The 7 Best Video Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Engagement

Best Video Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Engagement

Marketing trends are akin to the weather—they change dynamically, altering every moment to give way to the next best thing. However, some trends are here to stay—at least for the year 2024—and it is best to seize the moment.

Quality video content seems to be all the rage now: as per Statista, roughly 85% of people around the world watch online videos every day. Brands working in sync with digital marketing companies are aware of the fact that they need to leverage video marketing strategies for reeling in reach and engagement that is sustainable over a certain period of time.

As a rule of thumb, it is crucial to understand that marketing strategies, especially content-oriented ones, should never adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Choose strategies that suit your brand best, while keeping in mind what your audience prefers.

Video Content Marketing Strategies (2024 Guide)

Here are some content marketing strategies that might come in handy for you:

1. Utilize Video Marketing Analytics for Personalization

As per Wyzowl, more than 81% of audiences opine that brand videos hold the ability to urge them to complete a purchase. In order to achieve this effect, one needs to capitalize on individual tastes and relevance – something only an adept content marketing agency can do.

The first step for effective video marketing is to understand your demographic so that you can churn out customized content for them, which can bolster engagement and conversions.

Analytics play a significant role in this process, as it allows you to narrow down to an appropriate tone for your target audience. You should also make sure to use the right imagery and cultural references – for instance, making a video doused heavily in Gen Z slang will be quite lost on the Baby Boomer generation. Hence, the final frontier is to move towards absolute personalization.

2. Storytelling Moves the Masses

One might argue: what’s the ideal length for a video? Well, that is subjective to the social platform, really. YouTube videos work best when they hit the 10-minute mark, while an average Instagram video should be between 15 and 20 seconds.

Apart from keeping these durations in mind, it is best to take advantage of the stream/binge-watch phenomenon. Create a series of creative videos that keep your audience at the edge of their seat.

Another aspect to consider is to sync your transcription with your video to capture your audience’s attention.

Strong accents, mumbling, and background noises make your video and story hard to understand. Converting YouTube video transcription clears up confusion and conveys your message. Moreover, transcripts ensure your audience repeatedly listens to a particular section of audio content.

Your audience’s retention increases when they consume content in their preferred mode (text or video). And they’re likely to engage with content they can easily understand and comprehend.

3. Find Topics That Are Engaging and Nuanced

Utilize the wonders of 360-video, combined with an incredible topic that is creating a buzz in the said industry. For instance, you’re a high-end Japanese restaurant that wishes to increase footfalls and brand awareness. In order to achieve this end, you can create a neon-spangled video featuring flashy Japanese typography that chronicles the journey of Sake or Yakitori.

This would spark interest in the minds of multicuisine enthusiasts and food bloggers, urging them to visit the place and be a part of the unique experience. This stance can also be adopted for multifaceted industries that aim to promote a certain product/service.

4. Interaction Goes a Long Way

Best Video Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Engagement

Interactive videos are in vogue and have always been – incorporating cutting-edge features that allow you to interact directly with your audience. This creates a seamless experience of emotional connection and reliability, which are key ingredients for brand virality. Interactive features include:

  • Polls, quizzes, and opinions
  • Draggable and interactive 360-degree videos
  • Input forms for lead collection
  • Interactions that diverts to other videos/landing pages

5. Make Sure Your Videos are Accessible

In the game of viral one-upmanship on the internet, accessibility matters. 85% of individuals on Facebook watch videos without sound, as they partake in this activity while on the go, in-between breaks, on the subway, and so on.

In order to cater to this trend, it is a smart marketing move to include closed captions/subtitles beneath. This move is also greatly beneficial for the hearing impaired, hence widening the ambit of true inclusivity.

Moreover, take your video script seriously. Be crisp, poetic, engaging, and remember to not take yourself too seriously. Your audience is more likely to engage with content that is authentic and heartfelt – even if it is humor – and the best videos are those that hook in audiences within the first 3 seconds and keep them engaged right until the end.

6. Create Ripple Effects for In-Person Events

Event videos hold immense potential as one can easily reach a global audience with the aid of virality. This can be done in an effective manner with the help of Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and IGTV feeds.

One doesn’t require a high-end budget or cutting-edge photography skills to set up an event video. Instead, keep it authentic and clean: you can use a tripod or a hand-held camera for the same. The editing does not have to be artsy or over-the-top, as you can create an impact with basic, cut-to-cut edits as well.

7. Incorporate Expert Interviews and Educational How-To Videos

Whenever you need to highlight a topic that requires a  fair amount of critical exposition, it is best to bring in industry experts who are capable of explaining the matter in an in-depth and engaging manner.

Thought leaders and well-known exports help forge bonds of trust and authenticity with audiences and inspire viewership and retention. Apart from this, do leverage upon influencer marketing so as to highlight their point-of-view.

On the flipside, instructional videos can be utilized to educate audiences about a new concept, product, or project. Functional and foundational knowledge can be built upon with the help of this strategy, which audiences can benefit greatly from and connect better with your brand. This will lead to better problem-solving as videos are easier to grasp as opposed to documents of text that are cumbersome to read or follow.

Apart from these types of videos, one can also create beautifully animated videos that work wonders for concepts that are hard to grasp. Animated videos are best for capturing abstractions or intangible themes that are crucial to the audience’s understanding of the brand. For more in-depth explainers, opt for case studies and client testimonials.

In addition, hiring a professional video marketing strategist or using services from experienced product video production companies will save you time to focus on what you do best, and publish attractive and high quality product description videos that can result in higher conversion rates and reach thousands of potential customers. 

Thus, conquer 2024 with these trailblazing video content marketing strategies that are bound to work!

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