Top 10 Best Facebook Apps for iPhone and Android in 2021

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Social networking sites connect us with people around the world and let you share thoughts, memories, events, etc. from anywhere on the go. There are hundreds of websites which play an important role in building relationships and efficiently represent you in the online world.

It’s easy to find out a person who is jobless or not having a bank account. But most of us are holding at least two accounts in each social network- one for personal use and another for business purposes. That’s the main reason how Facebook is able to grab its place next to the most populous countries, China and India, based on the number of users the network has.

Facebook is useful for you in several ways. Besides the relationship building, it can be used for communication, marketing, and many others.

Best Facebook Apps for iPhone and Android

In this post, we’ll show you the 10 best Facebook apps for your iOS and Android devices.

1. Facebook


This is the official app of Facebook. It brings the social site’s all features on mobile including posting status updates, photos, videos, play games, get notifications, and so on. It also allows you to market products, locate local businesses, find social events in your area, prepare and discuss plans, follow celebrities and websites you like, etc through the app.

iOS | Android

2. Messenger

Free communication is the main reason why we use social networking sites. Facebook Messenger lets you send messages, make calls, chat, attach files without spending a single penny from your account. Find a friend using his name or phone number, start a video chat, capture photos, and videos to instantly share them with others – everything from the messenger.

Messages can be customized with color, stickers, emojis, and effects to convert your conversations more effective and meaningful. You can also play games, make reservations, and get real-time customer experience via Messenger on the mobile.

iOS | Android

3. Puffin for Facebook

Puffin for Facebook

Puffin is a fast web browser created by an American company, CloudMosa, in 2010. They have their own operating system Puffin OS and various apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.

Puffin is a popular, free alternative to the official Facebook app. Its appearance and features are almost similar to the Facebook app, but Puffin comes with fast cloud rendering to deliver a better user experience on iPhone and Android. It also offers efficient data compression to reduce your data usage.

Puffin ensures a smooth Facebook browsing experience irrespective of the smartphone type you use. It will display your monthly data savings on refreshing the news feed and allows you to open external links within Puffin of Facebook itself.

iOS | Android

4. Video Downloader for Facebook

Do you like a video on Facebook? But unfortunately, the social site is not providing a download option for the videos. Install this app on your device, browse Facebook wall, play the video that you want to download, and click yes to download it to your local storage.


5. Facebook Lite

Facebook lite is a small version of the regular Facebook app. It is specifically designed for low memory devices to save space or use Facebook in limited connectivity situations. It carries many Facebook features like find friends, post status updates, share photos, get notifications, interact with others, follow people and businesses, etc.

iOS | Android

6. Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite is a tiny, faster app for communications within Facebook. It consumes less data, loads fast and works on slow, unstable network conditions. Users can send texts, photos, share links to anyone who uses Messenger and Messenger Lite.


7. Friendly for Facebook

Friendly for Facebook

This is a great alternative to the official Facebook apps. It combines the features of Facebook and Messenger in a single place. Friendly for Facebook is simple, light-weight and lets you personalize the browsing experience in several ways. It comes with attractive, colorful themes to beautify the feed and the font size too can be adjusted according to your needs.

The app allows users to highlight or hide posts by keyword, block ads, download videos and quickly switch between the multiple Facebook accounts in one tap.

iOS | Android

8. Simple Free for Facebook

Simple Free is another free alternative to Facebook. It combines Facebook and Messenger into a single app with options to extend its functionality to other platforms like Twitter and Instagram also. So you need not use separate apps to access all those sites and features.

Access everything on Facebook including posts, photos, pages, groups, events, and comments from the app. Downloading of images and videos are also possible in a single click. Beautify your Facebook with 20 pre-defined colors or set up the night mode to automatically change its appearance at a scheduled time. It’s secured and lets you lock the app with a 4 digit pin or fingerprint.


9. Facebook Pages Manager

It’s a magnificent app for business page owners. Manage your Facebook page, post updates & respond to Facebook, Instagram messages right from the phones and tablets. Facebook Pages Manager notifies you about important activities, lets you track the promotions and statistics which are essential for promoting a business.

iOS | Android

10. Parallel Space

Parallel Space

Do you want to check multiple Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram accounts from the same mobile? As you know, it’s practically impossible. Otherwise, you need to check one account using the app and another through a web browser.

Parallel Space helps you overcome the difficulties of visiting multiple accounts on the same network or game app. Visit both accounts at the same time, from the same device is never easier than this before.


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