How to Enable Private Messaging in WordPress

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Private messaging wordpress

We’re able to send private messages through social networking sites and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp. It’s very useful as we can discuss various things and share files on one to one basis.

If you are running a multi-author blog, a private messaging feature will add more functionality to your system. Users can contact each other, share thoughts on their latest posts and beyond. Thus it improves the interaction between the members which is the base point of effective blogging management and brings users more closely.

In this post, we’ll show you how to enable private messaging in WordPress.

1. Front End PM

How to Enable Private Messaging in WordPress

Front End PM is a popular WordPress private message plugin to improve your user communications. It lets users contact each other from the front end beside the dashboard.

The plugin is customizable and admins can configure the message settings in several ways. They can send a public announcement to all users or specific roles and send a notification email to them. Members will be able to insert links and attach files up to the maximum number or size defined by the admins.

You can set how many messages a member can keep in his/her inbox per role basis to reduce the database size. Admins can view all private messages on the site and block others from sending, receiving messages as well.

How to Enable Private Messaging in WordPress

After installation, create a new page on your WordPress site and insert [front-end-pm] code in HTML editor. Publish the page to show the messaging system. Visit Front End PM > Settings to configure the plugin.

2. Private Messaging

How to Enable Private Messaging in WordPress

Private Messaging is a premium plugin for private communication within a WordPress site. It will work on both single and multi-site installations. So you can easily run a busy forum with hundreds of users or connect site owners in your multisite network and build a highly engaged community.

It will notify you on new message arrival via mail icon on the top toolbar and lets you access the inbox from anywhere on the site. Members can share files with other users and communicate safely without having to exchange contact details.

Admins are able to restrict features by user roles and monitor conversations to ensure they meet your user guidelines. Read receipt is another advantage of the plugin that helps you know when your message is read by the other party. As an admin, you can broadcast announcements to all users and create group conversations for discussing specific topics or issues.

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