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How to Create a Private Account on Facebook

private account facebook
A private Facebook account is ideal to stay away from the trespassers. It will hide your existence in the social network but connects you with the people you want.

Why do you want to hide your social media presence? Well. It depends upon you. I don’t want to go into such things in detail. People may have several reasons to make their social account private- keep a distance from unwanted contacts, conversations etc. If a person is interested in just maintaining the existing relationships like family, close friends and don’t want to make new friends, he/she too may opt for a private account.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to create a private account on Facebook.

Sign into your Facebook account first.

Visit Settings and choose Privacy from the left pane.

private account facebook

Facebook asks you about the visibility of your posts as the first option. Click on Edit and choose Friends or Specific Friends or Custom as you needed. Your all future posts will be visible only to those according to the filter you selected. A Custom filter allows you to show posts only to specific friends and exclude the same from other mentioned friends.

Remember that, the new setting is applicable to your future posts only. The old contents are still viewable by public or friends of friends based on your previous filters. Click on limit past posts link to restrict their access and hide them from the outside of your network.

You are going to hold a private account and it’s totally unnecessary to invite everyone to view your friends’ list. Go to the next option and choose Only Me from the drop-down box.

A Facebook user may get friendship request from any corner of the world. It’s a timely process to deal with all those strange requests. You can reduce the number of requests by selecting Friends of Friends in Who can send you friend requests option. It is impossible to disable all friendship requests on Facebook and you can at least make sure that no stranger is sending you the requests.

People can search for your Facebook account with the email address and phone number provided. Once they entered those details in the top bar search box, Facebook will show the account connected with them. Limit the search ability to your friends and prevent others from viewing your account.

Google like search engines will display your profile link when someone searches by your name. Disable search engine crawling to enhance the privacy level of your profile.

private account facebook

Visit Timeline and tagging settings to manage your timeline posts and photo tags.

Hide your timeline contents from the strangers and make them visible only to the friends in your network or specific friends. But if someone tags you in posts or photos, they can be viewed by everyone including persons tagged in the same post, your friends etc. Choose Only me or Custom in the second last option to hide your tagged contents from the friends.

If you don’t want to get tagged in friends’ photos, choose No one in the last option.

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What’s the use of all these customizations if you are displaying contact details on the profile page? People can contact you via the number or email provided there. Isn’t it?

Open your Facebook profile, tap About section, followed by Contact and basic info. People can see your phone number, email address, website address in the tab.

private account facebook

Mouse over them to view the Edit button. Once the box is expanded, click on the lock symbol to manage their visibility. Select Friends or Only me to better describe your private account. Save Changes.

Unfortunately, your Facebook account is still accessible by the strangers through the Messenger. If somehow they got your profile link, they can send you messages and the social network is not providing any option to disable such annoying communications. Their messages will land in the Requests folder of Messenger. It’s better to avoid the folder if you are really concerned about the privacy. However, you are able to block a user or block messages from a specific user through Settings > Blocking.

You can also block messages right from the conversations. In the Messenger, click on the gear icon next to the name of the user.

private account facebook

Choose Block messages to stop messages from the user. But he can post on your timeline, tags in you in photos and comment on your posts. To entirely block a user, visit his profile and tap three dots icon on the right end of his cover photo. Choose Block. The person can’t contact you thereafter from the same profile in any way.

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