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Instagram Marketing 101- Direct Traffic from Your Social Media Pages to Your Business Website

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Instagram marketing

Every business owner wants to generate organic traffic to their business websites. The reason for this is only increased traffic can guarantee increased sales because it means that more and more people are visiting your website to buy your products and that also signifies that more people are learning about your products.

The social media pages that you have running can all be instrumental in giving your website some valuable traffic.  Social media marketing will not only make more people learn about your products, but it will open up completely new markets to you, and of course, it will drive internet traffic to your website which can help you generate revenues from advertisements as well.

This article will show you certain ways by which you can use social media to increase your business website’s traffic.

Share more new content

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The timelines on social media platforms are the best place to launch and share the unique and fresh contents from your business website about your business, and to provide links to all your web resources. Not only the pure links, but you can also post photos, images with little descriptions, and subtle references to your business website.

To get the maximum engagements for your posts and uploads, you have to make use of all the available tools on social media, for instance, use hashtags, user mentions, business pages, “See More” links, etc. Also, make use of social influencers, people with many followers, they can help in promoting your business website by posting links and contents of your website.

Ask your followers to share the content you post, keep the share and follow buttons on your business website, which will allow users to share these contents on their social media pages as well.  This will help to promote your brand also.

Link up your social media profiles

Many internet users use social media websites to find out excellent quality websites, so you can try sharing a few good links about good, informative websites on your social media posts, perhaps in specially curated sections or appropriate fields. This will make users visit your page to learn about interesting new information also, and gradually they will take an interest in the products which you have to offer. Thus, your internet traffic will be increasing.

A lot of times, users will tend to discover new information from these links which you provided and they would like to share them with others, which indirectly will help your marketing cause as well. Not to mention, some of the websites which you link on your social media pages, may want to link your site to their pages also as a way of returning you.

Optimize your websites for mobile usage

Instagram Marketing 101- Direct Traffic from Your Social Media Pages to Your Business Website

Today, mobile phones are popular throughout and especially, smartphones. With cheap internet plans and a sharp decline in smartphone prices, it has become convenient for everyone to own a set. Today people are constantly in touch with the internet, and most users access their social media accounts only through their cell phones. This means that you have to optimize your business website to be properly functional in mobile screens also. Ensure that all the links, photos, and videos that you share are properly optimized for viewing on mobile phone screens also.

To generate more organic traffic to your business website, it is of paramount importance that you increase your social media interaction and activity, and for this purpose, the easiest social app to use is Instagram. However, simply having an Instagram page is not enough, you need to engage your audience and get more and more Instagram followers to generate healthy social media activity.


Social media traffic can increase the business sales of your company by multiple times, because of the inherent property of social media to draw and capture people’s attention. Social media is without borders, and it will take only a post to make it go viral throughout the world. Thus tapping into the power of social media to market your products is crucial to the success of your business.

If you can link and direct the traffic in your social media pages onto your business website, then not only will your search engine optimization levels improve, but also your overall rankings on Google and your product sales and revenues will increase. Hopefully, the tips mentioned in this article will help you to get more organic traffic to your business website.

Instagram Marketing 101- Direct Traffic from Your Social Media Pages to Your Business Website 1Harris Scott is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional at Gramista with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.