Sitechecker Review: Affordable SEO Suite for Bloggers

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Sitechecker Review

SiteChecker is one of the best SEO tools for keyword research, rank tracking, website audit, and many others. In this article, I am going to review this online software to find out if it suits your needs.

Blogging is an exciting career that gives you maximum freedom and potential to earn more. There is no stress of a typical 9 to 5 job or a nagging boss. Just work when you need to. Other times you can spend time with family or go on trips.

As a blogger, you have to keep an eye on finding new things that are trending in your niche, optimizing existing content and tracking competitors’ strategies. For that, you should use an all-in-one SEO tool like Semrush or SiteChecker.

Semrush’s subscription plans start $1533.95 per year. SiteChecker is much cheaper than Semrush. But is it good?

Let’s examine SiteChecker’s key features and tools in detail,

What is SiteChecker?


SiteChecker is a powerful SEO tool for businesses and bloggers. It helps you to detect best keywords that can bring more traffic, track search rankings, monitor backlinks, and get insights on how to improve your organic traffic.

Integrated with Google Search Console and Google Analytics, it gives you a graphical representation of your search performance, ranking history, visibility, and top ranking keywords, and pages for a specific period. This helps you to understand ranking fluctuations and make changes in strategies accordingly.

SiteChecker automatically audit your websites and generate reports with overall SEO score in a scale from zero to 100. It will list critical SEO issues, warnings, and other mistakes that need to be fixed to boost your search engine presence.

Rank tracker is a major part of SiteChecker Pro. It can track your ranking on multiple search engines from any location and device type. You can also use SiteChecker to monitor website updates and new as well as lost backlinks.

SiteChecker has a premium customer support and 48-hours money refund guarantee in all plans.

Key Features of SiteChecker

These are the main attractions of SiteChecker Pro,

  • Keyword suggestions
  • Rank tracking
  • SEO audit
  • Website monitoring
  • Backlink tracker
  • Google Search Console insights
  • Google Analytics insights
  • On-page SEO checker
  • Organic traffic checker
  • Website down checker
  • Website safety checker
  • Free backlink generator
  • Moz ranking checker
  • CMS checker
  • WordPress theme & plugin checker
  • PageSpeed checker
  • GZIP Compression checker
  • Top landing pages by growth potential
  • Changes in search metrics by keywords, landing pages
  • Team members
  • Export
  • Integrations
  • White-label
  • Fast customer support

SiteChecker Review: Advantages of SiteChecker

Founded in 2016, SiteChecker has more than 250k active users per month. It is mainly designed to analyze websites, and find SEO issues that affect their rankings. They scan over 100k websites every month, helping them fix things and increase search visibility.

These are the main reasons why I like SiteChecker,

1. Clean dashboard

SiteChecker dashboard

SiteChecker has an addictive interface where you can create and manage all website projects. After signing in, select your project to view your traffic, search performance, website score, and ranked keywords.

Scroll down to find if your traffic increases or decreases every day and monitor ranking fluctuations. You will also get a brief overview of SEO audit and Site monitoring reports on the same page.

The application loads fast. It is clean and elegant. On the left side, it showcases shortcuts to access your different projects and tools. Being beginner-friendly, anyone can create projects and manage tools with SiteChecker.

2. Website audit

SEO audit plays a vital role in traffic generation. If there are complex SEO issues, your website traffic and rankings will decrease. Audit websites regularly to detect critical errors, broken links, duplicate content, and many other issues.

SiteChecker SEO audit

SiteChecker performs over 100 SEO tests on your website, spanning various areas like indexability, page speed, security, and redirection. In this way, it is possible to identify errors that prevent search engine crawling, enhance website security and find factors that cause slow speed.

These are the main areas covered by SiteChecker SEO audit,

  • Internal & external links
  • Indexability
  • Content relevance
  • Duplicate content
  • Website security
  • URL spelling
  • Page speed
  • Redirections
  • Social media meta
  • Search traffic
  • Code validation

Create your audit projects and configure settings like search engine, locale, city (optional), and others. SiteChecker automatically scans your website each time and sends you reports via email or Slack when it’s done.

Take a look at the main issues/mistakes that you can discover with SiteChecker’s website audit,

  • Internal links to 3xx/4xx pages
  • Images without alt texts
  • Broken links,images, files
  • Links with only one internal follow link
  • Intenal links without anchor text
  • Outbound internal links with one word anchor
  • Noindex pages
  • Nofollow pages
  • Empty title
  • Missed H1 title
  • Missed H2 title
  • Missed description
  • Duplicate description
  • Text to code ratio < 10%
  • Title too short/long
  • Description too long
  • H1 too long
  • Title duplicates
  • H1=title, description, alt
  • Http URLs
  • Orphan URLs
  • Page has more than 100 internal/external links
  • Page has no outgoing links
  • Empty canonical
  • Multiple canonical tags
  • Page size is over 2 MB
  • Image size is over 100 KB
  • Avoid excessive DOM size
  • Redirect chains
  • Incomplete OpenGraph tags
  • Page has 0 impressions
  • Noindex URL in XML sitemaps
  • Hreflang annotations
  • Much more….

From homepage links to invalid language attributes, SiteChecker can uncover any SEO mistake on your site. Click on ‘View issue’ button that appears next to each issue for more details.

Then, you will be redirected to a new page like this,

broken links

The screenshot above lists which pages have broken links to external websites. Click on ‘View external links’ button to view those links, anchor text and link attribute. In the same way, open other SEO issues to see relevant pages and get ideas on how to fix them.

After fixing all the issues shown in your audit report, you can press the ‘Recrawl’ button on the top to see changes and improve your SEO score.

