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Top 10 Best Websites to Get Sponsored Posts in 2019

Sponsored PostsAre you a blogger?

Are you looking for paid/sponsored posts to make money?

There are several ways you can monetize your website or blog. Most of us started with Google AdSense like PPC ad networks that pay you for each user clicks. Direct sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts are other popular monetization methods bloggers can adopt.

If your blog has a good readership and ranks among the top-level domains in the niche, advertisers will contact you for sponsored posts or reviews. Thus you can make a decent income by writing third-party contents, making reviews etc. The amount will be sent to you through PayPal, Bank transfer, and other money payment methods.

“Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost for you. This helps me to cover the blog maintenance expenses.”

In this article, we’ll tell you 10 best websites to get sponsored posts on your blog. Some of them will pay you per post basis whereas others will transfer the amount only when you reach the threshold.

1. ValuedVoice

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ValuedVoice is a great website that connects influencers with advertisers, brands, and agencies. Create your account, add blogs and social media channels, fix price for each of them to get monetized. It will send you 5 opportunities per month per channel for free. If you want to get unlimited opportunities, go for a premium subscription which starts at just $3/month.

2. Seeding Up

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Seeding Up is a popular site to monetize your blog, online media, social media profiles, and YouTube channels. It will analyze the strength of your websites based on various factors like traffic, reachability, number of contents you have and suggest the offer price for them. The campaigns are listed in different categories including blog posts, product tests, video posts, influencer video and others. The advertisers will contact you to market their products or with sponsored posts.

3. SocialSpark

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SocialSpark is a good option for the bloggers to earn money from the sponsored reviews. The service is offered by Izea.com, the same company that created PayPerPost and SponsoredTweets. It will calculate the market value of your blog and suggest competitive prices to win sponsored posts bids.

4. BlogDash

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BlogDash is a brilliant platform that helps you to write in world-famous websites and make money. It provides both guest posting opportunities (top level sites) and sponsored posts (your blogs) which will boost your popularity as well as relationships.

5. Get Reviewed

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Get Reviewed is another place to get paid reviews. Once your blog is added to the marketplace, you can apply for the listed campaigns. The amount will be kept on hold for 14 days after the completion of projects, then you can request for the payment.

These are some other popular websites that will pay you for writing and marketing contents,

6. Pay U2 Blog

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7. Constant Content

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8. Tapinfluence

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9. Massivesway

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10. Tomoson

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