media ads are highly effective in converting clicks to leads and sales. Target users by location, demographics, interests, and others to make sure your ads reach the right audience. Design ads yourself or hire an ad specialist to drive traffic to your posts and get new Instagram followers.

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