How To Use Instagram Video For Marketing

Instagram Video For Marketing

Instagram (IG) is becoming an essential platform for any business that wants to be successful. But IG is a fast-moving, visual whirlpool that can eat up your content in seconds. People have access to an endless amount of content; so, why should they take the time to view your video content for 15 seconds?

It’s not easy to run an effective video marketing campaign on Instagram, but there are several steps and tools that can help you connect with a significant number of viewers. Below are some video marketing tips for IG. These suggestions are simple to put into practice, and yet they each make a significant contribution to overall performance.

Instagram Video Stories

The Instagram stories format is very popular for user-generated content. Every day, it’s said that 500 million people tell stories. And a third of the most-watched stories are published by businesses.

What makes Instagram so convenient is that it allows users to share their favorite videos with their friends. This is possible with the help of Instagram video downloaders.

IG Video Stories Tips

Stories should be a vital component of your Instagram marketing plan. However, coming up with content can be intimidating for newcomers. Don’t worry about it. Listed here are a variety of post formats and Instagram Stories ideas that may be adapted for any type of product you’re marketing.

  • People watch Stories faster than other media. Use speed to grab the audience’s attention from the first frame.
  • Story-first: Story design can take many forms. Use a full-screen vertical design designed for Stories, or repurpose a previous media asset. When reusing an asset, don’t crop or zoom to eliminate vital details. You can use generic or custom Stories templates.
  • Short, concise ads perform better than long, slow ones. Use fast-paced, easy-to-digest storytelling.
  • Mix video and static ads for greater results. Use images and videos in your Stories.
  • Motion improves ad performance. Move your static images.
  • Mobile shots should be targeted. Stories accept both phone-shot and studio-shot videos. Studio shots provide stronger following and brand awareness than mobile images for ad recall and intent.

Instagram Live Videos

Going live is another great approach to communicating in real-time with the people that follow you on your channel. The comment area is where the audience can ask you questions, and you’ll be able to answer those questions while you’re broadcasting live.

The Best Practices

These suggestions will help you strategize your live stream, so you’re not winging it.

  • Promote Your Instagram Live Event Beforehand. When it comes to securing those all-important views, marketing a forthcoming Instagram Live session on a consistent basis and in a planned manner can make all the difference in the world. You may now schedule an Instagram Live up to 90 days in advance, which helps generate buzz and create an event.
  • Know Why You’re Doing It. What are your live stream’s goals? You may focus on promoting client relations, email signups, or product sales. Also, make sure that your goal fits your promotional campaign.
  • Spend More Than 10 Minutes Live. Longer live streams tend to perform better and attract a wider audience, according to marketers. This is in part because longer live feeds require more content preparation. But it’s also due to the fact that many viewers will enter or leave live streams, and the longer your video is, the more time they have to do so.
  • Take Advantage To Use Incentives To Attract Viewers. People are motivated to take action by bonuses, particularly those who are looking for deals. Therefore, if you want to increase the sense of urgency surrounding your broadcast, you can do it using Instagram Live!
  • Pick A Presentation Style. Nobody has time for your unnecessary ‘ums’ and ‘ahs.’ By sticking to a format, viewers will be aware of what to expect, and you will have a guiding basis with which to keep things exciting while also ensuring that they progress.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Video For Marketing

Instagram Reels is a feature that allows users to produce short videos that are appealing to their target market. This function is similar to other social media options that are available.

You may make interesting videos in Reels by uploading multiple content types, applying filters to that content, adding text and music, and using the various editing tools that are available in the app.

The feature of Instagram Reels known as ‘Remix this Reel’ that enables users to record their own video next to the video of another user has contributed to the app’s rising popularity. Because of this, trending moments have been established, and this stimulates collaboration as well as involvement with a community of followers.

Instagram Reels Ad Tips

Ready to use IG reels as part of your content marketing plan? Check out some recommended tips below:

  • Call-to-Action buttons come in many styles. Apply Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Call Now, Download, and Swipe Up are the options available to you at the moment.
  • Put your brand on everything. Make sure that all of your IG videos include your logo and other identifying information by using your brand kit.
  • You can ensure that everyone will be able to understand, appreciate, and participate with the video content you post to Instagram Reels by including subtitles in your posts.

Difference Between IG Reels And Stories

There are a few fundamental differences between Instagram Reels and Stories. Instagram Reels only allows 60-second videos. You can add audio clips to a landing page to catalog your videos. Reels have their own tab on your profile and are permanent, while Stories are ephemeral.

Other Important Instagram Video Marketing Best Practices

The following are some additional recommendations when doing IG outreach and video marketing. Continue reading to learn more.

  • Use Hashtag. Oftentimes, hashtags (#) can be quite beneficial. The most popular hashtags on IG can be used to post videos, enter contests, and promote live events. When you have a large Instagram following, the hashtag is the ideal way to interact with your followers, build brand loyalty, and collect user-generated content.
  • Optimize Videos For Mobile Devices. Instagram desktop lacks some functionality. The app has limits. Mobile access is growing because of this. Ensure your video and funnel are mobile-friendly.
  • Add Links. If you have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, you have the option to share links in your posts. So, link to the product landing page whenever you mention a product in your post. Use the Swipe Up sticker to draw attention to that website.
  • Partner With An Influencer. To acquire traction on Instagram, you must find influencers willing to share your content. You may find the right influencers by searching Instagram for relevant hashtags under your niche.

Final Thoughts

Instagram’s popularity is expected to rise even further. For marketing strategies to continue being successful, brands need to be prepared to quickly adapt to emerging trends. The creation of content in the form of videos is an excellent method for reaching a new audience and even for driving new sales.