The 6 Best Free Instagram Plugins for Your WordPress Website

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instagram plugins WordPress

Are you searching for best free plugins to display your Instagram photos on WordPress?

We’re using both WordPress and Instagram. So why can’t we divert blog readers to Instagram and increase the followers’ strength there?

In this post, we’ll show you 6 best free WordPress plugins to showcase your Instagram gallery and encourage visitors to follow you on the photo sharing site.

1. Instagram Feed

instagram plugins WordPress


Start with Instagram Feed. It is an awesome plugin to display Instagram photos from any non-private Instagram accounts in WordPress. You can show photos from multiple accounts either in a single feed or in different feeds.

Instagram Feed comes with an attractive, responsive layout and mobile ready optimization. The plugin is customizable in terms of width, height, number of photos, number of columns, image size, background color, image spacing and more. It allows you to insert photos into posts, pages, widgets using a short code.

Instagram Feed is a great tool to regularly update your readers with latest photos and increase the social media engagement.

2. Instagram Feed WD

instagram plugins WordPress

Instagram Feed WD is another tool to add responsive Instagram gallery in WordPress. It is user-friendly and easy to setup. The plugin lets you display Instagram social feeds, photos, video feed in posts and sidebar widgets.

The feed can be displayed from public Instagram accounts or based on hashtags. It uses 4 layouts for smaller and larger displays along with user meta data like bio, the number of posts and followers. You can create as many as Instagram feeds and they will be responsive, SEO-friendly too.

3. WP Instagram Widget

instagram plugins WordPress


WP Instagram Widget is a simple plugin exclusively for sidebar usage. It will help bloggers to showcase their latest Instagram pictures in the sidebar of the blog.

Just set your Instagram username, the number of photos to display, image size, link target, and link text. That’s it. The plugin is ready to use now.

4. Instagram Slider Widget

instagram plugins WordPress


Do you want to impress visitors with beautiful slider images? Here’s the solution. Instagram Slider Widget lets you show images from a public Instagram account or from a hashtag in slider or thumbnails.

As an admin, you can customize the image links, sort order, number of images and refreshing frequency. A slider widget can show 12 latest images from a user account or up to 18 images from a hashtag.

5. Feed them Social

instagram plugins WordPress

Feed Them Social is not just for Instagram users. It is a perfect tool to display photos and videos from your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Vine accounts as well.

The site owners can create an unlimited number of social feeds and insert them in posts, pages, and sidebar. Customize the feeds, font colors and let readers share your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter feeds among their followers.

6. AccessPress Instagram Feed

instagram plugins WordPress

AccessPress Instagram Feed is a simple plugin to display your Instagram post images in mosaic, slider layouts. It has an interactive user interface and delivers fully responsive, mobile optimized contents to the viewers.

There are three different modes for the feeds- Normal, Slider and Lightbox. It features 3 design layouts and you can use either a slider or shortcode to showcase images.

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