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33 Ultimate Tools to Manage Your Twitter Account

Twitter tools

Twitter has become the part of our daily life by influencing our connections, marketing strategies and even protests around the world. In other words, it proved that 140 characters are more than enough to express anything in this digital world.

We need to use a couple of tools to get the full functionality of Twitter. I briefly bring some of them in this post. Feel free to share your opinions through the comment section.



TweetDeck is my favorite tool to manage the account. It will show our live home feed, activity, notifications and messages in an elegant single screen. More over than that, it lets you add multiple accounts at once and schedule your tweets in a future date or time.



Unfollowed is an awesome tool to keep track of your followers and unfollowers. It will tell you when a person started unfollowing you at the very next moment.


Manageflitter is another tool used by power users of Twitter. Here you can manage followers in several ways. It will show fake followers in your account, users without profile images, users who are using non-English language in tweets, inactive accounts etc. Inactive users won’t help you in any way. You can unfollow them right from Manageflitter.



Do you want to know the location of all your followers? Tweepsmap lets you discover, classify your followers by country, province and city. Mention map, unfollowers, influencer analysis, search users by keywords or geography, hashtag analysis are other main attractions of Tweepsmap.


It will bring statistics of a Twitter account in seconds. How many tweets you made per hour or per month, reply statistics can be easily tracked with the help of TweetStats.


Are others retweeting your posts? What is your retweet rank among the global users? Retweetrank will analyze your account history and bring this information with the help of a graphical chart.


For better results, post your tweets in peak time. Tweriod analyze your tweeting history and will tell you at what time you should post to get the most exposure.

Twitter Counter

twitter counter

It will display detailed statistics of your Twitter account including tweets, followers, unfollowers, retweets etc. Thus you will came to know whether your marketing strategies working or not and make plan changes according to Twitter Counter data.

Mom, This is how Twitter works


If you are a new Twitter user, learn its basics in an interesting way.


twitter management tools

Get real time alerts if any one mention your keywords, brands on Twitter. It is useful especially if you are running a business and you can join a conversation as soon as somebody mentioned you in a tweet.


Timehop is a smartphone app that brings your old photos, posts from this exact day in history. It will work with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Foursquare. Install it on your device and start every day with a nostalgic memory.


Send a private tweet to a large number of audiences at once. Grouptweet is ideal for companies, schools, teams to discuss their plans or pass important information from any Twitter app they use.


Another tool to manage your Twitter followers.


Gain new followers with Twiends. You can search others by country, keywords and common interests. If you are not satisfied with the results, feature yourself to increase the fan strength.

Storm it

Storm it is a smartphone app to compose long tweets anywhere on the go. Just type your stories and tap Storm it button. It will divide your message into pieces and tweet one by one. All of them will have numbers like 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 to inform the readers that they are parts of a long tweet.