The 9 Best WordPress Security Plugins You should Know in 2021

Best WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress is one of the most powerful platforms to create a website that you like. As you know, it is easy to use and flexible to adopt changes. Choose a hosting provider, install WordPress, find and activate a suitable theme, and power up your website with relevant plugins to establish your business.

Forget about complex codings and customize the site to any level if WordPress is with you. But unfortunately, this Content Management System (CMS) is the main target of cybercriminals. They initiate continuous attempts to hack WordPress websites through brute-force attacks, malicious code injections, and others. So you should not compromise on the level of WordPress security.

Best WordPress Security Plugins 2021

In this post, we list the 9 best WordPress security plugins probably you are not aware of.

1. WPS Hide Login

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WPS Hide Login is one of the simple WordPress security plugins and lets you change your login page UR easily. Unlike other similar plugins, it neither rename your core files nor creates rewrite rules. It simply makes your wp-login.php page inaccessible. So you should memorize or bookmark the new login URL. Deactivating the plugin brings back the page to the normal state.

Download WPS Hide Login

2. Login LockDown

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Login LockDown is a fantastic plugin to limit login attempts in WordPress. If failed login attempts from an IP address or range exceeds the number, it will deny login requests of the range thereafter. 1 hour is the default lock time but you can increase the time through plugin settings.

Download Login Lockdown

3. WP Security Audit Log

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It is the most comprehensive security solution to monitor user activities in WordPress. It keeps a log of everything that happens on your website and lets you quickly identify the security issues. The plugin alerts you on user registration, login, change of roles and passwords of another user, file upload, plugin installation, post creation, modification, failed login attempts, and many others.

Download WP Security Audit Log

4. WP Force SSL

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Google encourages website owners to add a trusted SSL certificate for improved web security and traffic. HTTPS protocol ensures a secure browsing experience for the users and no one can collect their data from the connected website. WP force SSL plugin redirects your HTTP traffic to HTTPS without touching any code. So you will not lose traffic and will get more too.

Download WP Force SSL

5. SiteGuard WP Plugin

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SiteGuard WP is a brilliant tool to fight against brute force attacks and common vulnerabilities in WordPress. It can be used to filter admin page IP address, rename login, login lock, login alerts, add CAPTCHA fields, disable pingbacks and others.

Download SiteGuard WP Plugin

6. NinjaFirewall (WP Edition)

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Ninja Firewall is one of the best firewall plugins for WordPress. It is able to protect targetted attacks coming from several thousands of different IPs in tandem. It will scan your core files very frequently, detects changes and alerts you about this.

The plugin automatically updates its security rules daily or even hourly and scan for malware, vulnerabilities etc. Real-time monitoring of website traffic and user activities are other advantages of Ninja Firewall. It will keep track of administrator logins, WordPress updates, theme uploads, plugin uploads, activation and so on.

Download NinjaFirewall (WP Edition)

7. IP Geo Block

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IP Geo Block is an efficient tool to guard your site against vulnerabilities and various kinds of login attacks. It blocks invalid login attempts, malicious uploads, comment spams, trackbacks, pingbacks etc. The plugin analyzes the latest security threats and lets you block login access from undesired countries and IP addresses.

Download IP Geo Block

8. Brute Force Login Protection

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Brute Force Login Protection is one of the best WordPress security plugins that protect your website against hacking attempts. Set allowed login attempts for a user and if anyone exceeds the limit, the plugin will automatically the system using .htaccess. It also empowers you to manually block, unblock or whitelist IP addresses and show a custom message to the blocked users.

Download Brute Force Login Protection

9. WP Hide & Security Enhancer

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The list of WordPress security plugins won’t complete without mentioning WP Hide & Security Enhancer. It is the easiest way to completely hide your WordPress core files, theme and plugin paths, admin and upload URLs & many others. The plugin also blocks access to the default files in the WordPress database and lets you change the file names easily.

Download WP Hide & Security Enhancer

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