Blog Commenting: How it Works and Why it’s Effective

Blog Commenting

So, you want to comment on a blog. But don’t you know how to do it? Trust me – I’ve been there before. I know it can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming trying to figure out the right way to do blog commenting. I get it. That’s why I’ve decided to write this article.

Blog commenting has been around for a long time, but many people still don’t understand how to do it.  In today’s digital world, how you interact with other bloggers is one of the most important elements of how to build your blog audience and drive traffic to your site.

So, What Is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting (also known as “blog engagement”) is how you let others know that you’ve read their content on their blog or website. You can also use blog comment marketing to promote yourself or your brand. It’s how some people get noticed by huge brands like Coca-Cola, which led to an opportunity to work with them (and ultimately had him quitting his day job). of how they blog commented.

The truth is that how you comment on other people’s blogs or websites can determine how much success you achieve online. Why?

Because how you interact with others online will show them how interested you are in their (or their company’s) content, and often times this leads to meaningful connections and conversations which can turn into loyal readers, followers, subscribers, customers – take your pick!

However, it doesn’t end there either; many brands like Coke also look for how well-versed someone is when it comes to commenting (and even how good they are at moderating comments).

If knowing how to leave comments on a blog isn’t important to you then why would anyone take the time to listen

Let me repeat that: People got jobs because they knew how to blog comment.

Here are the top ten things you should know how to do before leaving a blog comment:

#1 – Comment on other blogs in your industry

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You should always be looking for opportunities to leave blog comments because it will help you show others how well-versed you are (and how interested you are) in what they’re writing about. This helps towards building trust between yourself and the blogger or website owner.

It’s also an easy way of starting up relationships with them which can lead to long-term followers and fans of your own work, leading back to increased traffic for your own site.  Another reason why commenting on people’s sites is so important!

You never know when someone might go back and read how you responded to another person’s question, comment, or story.

The best time to leave a blog comment is when someone has linked back to your site in some way or another (good for SEO). You should also find opportunities where the blogger has made an argument that you can either agree with or disagree with.

This will help get yourself noticed by others because more often than not they’ll visit your profile and see how well-versed you are on the topic or how intelligent of an opinion you have on what was just posted.

How often should I be leaving comments?

As often as you can. If this means commenting on other sites several times a day, then do it. The more you comment, the better chance that someone will notice how well-versed you are and how impressive your profile is to others around the web.

#2- Leave comments that are filled with substance

You want to make sure that when people see how well-written your comments are they’ll be inclined to check out how well-written your blog is or how much value you have to offer via other channels like Twitter, Facebook, etc…  This also goes back to how trusting relationships get built by showing people how intelligent of an individual you are.

Remember: what you say in your comments matters just as much as how you say it.

#3 – Know how to comment without looking like an advertisement

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they leave blog comments is that they go over-the-top with how much they’re trying to sell themselves, their products, or their brand.  You can’t just open up your comment box and say how great your service is without first getting people’s attention by showing how well-versed you are on other topics related to what was just posted.

Instead of starting off your comment with how good you think something is (or how bad), take a unique approach by asking a question, making a relevant statement about something else within the post itself, or even including how excited you are for what ‘s about to come (as long as you believe it).

If you fail at this step then people will immediately think how desperate you are for attention, how annoying you are and how salesy your comments are.

When people see how salesy your comments are they’ll either ignore them or even flag them to the blogger so they can be deleted because these types of back-handed comments look like ads. (I’ve deleted all like that!)

On the other side of the coin, if someone leaves a comment that’s just filled with links then it looks like an ad for SEO purposes which also gets deleted.

Do yourself a favor and remember that how you leave blog comments is just as important as what you say in them, if not more important.

This is how bloggers spot spammers, so if you’re hoping that they’ll add a link to your website in their response then that’s not going to happen.  In fact, this will guarantee that your comment gets deleted because it looks like how an advertisement would look if someone was searching for ways on how to market themselves more online.

Even though this might mean less backlinks coming your way some of the time, never forget why you became part of the blogging community in the first place: you love what these people are doing and want to be involved with how they’re changing things up on the web by sharing how you feel about a topic.

That’s how they’ll spot a real comment from a spam one, so never forget how important this step is for building relationships with bloggers instead of just focusing on how many links you can get or how many people visit your website as a result.

blogging tips

Just like how you don’t want to leave comments that look like advertisements, the same goes for how often you link back to your blog over and over again in each one.

You see, it’s not that hard leaving 3-4 relevant links within a single comment without sounding too salesy but if you leave 5-6 then it starts looking like how you’re just throwing your blog in their face.

If you want to get noticed by other bloggers, then it’s important that you build relationships with them instead of trying to show how great your marketing skills are and how many keywords you can rank for with each backlink.

