Top 10 Best Facebook Apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

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Looking for the best Facebook apps for mobiles? If so, this is the right place to get all the details. In this post, you will find the top Facebook apps for your Android and iOS devices.

Facebook is our favorite place to share thoughts and promote products. It connects people around and lets them build a strong relationship through frequent interactions. Post updates, send messages, and make phone calls- the social site is truly unlimited to connect with each other and explore opportunities.

It’s easy to find out a person who is jobless or not having a bank account. But most of us are holding at least two accounts in each social network- one for personal use and another for business purposes. Often you will have to use them while traveling. The fact is that visiting Facebook through mobile browsers is a difficult process. It loads slowly and you may face issues on uploading also.

Install Facebook apps on your mobile to overcome this limitation. There are several social media apps available on Apple Store and Google PlayStore across categories. They allow you to share updates, upload customized photos, manage marketing campaigns, and much more on the go.

Are you ready to check them?

Best Facebook Apps for iPhone and Android

These are our favorite Facebook apps for Android and iPhone,

1. Facebook


This is the official app of Facebook. It brings the social site’s all features on mobile including posting status updates, photos, videos, play games, get notifications, and so on. It also allows you to market products, locate local businesses, find social events in your area, prepare and discuss plans, follow celebrities and websites you like, etc. through the app.

iOS | Android

2. Messenger


Free communication is the main reason why we use social networking sites. Facebook Messenger lets you send messages, make calls, chat, attach files without spending a single penny from your account. Find a friend using his name or phone number, start a video chat, capture photos, and videos to instantly share them with others—everything from the messenger.

Messages can be customized with color, stickers, emojis, and effects to convert your conversations more effective and meaningful. You can also play games, make reservations, and get a real-time customer experience via Messenger on the mobile.

iOS | Android

3. Friendly Social Browser

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Friendly is a great alternative to all your social media apps. It lets you browse all popular social sites from one place, by consuming low battery, storage, and data.

No need to download and install separate applications for different networks. Friendly is highly customizable and gives you total control over the news feed. Download photos and videos, send private messages, and automatically mute notifications in quiet hours. It also contains stunning material themes to personalize your Facebook browsing experience.

iOS | Android

4. Video Downloader for Facebook

Do you like Facebook videos? Unfortunately, the social site is not providing a download option for the videos.

Watch your favorite videos on Facebook groups, news feed, and others. Tap the ‘three-dots’ icon in the top-right corner to collect the link. Switch to Video Downloader for Facebook and paste your link. It will show you available download formats and sizes for the selected video.

Tap the download icon to save video.


5. Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is a small version of the regular Facebook app. It is specifically designed for low memory devices to save space or use Facebook in limited connectivity situations.

This carries many Facebook features like find friends, post status updates, share photos, get notifications, interact with others, follow people and businesses, etc.

iOS | Android

6. Messenger for Messages, Chat

The Messenger Pro is another all-in-one social media app to access all your favorite apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, and many others from one place.

Connect to your online friends, send photos and messages, and make video calls. It is 100% free. Messenger Pro also allows you to watch trending videos on the internet, viral tweets, read news, and so on.


7. Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business SuitePin

Facebook Business Suite is an essential smartphone app for business page owners. Manage your Facebook page, Create and schedule posts, respond to Facebook and Instagram messages, and much more – from a single app.

It notifies you about important activities on your social account and lets you track the marketing campaigns easily.

iOS | Android

8. Messenger Kids

Messenger kidsPin

Messenger Kids is a unique app for kids to send and receive Facebook messages. It comes with fun photo filters and sound effects to showcase their creative skills. Contact friends and family members in an exciting way- fill the moments with funny stickers, emojis, and drawings.

As a parent, you can monitor kid’s messages and their contact lists through the parental dashboard. Set usage limits to control their Facebook activities and turn off Messenger during bedtime.

iOS | Android

9. Pink Color for Facebook

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Do you want to use Facebook in different color combinations? If so, you may love Pink Color for Facebook app. It comes with unlimited colors, so you can start using Facebook in any color you want.

This app allows you to connect multiple Facebook accounts and switch in between them easily. It also supports Instagram and Twitter to browse and change themes.


10. FB Video Downloader

FB Video DownloaderPin

FB Video Downloader is another Android app to download Facebook videos. It automatically detects videos and lets you download them in 1-click.

All you have to do is touch a video to view download and play options. Click on Download to save it on your mobile.


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