10 Best Google Keyword Ranking Checker Tools (Free & Paid)

Best Google Keyword Ranking Checker Tools

Looking for the best Google keyword ranking checker tools? It is essential to track your ranking positions to update relevant content and boost traffic.

As a website owner, you should keep an eye on keyword ranking for various posts and products. If they are diminishing, update the content with related keywords and build more backlinks to bring them to the top of SERPs again.

Today, we pick 10 best keyword ranking tools in this post. They will keep you updated with daily ranking variations with search volume, traffic%, and other details.

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 Best Google Keyword Ranking Tools 2024

This’s our list,

1. Semrush


Semrush is the #1 keyword ranking tool to monitor your organic ranking positions. It also allows you to spy on keyword positions of any domain easily.

From keyword research to SEO audit, Semrush can do several things to discover new opportunities and dominate the market. It updates data everyday to deliver the most recent information about your ranking variations, competition level, etc.

Sign in to your Semrush account and choose ‘Position tracking’ (SEO > Keyword Research) to start tracking your custom keywords.

A pop-up box will appear. Enter your domain address and a project name first. Then, you will see a screen like this.


Semrush can track keyword rankings on Google, Baidu, and Google Assistant. Choose a search engine where you want to track positions. Select a device type.

Pick a target location from the drop-down list. You can start typing a name or zip code to detect a location quickly. If your business is listed on Google local map, type the exact full name as it appears in the listing. Otherwise, you won’t get any results.

Click Keywords to go to the next step.


Enter your main keywords one by one to track. Alternatively, you can import them in one-click from Semrush reports or Google Analytics.

Add them to your project. Finally, click on Start tracking to save. Semrush will collect your ranking data and store them with your project name in position tracking tool. They will also send you weekly notifications with ranking updates.

If you want to monitor Google keyword rankings for other websites, open SEO toolkit and visit Organic Research.


Enter a domain to view their organic keywords trend, top organic keywords, position changes, and the most popular pages. It will display results with total search volume, KD, SERP features, and CPC rate. So you can quickly know whether a keyword is profitable or not.

Check a Keyword Difficulty percentage to analyze your ranking chances. If there is low-competition, consider preparing a content on the same topic and earn backlinks to improve your overall website traffic.

Click here to activate a 14-days free trial on Semrush and start tracking your keyword ranking positions

2. Rank Math SEO


Rank Math SEO is a great WordPress SEO plugin. It ships with several unique features to create SEO-friendly content and bring traffic to your pages from organic searches as well as social sites.

There is a built-in keyword rank tracker to monitor your ranking variations without leaving WordPress. Rank Math is integrated with Google Analytics and display your traffic statistics using a dashboard widget. It includes search traffic, search impressions, total organic keywords, and average ranking position.

Scroll down to the bottom to view your top performing keywords and posts along with their positions. Switch to the Keywords tab, and you will a screen like this.


On the top, it will show your overall ranking distribution using a chart. Scroll down to locate all your organic keywords with individual ranking and number of impressions and clicks you got on each of them.

Rank Math SEO can store your ranking data for up to 6 months in this way. It helps you to monitor the progress of your keywords in a long run. Open the last tab, Rank Tracker to track positions of your custom keywords. The Pro plan users can track 500 keywords and Business plan users 10,000 keywords using this tool. Click Add to add and monitor new keywords.

Click here to visit Rank Math SEO and monitor your Google Keyword ranking without leaving WordPress (30-days money-back guarantee)

3. Sitechecker


Sitechecker is a popular SEO software for position tracking and SEO audit. It will monitor your daily traffic and display statistics covering total impressions, user clicks, average search position, and ranked keywords in the home screen.

Sign in to your account and create your website project to start tracking keyword rankings. Connect your Google Search Console and Analytics properties to automatically import traffic data.

Sitechecker can track rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. It detects your ranking keywords from Google Search Console that you can import to Rank Tracker in 1-click. If you want to monitor custom keywords, enter them in the project settings.

You will get weekly email reports with search performance and site audit details. It can also send instant email notifications if your website is down, redirected, or any file is changed or any code is removed.

Click here to visit Sitechecker and pick an SEO plan for your website (48-hours money-back guarantee)

4. Serpstat


Serpstat helps you to find the best niche keywords, analyze competitor’s strategies, monitor ranking positions, and audit websites from one place. Identify your competitors in search engine results and learn how they build backlinks to steal tactics and improve your search visibility.

You can track keywords, individual pages, and website categories using Serpstat’s Rank tracker. Monitor positions in desktop, mobile searches every day and compare them with your competitors to calculate your market share. Analyze changes and if your ranking drops, take necessary steps to boost search visibility.