3. Rank tracker

Keyword tracking helps you understand how your content is performing and how many people are being brought to your pages each day. Keep an eye on ranking fluctuations and if your positions drops, make necessary changes in the content, add new relevant keywords to regain your top ranking positions.

rank tracker

SiteChecker automatically import your ranking keywords from Google Search Console and tracks them with daily updates. It displays ranking position, search volume, trend, CPC, ranked URL, and SERP features for each keyword.

If any search query does not have a target url, SiteChecker also has the facility to set it. For that, just tap the link icon next to it and enter your URL. Click on Confirm to save.

SiteChecker supports Google, Bing, and Yahoo to monitor rankings. Set your location-based domain, city, and language as you need. It is also possible to view positions on desktop and mobile searches specifically.

Switch to the Pages tab to view top performing pages on your site. You can understand what keywords each page is ranking for, their ranking and visibility, from this page. Click export button at the top, to download keyword or page-wise reports and share them with your clients.

4. Site monitoring

site monitoring

Have you ever wanted to track changes to your webpages, including file changes and broken links? SiteChecker’s Site Montoring tool scan your website frequently to find recent updates relating to your content, redirections, search impressions, and others.

Content management system, theme and plugins make changes to coding automatically from time to time. This tool allows you to remotely check for such updates as well as changes made by other authors. It covers a wide range of updates including newly added paged, deleted pages, sitemap, comments, user clicks, etc.

5. Backlink tracker

Backlink tracker lets you store and manage all backlinks from one place. Add your backlink or import them in Excel format.

SiteChecker will track them and notify you if you lost any of them. This tool is great for evaluating the progress of your link building campaign and recovering lost links.

6. Traffic insights

Google analytics insights

SiteChecker evaluates your search performance data from Google Search Console and conversions data from Google Analytics to find your top performing pages and tell you what to do to attract more audience.

Find out how many search impressions and clicks you got on each page for the selected time period. It will tell you which countries and device types are driving the most traffic to your content and if slow speed issues are hindering it.

The keyword gap is an important part of the insights template. It evaluates the top 20 keywords from Google Search Console and shows you in a tabular form how many user clicks you have lost due to their absence. Update your content with them and you’ll see your traffic and rankings increase.

By analyzing various things, from your page’s internal links to images, SiteChecker provides all the guidance you need to increase your organic traffic. They have multiple templates to make a detailed analysis of your keywords, search metrics, user behavior, and others. Don’t forget to utilize them to unlock the full power of Analytics data and maximize your conversions.

7. Keyword suggestions

keyword suggestions

SiteChecker can generate profitable keyword ideas based on your target keyword. Enter your search query, and set a target location, and language. It will discover long-tail keywords for your blog posts, ad campaigns, and eCommerce products.

Being organized in different categories, it will easy for you to find keywords containing specific terms like WordPress or Shopify. To retrieve only question-related keywords or include or exclude certain words, turn on Advanced mode and configure settings.

8. Extra tools

Do you want to audit any website or URL? Need to track top 50 ranking keywords of your competitors?

SiteChecker hosts a couple of SEO tools to analyze your competitor’s website and detect their most performing keywords to get new content ideas. It will also tell you if a website is down, listed as suspicious by Google, and if a specific page has hidden scripts or URLs.

Organic Traffic Checker allows you to spy on traffic volume of any website including their ranking positions and keywords. WordPress Checker will tell you what WordPress theme and plugins used by a website. You can also check page speed and GZIP compression status of any webpage with SiteCheker’s extra tools.

9. Pricing

SiteChecker’s subscription plans start at $41 per month. The basic plan allows you to create 3 website projects, monitor 3000 pages, track 750 keywords, and 3000 backlinks. They store your tracking data for 12 months as per this plan.

The Standard plan costs $125 per month with 10 websites, 10000 pages, 1500 keywords, and 5000 backlinks. The data retention period in this plan is 24 months. This plan is best for small agencies and allows you to detect broken links to external websites, add custom logo to PDF reports.

The next, Premium plan is fit for SEO firms and medium level agencies. It is priced at $208 a month. You can create unlimited website projects with 50000 pages, 3000 keywords, and 10000 backlinks in this plan. Your data will be stored for 36 months. Whitelabeling is a key attraction of this plan. Apply custom branding and logo to the entire app, reports, and even host it on a custom domain.

Sitechecker also offers a custom plan for enterprises and large scale agencies with extended features. For more details, you should contact their customer support.

Final thoughts

SiteChecker is an incredible SEO suite for bloggers and agencies. It is affordable too. You can generate profitable topic ideas, track SERP rankings, and audit websites from one place.

Backlink Tracker is best to store all your collected backlinks and get notified if you lost them. Contact respective domains to enquire about the status and find new link building opportunities. Analyze your rank tracking reports to optimize your content and claim your top ranking spots again.

SiteChecker will power up your SEO strategies with traffic insights. Learn which keywords bring the most traffic to your content, how many internal links each page has, and which keywords you’re missing. Add missed keywords, optimize other parts including images, and re-submit your URL to search engines to notify changes.

Currently, they are in the process of adding more templates to generate performance insights by search metrics, countries, CTR potentials, etc.

Click here to visit SiteChecker and pick a subscription plan to boost your SEO strategies

SiteChecker Pro

SiteChecker Pro

SiteChecker is a great Semrush alternative for SEO audit, rank tracking, and traffic generation. It can tell what content topic works best for you and what is your ranking positions for them. With insights templates, identify missed keyword opportunities and update your content to increase your revenue.

Run automated SEO audits to make sure that your site is SEO friendly. If any issue is found, optimize pages, images, and scripts to boost your search engine visibility. SiteChecker is affordable to all busget types.


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