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How to Turn On/Off Read Receipts in iMessage on iPhone and iPad

iMessage read receipts

Read receipt is the main feature of modern messaging apps. It informs when your message is read by the other party. The recipient can’t ignore it at a later time.

We already covered posts on disabling WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger read receipts and enabling Gmail read receipts.

Now we’ll tell you how to enable or disable read receipts in iMessage on iOS devices.

Some people don’t want to provide read receipts for the messages they receive, as it may affect their privacy. Our post could be useful for them.

Turn on/off iMessage read receipts for all contacts

  • Open Settings on iPhone or iPad
  • Scroll down through the sub menu and open Messages
  • You should see an option to enable or disable read receipts in iMessage now. Just drag the toggle button near to Send Read Receipts, to the right or left to turn on/off the feature.
  • That’s it.

Turn on/off iMessage read receipts for individual conversations

  • Apple has introduced this feature on iMessage individual chats since iOS 10. So only iOS 10 and later versions users can make use of it. will get the below-mentioned option.
  • Open your desired conversation in iMessage to manage
  • Tap “i” icon in the top right corner
  • Turn on/off send read receipts
  • Done.