Serpstat can tell you who your main competitors are for each keyword. Enter a keyword to view total search volume, keyword difficulty, related keywords, and top ranking pages for the search query. It will also list top 10 organic keywords, number of backlinks, referring domains, and visibility score for each domain. This helps you to understand ranking posibilities for your target keyword.

Click here to visit serpstat and activate a 7-day free trial to test all premium features freely (No credit card required)

5. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is another powerful SEO tool to check website keyword ranking positions. It comes with keyword research, competitor analysis, and many other features to boost your organic traffic.

Sign in to your Ahrefs account and open the Rank Tracker tool. Enter your website details to track positions with ranking position, search volume, traffic percentage, and SERP features. It can monitor your keyword rankings on 170 countries with accurate information about Keyword Difficulty, new or lost keywords, CPC, etc.


Ahrefs also allows you to spy on keyword search ranking of a competitor website easily. Enter a domain address and compare it with similar websites to find how they perform on search engine result pages for various keywords. Change target locations to steal their content building and marketing strategies.

Click here to visit Ahrefs and activate a 7-day trial for $7 to track Google keyword ranking positions of any website

6. SERPWatcher


SERPWatcher is a prominent keyword rank tracker checker tool from Mangools family. It can monitor your keyword ranking in over 52k locations, on any device type.

You’ll get access to in-depth metrics covering position variations, best position, search volume and so on. SERPWatcher will analyze your keyword performance and display insights in multiple sections to guide you about growing or lossing opportunities. It can also predict your monthly page visits based on current keyword positions and daily traffic.

Optimize your top performing and worst performing keywords to improve their search engine rankings. With SERPWatcher, there is no need to check each metric separately. It will analyze your daily performance and display an aggregated metric, Dominance Index, on a scale from 0 to 100.

It represents your organic traffic contribution to the niche market based on your ranking keywords, their postions, and search volumes. So you can focus on content optimization rather than spending much time on tracking keywords.

Click here to activate a 10-day free trial on SERPWatcher and track ranking positions like a pro

7. Squirrly SEO


Squirrly is a revolutionary SEO plugin for WordPress. From finding new keywords to racking organic search rankings, it will assist you in each step to rank on the first page of Google. They say, it will take one week or maximum one month to reach top of search results. If that does not happen, they will return the full amount.

So there is no risk in applying their SEO method to enhance your keyword rankings and traffic.

Squirrly SEO can monitor your SERP rankings for multiple countries. It will display your overall and individual post statistics in WordPress itself. Social media performance metrics is another advantage of this plugin. It will tell you how your content performed on social sites with number of impressions, clicks, and shares. Analyze insights to optimize your marketing campaigns and drive more traffic to pages.

Click here to visit Squirrly SEO and skyrocket your website traffic in one-month (or get the full refund)

8. Seobility


Seobility is a powerful Google ranking checker tool for businesses and agencies. You can track daily rankings with search volume, monthly visitors, CPC, and competition level using the platform.

Add your keyword and Seobility will show a graphical chart to help you understand ranking changes easily. You will see the top ranking pages and main competitors for desktop and mobile searches on the same page. It evaluates your content and gives suggestions on what to do to increase its search visibility. Checking various things like post title, keyword repetition, internal linking and images can improve SEO strategies and increase traffic in the long run.

Seobility is not only a position tracking software, but it can also audit websites and check backlinks of any website freely.

Click here to activate a 14-days free trial on Seobility and start tracking your Serp ranking positions today

9. RankWatch


RankWatch is another best Google keyword ranking checker. It is cheap and comes with backlink tracking, competitor analysis tools. So you will get more SEO tools for the price of one.

The uniqueness of RankWatch is that it supports more search engines, not just Google. It also work with Bing, Yahoo, Google Maps, and many others to track your ranking positions with daily updates. Their advanced search algorithm enables you to access the latest and most accurate ranking data from more than 170 countries.

You can see a SERP screenshot of each search query along with the keyword ranking. It is a unique feature of RankWatch. This software also allows you to monitor ranks city-wise. It will be very useful for local businesses to find how they perform in local searches.

Click here to activate a 14-day free trial on RankWatch and get accurate position tracking updates

10. The Hoth


The Hoth is a free keyword rank checker for Google. It is simple and easy to use. No sign up is required to collect your ranking data.

Enter a domain address and click the View Google Rankings button. Wait a moment. By then, it will list all organic keywords for the domain. The results include your ranking position, search volume, traffic%, and search trends. It gives you a quick idea about ranking fluctuations and lossing keywords.

Click here to visit The Hoth and track your keyword ranking for free (Limited features)


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