The 8 Best Twitter Apps to Schedule Your Tweets (Free and Premium)

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Do you want to schedule tweets, photos, and videos on Twitter? If so, you’ve reached the right place. We’ll tell you how to schedule your Twitter posts through free as well as paid scheduling apps.

As a marketer, you may need to schedule tweets for peak time to ensure maximum engagements and clicks on them.

So can you schedule tweets on Twitter itself?

No. It is not possible. The microblogging site limits their default tweet schedule feature to the ad users only. A free Twitter user can’t access the tool and schedule tweets for the time of their convenience.

If you really want to schedule tweets, use third-party Twitter apps to automate the tasks. They will help you to schedule tweets even many years in advance or at the best time based on your target audience.

Best Apps to Schedule Twitter Posts

Let us check the best Twitter scheduling apps to schedule your tweets, photos, and videos on the microblogging site.

1. Agora Pulse


Agora Pulse is a great app to schedule and send social media posts. It allows you to connect multiple social profiles with advanced features like social inbox, monitoring, reports, competitor analysis, team management, and others.

Sign in to your account and click the Publish button at the left top side.

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Select a Twitter account and type your post in the text box. A post preview will appear on the right side. Click the ‘Schedule’ option and ‘Next’.

A new window will appear in front of your screen. Set a date and time for your post. Tap the Schedule button once again to save your changes.

2. SocialPilot


SocialPilotis one of the best Twitter tools to automate your tweets. It lets you customize the tweets with up loadable images, videos, and GIF files.

Open your account and choose Posts from the left pane, and then Create Post.

Type your contents as usual and select a Twitter account from the right sidebar to schedule tweets. SocialPilot automatically generates a preview of your post along with the thumbnail image. You can replace it with another if needed.


Click the drop-down arrow of the ‘Add to Queue’ button. Choose ‘Schedule Post’. Set a date and time from the newly opened box for the tweet to be sent out. Tap the Schedule button again.


3. SocialBee


SocialBee is a powerful social media marketing tool with Twitter scheduling functionalities. It lets you organize posts among different categories and apply unique settings to them.

Sign in to your account first. I assume you already created post categories and currently, you are in one of them. If not, visit the Content section from the left pane of your dashboard. Tap the ‘Create Category’ button under Categories, to create a new category for your Twitter post.

SocialBee categoryPin

Open the category and click the Add post to this category to create your post.

A new screen will appear like this,


Select your Twitter account from the top where you want to schedule the tweet. Enter the text and URL in the content area. SocialBee will fetch the web address and display its Twitter preview on the right sidebar. You can replace the link post with a custom photo or video if needed. Upload it using ‘Add a photo or video’ option.

Scroll down and click the drop-down box that appears next to ‘When to post’ option. There will be four options—Add to bottom of the queue, add to top of the queue, share now, and publish at a specific time. Choose your option and tap the ‘Add Post’ button on the bottom to schedule your Twitter post.

SocialBee also allows you to recycle content until a specific date and for an infinite number of times. Choose either ‘expire this post at a specific date and time’ or ‘Expire this post after it was posted a number of times’ to activate content recycling. Don’t forget to visit Posting > Schedule set up to manage your sharing queue for each profile.

4. Buffer


Buffer is a simple, clean app to schedule your content on social networking sites. It is free and you can buffer things from anywhere on the browser and smartphones. It allows you to connect up to 3 social accounts with no charges for promotions.

Sign in to Buffer and connect your required accounts including Twitter. Click on your Twitter profile icon on the left pane to schedule your posts.

Buffer schedulePin

Enter your message and web link in the text box. Buffer will fetch your link and collect media files from it which you can attach to the tweets. Click the drop-down arrow next to the ‘Add to Queue’ button. Choose ‘Schedule Post’ option. A calendar will pop up and set a date, time for the tweet to be sent out. Hit the ‘Schedule’ button to save changes.

The post will appear on your Twitter timeline at the chosen time.

5. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a free Twitter scheduling tool to monitor activities, check notifications and messages, schedule and sends posts on the social site. It has a beautiful interface to make you addicted to the app and its features.


Open TweetDeck and click the blue color Tweet button on the left top side. Type your tweet and hit the Schedule button at the bottom.

Pick a date and time. Select the ‘Ready to Schedule’ option to activate the feature. Now the ‘Tweet at’ button is enabled to let you schedule the post.

6. Statusbrew

Statusbrew is a premium social media tool to schedule Twitter posts. It provides powerful insights into your social media campaigns and guides about your brand performance for a particular period. Statusbrew covers statistics like impressions, shares, and comments you got on the social posts.

Click on the pencil icon on the left pane of your Statusbrew dashboard and select ‘Compose’ from the sub-menu.


Enter your text or web URL in the content area. You can upload an image or a video if needed. Click the Schedule for later option from the right pane. Select the Custom Time option to set a date and time for your post.

When finished, hit the Schedule button to save changes.

7. Canva

Canva is another place to schedule Twitter posts. It is a popular graphic design platform that allows you to design beautiful logos, posters, social media images, and much more.

No designing knowledge is required. There are several professional quality templates available to build designs for any purpose. Pick a template and edit as you need. Insert media from the in-house library, customize texts, change colors, etc.

Canva schedulePin

When your design is ready, tap the Share button from the top-right corner of your screen. Pick ‘Share on Social’ from the drop-down menu. Select Twitter and choose your profile from the list.

Schedule Twitter postsPin

Enter your message along with the URL in the text area.

Finally, click the calendar icon on the left-bottom to schedule your tweet. Select a date and time to automatically share it on your Twitter account.

That’s it.

8. Social Champ

Social ChampPin

Social Champ is a relatively new social media management tool to automate promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social sites. It lets you schedule and automatically recycle content on your profiles, pages, and groups.


Connect your Twitter account to Social Champ and open Content Composer to create posts. Select your profile from the drop-down menu first.

Enter texts in the content area. Insert relevant hashtags and the page link. Upload custom images if necessary. Social Champ allows you to create multiple tweet threads from the same window. For that, click Add Thread option and enter following messages as you did earlier.


To recycle Twitter posts, make sure that you are enabled the repeat post option in the next step. Social Champ automatically generates multiple tweet schedules based on the current post time. Change the schedule to send your tweets at a different date and time.

Finally, scroll-down to the bottom to save and schedule your tweet.


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