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How to Schedule a Post on Your Facebook Profile (No Apps)

Schedule post Facebook profile

We discussed on social media scheduling tools a couple of times earlier. Sometimes a post needs to be scheduled to send it at a future date and time. This helps to reach it to the right audience at the best time when you may get maximum engagements and clicks.

We’re able to schedule Facebook profile posts with third-party tools until recently. But the social network made policy updates in the last month and now you can’t schedule profile posts using any such apps.

Thankfully, Facebook added an inbuilt feature that lets you schedule posts on profiles up to 12 hours in advance. This post will tell you how to schedule a Facebook timeline post.

Sign into your Facebook account first.

Type your message or paste webpage link in the text box to schedule.

Three dotsĀ icon will appear below the box, next to the Feeling/Activity option. Click there to get additional tools.

Now you will see a number of options like photo, video, tag friends, GIF etc. Choose Edit Date.

schedule posts facebook profile

Set a time for your post to be sent out. You can schedule it for the same day only up to 12 hours in advance. When finished, click on the Share button.

Our scheduled contents usually appear on the page at the chosen time only. Until then, it will be hidden from your followers and friends. But here’s a change. The scheduled posts on your Facebook profile will appear from the very next moment of their savings. They will come with a countdown timer that informs the audience how much time left for the post to appear in the news feeds. Your friends can still like and comment on the posts based on the privacy preferences you set.

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