Here’s the bottom line: the more comments, questions, and discussions you leave within a single comment box then the fewer people will value what you have to say because they’ll think how desperate you are for attention or how spammy you really are behind those 5-6 links.

#6 – Don’t ask people what they like about something if your intent is to sell something as opposed to simply providing solutions

Let me give an example so I don’t sound too salesy about how this works with how you leave blog comments.

For example, if someone left a post talking about how they’ve been working with clients to help them sell their products but how it’s clear that they’re not getting the results they hoped for then you would immediately know how to comment on a blog about how great your product is without looking too desperate.

Here’s why: instead of linking back to your business and telling how fantastic you are, simply write how other businesses have been able to grow their bottom line by using your service and how it might be worth going over there directly because people will be curious as to how many results people make as a result of signing up.

Now this is what I call knowing how to leave blog comments that get noticed, not how to sell yourself or how desperate someone might be because they’re only trying to get your business.

#7 – Don’t overdo how often you update your website

If you want people who leave blog comments on how you do something better than how it’s already being done, then it’s crucial that you let them know how frequently you update the site itself.

For example, if a blogger always updates their website multiple times each week with fresh content, then people will comment more about how helpful these posts are instead of just asking how long it takes for them to receive results from using your service or product.

Here’s why: the time could vary depending on how much work goes into creating the content which would only lead people to ask how long it takes you to do so because they know how long blogging itself could take.

Instead, consider how often you update your website and then provide that information within each comment instead of how many people visit the website or how much money is made as a result.

That way, bloggers will really appreciate how helpful this piece was for them even though it didn’t include how their traffic increased or how much revenue was made as a result of using your service or reading one of the posts on their site.

#8 – Don’t ask bloggers if they’ve ever thought about selling their blog or not

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Let’s face facts: there are plenty of people out there who don’t want to be bloggers anymore because they think how it doesn’t make sense for them to keep blogging.

For example, if someone left a post mentioning how there are some people who go back and forth about whether or not they should stay with blogging then your first instinct might be how you could start this conversation with how great your service is.

Instead, try offering how their traffic could double through the use of your product instead of just asking how many people visit their site each month.

That way, you’ll show how valuable this piece was for them without coming across as too salesy by showing how much revenue they’d be bringing in if they stayed with blogging until whatever goal is reached.

The more you know how to comment on a blog the right way, the more successful your blog could become.

#9 – Don’t answer how someone can get in touch with them if they have more questions about how you work

In some cases, people will include how their contact information is listed somewhere on the site itself so it’s not necessary to leave a comment including how great your service is and how many people visit your site because of how helpful these posts are.

For example, if someone included three paragraphs talking about how they wanted to make sure you could reach them through email then there’s no reason why you should ask how to get in touch with them within a blog comment.

That way, bloggers won’t think that the only reason why you left your thoughts is how you want to get in touch with them, so they won’t think how this piece was just wasted on how great their posts are.

Instead, show how much this blog post has improved how people view the overall blogging process by saying how grateful you are that they took the time to offer another perspective or how helpful these posts have become over time because of how many pages are now being viewed as a result.

#10 – Don’t leave blog comments at high traffic sites where you need to pay something before leaving anything behind

Now here’s an interesting dilemma: if it costs money to leave a comment then there’s no reason why someone should expect how bloggers will be grateful for how each comment adds exposure to their site.

For example, if someone were to leave how the site looks great but how they always have trouble with how their comments don’t get approved then this could just come across as how they’re only leaving it because everything is being monitored.

That way, bloggers won’t be grateful for how you took the time out of your schedule to leave how great these posts are no matter how much traffic they’ll generate in return.

Instead, show how what you had to say was worth it by offering how amazing this blog post is rather than telling them about how many visitors end up hearing about their site each month when using your comment instead of commenting on how useful it is or not.

The Right Way to Comment for Visibility

Learning how to comment on a blog the right way will not only help your comments get approved but also help you get more visibility for your blog and your brand.

– how to comment on a blog

– how to leave comments at other sites without having to comment how great it is each time

By following these tips, you’ll start seeing how many people are visiting their site has increased because of how helpful these posts have become over time.

For example, if someone were to mention how they ended up earning $3 extra in revenue each day then this could just come across as how he or she wants to make money off how much traffic their site gets.

That way, bloggers won’t be grateful for how you the time out of your schedule to leave how great these posts are no matter how much traffic they’ll generate in return.

Instead, show how what you had to say was worth it by offering how amazing this blog post is rather than telling them about how many visitors end up hearing about their site each month when using your comment instead of commenting on how useful it is or not.

In Conclusion

By following these tips, you can gain more people to your own blog or website. Not only that, but you will be able to network with them on the blogs and turn some into future clients for your business.