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Top 10 Best Security and Antivirus Apps to Protect Your Android

android security apps

Our Android becomes precious nowadays. We store almost everything- important documents, internet banking passwords, credit card details, private photos and more- in smartphones and tablets. Then what will do if you lost the device?

It is not an easy task to recover your companion from the hands of thieves. They will do everything to format, redesign and resell the product once they got. So it is very important to use proper security applications in your Android, well in advance, to avoid such terrible situations.

We should check the best apps available in the market for the purpose and analyze how they are protecting the device, what type of service they are offering etc.

These are the top 10 security applications available for Android-

1. Cerberus anti theft

Cerberus is a famous app to protect and recover your lost, misplaced or stolen Android device. It is a premium choice with a one-time payment of $ 4.78. Cerberus lets you locate and track the lost phone, lock it remotely by code, capture image of the thief etc.

These are the additional benefits if you installed Cerberus:

➜ Control the lost device by logging into the official website of cerberus or by text messages

➜ Get alerts if someone replacing SIM card in your phone, with a new number

➜ Wipe entire data, contact list

➜ Start loud alarm even in silent mode

➜ Get an image of the thief via email

➜ Get details of incoming and outgoing calls

➜ Complete uninstall protection

Drawback: No working in dual sim phones.

2. Wheres My Droid

This is another useful app. It is capable to track your lost phone using GPS feature and alert the handlers with customized messages.

Major benefits of Wheres My Droid:

➜ Take photos of thieves/new users

➜ Remotely lock and wipe entire information

➜ Get details of new sim card and phone, in case of sim change

➜ Password protection for apps

➜ Force phone to ring, vibrate, noise siren or activate camera flash when attention word is received.

➜ The app will upload photo to the official site, you can check it via link URL that you will receive by SMS.

3. Lookout Security & Antivirus

Lookout is one of the top security apps to locate and manage the phone. It offers multiple services like anti-virus, anti-theft and backup of photos and contacts.

Other noted benefits are:

➜ Get an email with photo and location of thefties

➜ Remotely lock and wipe the device

➜ Post a custom message to the screen, if the phone is missing

➜ Saves last location of the phone when the battery is low

➜ Make a loud sound even if the phone is in silent

4. Kaspersky Internet Security

The leader of computer antivirus is now on android too. I am using the app from the very beginning. It has great tools to find the device like locate (will track the phone on receipt of SMS command and will send the details to your mail id), take photos, SIM watch ( will send the new number and lock the device, if SIM card is replaced) and remote wipe (by SMS commands or via Kaspersky.com website).

5. CM SecurityAppLock &AntiVirus

CM Security is an incredible choice for finding viruses and stolen phone. It offers a wide range of services without any payment. You can locate the phone via GPS, lock and wipe all files and messages from the web, take a photo of anyone who is trying to break into phone and more with the app.

Other main benefits of CM Security :

➜ SIM card change alert with a new number

➜ Make a loud sound in times of misplacement and theft

➜ Pattern lock for applications

➜ Free with amazing features

6. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

ESET is doing good for scanning and tracking the phone. It lets you manage the stolen phone through the web interface of eset.com.

It holds the other following benefits:

➜ Keep track of the user activities if he entered wrong PIN/pattern several times or SIM card changed

➜ Take photos with front and back camera

➜ Flash message on the screen to get back the phone

➜ If the phone is in critical battery level, its current location will be sent to eset.com

➜ Find and save the IP addresses the missing phone was connected to

7. Prey Anti Theft

Prey is an easy, reliable security app with advanced anti-theft features.

Main benefits of Prey are:

➜ Locate the lost, stolen android using GPS and WiFi.

➜ Take photos of intruders with front and back cameras

➜ Remotely lock, wipe the device

➜ Show a customized alert message on the screen in times of theft

➜ SIM card change alert

➜ Control the device by SMS commands from any phone

➜ Make a loud alarm even if phone is put on silent

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8. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a powerful app with the features of anti-theft, malware scanner and app lock.

Main benefits are:

➜ Remote locate, lock and wipe the android

➜ Get a sound alert to detect phone’s location

➜ SIM card change alert

➜ Control through Bitdefender account or by SMS commands

9. 360 Security – Antivirus Free

360 Security is a brilliant app to meet your security concerns. It carries lots of advanced features like antivirus, phone cleaner, power saver, Anti-theft, contacts back up and many more. The app lets you locate, lock, alarm the lost phone and erase the contents in them. 360 Security is a good option for experienced as well as non-experienced users.

10. Dr.Web v.9 Anti-virus Life lic

Dr. Web offers comprehensive lifetime protection for all types of mobile devices. It is efficient to track the lost phone with the help of Google maps and to identify, address common security problems.

Other premium benefits are:

➜ Lock a device even after rebooting

➜ Remote wipe of data on the device and SD card

➜ Show customized message on the screen of the blocked phone

➜ SIM card change notifications to a list of numbers