SocialPilot Review 2021: Is It Good and Affordable?

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Social media has become the major place for marketing our products and contents. It has millions of users across the platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. Their circulation helps us to promote items in front of a large group without any door-to-door marketing methods.

As we know, there is a peak time for every social media site and it varies by network type and region. You will get maximum exposure for the posts made in peak hours. But it is not practical for us to sit in front of the computer always and post on each social site during the best time applicable to them.

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Social Pilot is one of the best social media marketing tools to promote your business. It is great to schedule content on multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and VK. The posts can be shared on Facebook pages, own groups, and LinkedIn pages as well.

I am using SocialPilot for more than two years and really impressed with its features. It has an intuitive dashboard to create and manage posts, monitor statistics, respond to comments, and more from one place. SocialPilot works best for individuals, agencies, businesses, and enterprises to connect to millions of social media users around the world and boost your website traffic or sales. 

Key Features

  • Easy to manage
  • Clean interface
  • Budget-friendly
  • Social media marketing
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Social media analytics
  • Target audience detection
  • Content recycling
  • Social inbox
  • URL shortening
  • Content curation
  • Facebook ad accounts
  • Multiple images in a single post
  • Mobile app
  • Client management
  • Team collaboration
  • RSS feed automation
  • Ability to upload custom images, videos, and GIF files to the posts
  • Browser extension to schedule content from anywhere on the web
  • Premium customer support
  • 14 days free trial

Scheduling Social Media Posts with SocialPilot

After signing up, you will reach in a pretty clean dashboard where you can add favorite social media accounts, create and manage posts, create and manage team members, monitor analytics, and perform many other activities related to your social media campaigns.

Go to the Accounts tab first.

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Add your social networks for promoting content on them. Social Pilot automatically creates queue schedules for each profile and you are free to manage the time slot anytime. Once you finished, visit Posts screen and enter your text or URL that to be shared.

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Choose profiles from the right side of the screen. The post preview will be displayed at the bottom. You can insert images, video and gif files in the post if needed.

Five types of sharing options are available on Social Pilot- Add to queue, share now, share next, schedule and repeat posts. Add to queue will send your content to the queue schedule and it will be published as per the time slot of the respective accounts. Repeat posts help you to recycle contents at periodical intervals.

Posting history and daily usage chart in the dashboard allow you to quickly check the campaign history and errors occurred if any. Analytics is another major part of your Social Pilot account where you will get powerful insights on social media reach, post engagements, post-performance, page clicks, fans growth, audience location, etc.

In short, we can say that Social Pilot is an incredible asset for the marketers to promote their content as well as products and boost sales.

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Pros of using SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a simple and affordable marketing tool to reach a maximum audience. If you are running a business or blog, they have multiple plans to fit your needs.

Let us check the main pros and cons of using SocialPilot,

1. Budget-friendly

SocialPilot is very cheap when compared to popular social media marketing tools like AgoraPulse and Hootsuite. Their basic plan starts at $30 per month with 25 social media accounts, analytics, bulk scheduling, and other essential features you need to run a social media marketing campaign successfully. It also allows you to add up to 3 team members to create, manage, and monitor content.

Plans with unlimited client management, social inbox, and white label reports start at $50 per month. It is best for businesses in which you can add up to 50 social media accounts for promotions. From content scheduling to ad management, SocialPilot offers affordable marketing solutions to promote your business. 

2. Clean look

SocialPilot has a clean and easy to navigate dashboard to manage all your marketing campaigns from one place. It is user-friendly and makes you addicted to becoming a daily user. 

After signing in, it shows your daily usage history and upcoming posts for each account so you will get an idea about how campaigns are running and fix errors if any. Head to left sidebar to create and manage posts, monitor statistics, manage team members, read and respond to social media messages, etc.

3. Content recycling

SocialPilot automatically share content on connected accounts at regular frequent intervals. Thus it helps you to save time in content marketing and diverts page visits even when you are asleep. 

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From the content scheduler, click on drop-down arrow that appears next to the Add to Queue option. Choose 'Repeat post' to recycle content. 

A pop-up box will appear. Set how many times you want to recycle the content in how many days. For instance, if you want to republish the post 10 times in 100 days. select 10 times from the drop-down menu and enter 100 on the following field. 

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Click preview to generate your post schedule. Change the date and time if needed. Once finished, tap the schedule button to create and recycle content. SocialPilot will automatically recycle content on connected profiles at the scheduled time slots. 

4. Content categories

Grouping is one of my favorite features on SocialPilot. It is useful to create content categories by subject, websites, and client names. Add default social media profiles for each group to automatically share content on them.

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While creating new posts (or on the content editor), it displays all groups on the middle pane. Choose a group to automatically select profiles on them. Add more accounts if needed. It is an exciting option to organize similar posts under one common head. 

