The 6 Best Chrome Extensions to Download Videos from Any Website

Best Chrome Extensions to Download Videos from Any Website

Google Chrome is one of our favorite browsers to watch movies and videos. Being the default browser for most of us, we will see plenty of watchable resources on Chrome every day. But we can’t watch videos always at the right moment of seeing them and need to save them later.

How is it possible?

Can you memorize, note down the video URLs or add them to the read it later apps?

Google recently updated its program policy and now prevents Chrome extensions from downloading YouTube videos. But you can add them to the video list as I said earlier.

Best Video Downloader for Chrome

This post shares the 6 best Google Chrome extensions to save and download the videos that you love. They support Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, and many other websites hosting videos. Find a video and decide whether to download or save for watching it later.

1. Video Downloader professional

Download Videos

Video Downloader Professional is the most popular Chrome extension to download videos. It lets you add videos to your playing list and watch them on the desktop or via Google Chromecast on your television. The extension will create a video list for you where you can view all the saved contents and watch in any size without going to the original webpage.

Video Downloader Professional also allows you to download videos from several web sources to your computer. So you can enjoy the videos anytime anywhere without connecting to the internet.

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2. Video Downloader Ultimate

Video downloader

Video Downloader Ultimate is another video downloader extension for Chrome. It is free and easy to use which helps you to download audios/videos easily. It is fast and lets you covert convert files to the watchable format in a few seconds. 

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3. Free Video Dоwnlоader

video downloader chrome

Free Video Downloader is another extension for video lovers. Once a website is opened, it will let you know if there are any videos available to download through the extension icon. Click the download arrow to save a video to your computer. 

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4. Video Downloader Professional

Video downloader

Video Downloader Professional is a powerful tool to download videos from your favorite websites. It will automatically detect downloadable content on a page and displays files with the file size. Download them to your hard drive or bookmark them to watch later.

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5. Flash Video Downloader

Video Downloader

It is a popular video downloader for Chrome. You can download videos, audios, and flash with Flash video downloader extension. It is simple to use and automatically detects videos from your pages. On detection, you will see a color change in the browser icon.

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6. Downloader for Instagram

Instagram downloader

This is a fantastic extension to download Instagram images and videos. It will add a download icon on Instagram content to quickly download each of them to your computer. Download all is another option that will be added to your Instagram menu bar to download everything such as photos, videos from the page.

Downloader for Instagram is an essential plugin for Instagrammers to supercharge their profile building experience and let them manage uploads and downloads right from the desktop.

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