How to Delete Your Facebook Posts in Bulk- Delete, Hide or Remove Tags

How to Delete Your Facebook Posts in Bulk

Most of us share every update, activities, and articles on the Facebook wall. The social network will store those things in your timeline and anyone can recollect them by digging into your profile. Sometimes they belong to the old life that you want to forget.

Is there any way to erase those things from your Facebook timeline?

Yes, you can. In this post, we’ll tell you how to delete your Facebook posts in bulk.

Deleting all or selected Facebook posts in bulk

1. Sign in to Facebook first and visit your profile page. Locate your post composer. Below that, you will see an option to ‘Manage Posts’.

Delete Facebook posts

Tap the button.

2. Then, you will a popup box like this.

Delete Facebook posts bulk

Click filters to find posts by year and month, posted by you, tagged posts, etc.

Facebook post filters

To view your own Facebook timeline posts, select ‘You’ from the Posted by drop-down box. Click on Done to view posts.

Facebook posts delete

Select all posts that you want to delete. Facebook allows you to select up to 50 times at a time to hide, delete, or remove tags.

After selection, tap on Next.

3. Choose what to do with selected posts.

Manage Facebook posts

‘Delete posts’ option will appear only for your own posts. It will be in gray color if your selection contains posts made by others or things you’re tagged in. It’s not possible to delete content posted by others, but you can hide them from timeline.

After selecting an option, click on Done.

That’s it. You’ve successfully deleted selected posts from your Facebook profile.

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