5. More networks

SocialPilot supports all leading social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and others. Thus it helps users to divert traffic from all possible sources along with statistics for each share. 

Facebook group scheduling is a major feature of SocialPilot. Connect your Facebook groups and create time slots to automatically share content on them. Configure group settings to allow SocialPilot to create posts and upload attached images. SocialPilot is one of the rare digital marketing tools, integrated with 9 popular networks, and has a Facebook group scheduling feature.

Instagram direct publishing is another advantage of using SocialPilot. It lets you publish content on Instagram business accounts through Zapier and Facebook integrations. Tumblr is a popular place for reblogging and bring more traffic. I have used various marketing tools for the last while but only the SocialPilot was found to support Tumblr. I have a few followers there and SocialPilot helps me a lot to give them regular updates. 

6. Analytics

SocialPilot provides in-depth statistics of your social media accounts and posts. It includes your post reach, engagement rate, page clicks, post frequency, retweets, and many others.

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Find when your audience is most active on social media to schedule content accordingly to get more clicks. SocialPilot collects your audience data to detect your target location, age group, etc. Create more posts to target your regular visitors and increase traffic. It also provides performance statistics for each post and lists them in popular, most reshared, and most liked categories. Monitor them to fix mistakes and reshare them at peak times to improve performance.

7. Team management

SocialPilot is a great marketing tool for businesses. As the owner of a growing business, you will gradually find it difficult to manage everything on your own. Then you have to have more members to create and manage social media campaigns and reply to messages.

On SocialPilot, it is easy to add team members and assign tasks to them. You can appoint one member to create posts and another to reply to messages in a timely manner. An admin can also be hired to approve and manage campaigns. It ensures a smooth workflow in your digital marketing promotions and generates positive results.

If you are running an agency, add clients to monitor their promotions through SocialPilot's client management tool. It is customizable and gives you full control over the client access. Let them create posts, view posts, manage messages, and access specific social media profiles- everything is as you wish.

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Cons of using SocialPilot

I have been using SocialPilot for the last 2-3 years to market products and content. Frankly, I have not seen any such notable cons on Social Pilot. It supports maximum networks, allows content grouping, provides analytics and team management options.

SocialPilot lets you send posts in four ways- instantly, as next, add to queue, and schedule at a specific time. These features are more than enough for me. From social medis acheduling to monitoring, it will not disappoint you. 

 SocialPilot Pricing


Small Team


25 social media accounts

50 social media accounts

100 social media accounts

3 team members

5 team members

10 team members

200 posts per day

500 posts per day

1000 posts per day

2500 posts in the queue

5,000 posts in the queue

10,000 posts in the queue

Bulk scheduling

Bulk scheduling

Bulk scheduling

Social media analytics and reports

Social media analytics and reports

Social media analytics and reports

Content curation

Content curation

Content curation

RSS feeds

RSS feeds

RSS feeds

URL shortener

URL shortener

URL shortener

Video posts

Video posts

Video posts

Canva integration

Canva integration

Canva integration

Mobile app

Mobile app

Mobile app

Customer support

Customer support

Customer support

14-days money-back guarantee

14-days money-back guarantee

14-days money-back guarantee




SocialPilot's basic plan starts at $25/mo with up to 25 social media accounts, 3 team members, and all other essential features you need to run digital promotions. It lets you schedule and posts contents on social media profiles, pages, and groups many months or even years in advance.

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SocialPilot Black Friday 2021 Deal

On this Black Friday, SocialPilot offers 25% off ("BF25OFF" coupon code) on their subscription plans. The deal starts on November 25 and ends on November 26, 2021. 

Is SocialPilot Best for Your Business?

SocialPilot is easy to use and supports all leading social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and VK to automate your scheduling. It supports more social sites than other popular marketing tools. You can upload custom images, videos, Gif files, and emojis to beautify your campaigns. 

Facebook targetting is another major advantage of SocialPilot. It helps you to target preferred audience by age group, interests, location, and many other factors. If you want to restrict audience by age or location, it is also possible with SocialPilot. It is a powerful tool for online businesses to find new potential customers and increase profit. More over, it comes with a 14-days free trial. So you can use SocialPilot for free during the period. 

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SocialPilot Discount

SocialPilot offers over a 15% discount on its annual subscription plans. Click this offer link to activate the deal and buy your favorite SocialPilot plan now.

14-Days Free Trial

SocialPilot provides a 14-days free trial on their subscription plans. So you can experience their features and start promoting posts without any investment.


SocialPilot is a great social media management tool for small businesses. It is budget-friendly and supports all leading social sites to promote your products or content. It also allows you to schedule posts on your business pages and groups to bring massive page visits from them. 

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