How Social CRM can up your Social Media Marketing Campaigns?

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Social CRM

It is no hidden fact that social media has become an integral part of our lives! What began as a platform to communicate with our near and dear ones has greatly evolved since its inception and has turned out to be an extended arm of our daily life.

Be it shopping, checking your bank details or reviewing a pizza outlet, there is hardly a thing that social media can’t let us do. Most importantly, the social media bubble has taken the business landscape by a storm, since an increasing number of organizations are using it to drive customer loyalty and brand awareness.

This is the reason we are witnessing a steep rise in the popularity of a new marketing trend known as social CRM. Simply put, social CRM software is a fantastic tool that helps you integrate all your social media profiles or pages like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to your CRM system acting as an extended arm for your business.

Here’s how social CRM solution can spruce up your marketing campaigns:

Helps you learn and identify social behaviors of your audience

Social CRM greatly helps to track your customers’ online footprints thus, letting you identify their preferences, interests, likes/dislikes, etc. It is an excellent tool to figure out the type of content that your target audience prefers and/or what your prospects are looking for on the World Wide Web by keeping a track of their social posts, clicks, keywords used, shares, etc. This would greatly help you to come up with the right type of content that your audience prefers to consume. Eureka! Boost in online traffic.

Brings in quality leads

Simply put, the more number of prospects you reach on social media channels, better will be the quality of leads. Not to forget that broadening your social network will help drive brand reputation and one of the best ways to improve your social media marketing efforts is organic link building. It helps you reach out to your supporters, influencers, brand advocates, customers and leads the way they would prefer to.

Social CRM software can help you find out where your target audience is spending most of its time on social media platforms and why. Addressing their needs will definitely help you attract quality links thus, driving your SEO efforts as well.

Finds influencers for your brand

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Instead of targeting the whole set of audience, it is advisable to find the ones who can become brand advocates for you. Social CRM can help you keep a tab of all your social media pages/accounts, since your future influencer could be right under the nose waiting to be identified. Also, chances are quite high that your loyal customers could be the next brand advocates for you. Since you already are connected to them via social media, you can try approaching them as warm prospects waiting to be converted. Most importantly, you can leverage the same practice to identify popular influencers for your business. This enables you to identify the best from the rest as well as to connect with other popular social media influencers that can take your social media marketing campaign to next level.

Drives customer engagement

Engaging your brand advocates and customers over social media can drive a company’s brand loyalty greatly. As brands are increasingly turning out to be more human these days with the help of out of the box thinking, social media can be an excellent tool when it comes to ‘word of mouth’ marketing. Yes, you can talk to several folks at once and identify their needs/tastes. The audience, on the other hand, gets to see how proactive you are when it comes to grievances and redressal management, which is a key factor to retain customers today.

Social CRM software can double up your social media marketing efforts significantly whilst helping you keep your prospects as well as customers engaged.


With most of the leading CRM software vendors offering the quintessential module of social CRM, businesses are bombarded with a plethora of options to choose from. A good CRM vendor should help you integrate social CRM into your CRM system that is aligned with your marketing goals.

Nevertheless, implementing a social CRM tool won’t do the job, since you ought to be regular when it comes to social posts for customer engagement. Lastly, yet importantly, it is important to create a strong bridge connecting your marketing and sales team in order to fetch the most out of our social CRM investment.

About the Author:

Anwar Shaikh writes about enterprise technology and marketing software tools such as CRM, ERP, etc. A self-made writer, Anwar writes for Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of cost-effective social CRM software to small and mid-sized businesses in India.

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