How to Post Recurring Tweets on Twitter (5 Ways)

How to Post Recurring Tweets on TwitterPin

Looking for the best ways to schedule recurring tweets on Twitter?

There are several Twitter marketing tools available that let you schedule and send tweets at a particular time. Find your target audience and update them with your latest posts at peak time to boost their social media reachability and traffic. Schedule your tweets, sit back, and relax. The app will do the rest.

Sometimes, you may need to send the same tweet multiple times at regular intervals. Let us check how it is possible to send recurring tweets on Twitter.

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Recurring Tweets on Twitter

There’re different ways to post recurring tweets on Twitter.

1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is our favorite tool for automating social media promotions. It lets you create, schedule campaigns for leading social channels at the best time to get maximum user engagements and clicks. As it handles the marketing part effectively, you can divert your mind to other productive tasks or content management.

Sign in to your Agorapulse dashboard (browser extension also available) and hit the orange color Publish button on the top-left pane. A new window will open with publishing tools and features. Select your Twitter profile first. Then you can type the tweet or insert a link on the post editing box. Once you finished these steps, post preview will appear on the right side.


If you are satisfied with the preview shows, click on any of the publishing options and tap the Next button. Now you will be asked whether to republish the contents regularly or not.

Enter how many times you want to send the recurring tweets on the selected profile and at what intervals. Don’t forget to hit the orange color button on the bottom-right corner again to confirm your changes.

2. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a popular, budget-friendly social media marketing tool for businesses. We use it for more than a year to promote content on leading networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

It allows you to schedule posts through the dashboard or using the official browser extension. Sign in to your account and enter a message or web link in the text box that you want to schedule on Twitter multiple times.

Choose your Twitter account from the right sidebar. Then, click the drop-down arrow of Add to queue button to view additional options. Click ‘Repeat posts’ to set recurring tweets on Twitter.

A window will appear where you can set dates and times for your recurring tweets. Once finished, hit the Schedule button to save and schedule.

3. SocialBee

SocialBee is a relatively new automation tool for promoting products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It comes with some exciting features like post categories, content recycling, schedule posts by expiry, RSS feed integration, and more.


It also allows you to create new posts through the account dashboard and browser extension. Once you reached the post creation screen, choose respective Twitter accounts from the top to send tweets.

Next, select post categories from the drop-down box to apply relevant settings.

Enter your message or post URL in the text box that you want to send as a tweet.


Scroll down to the bottom to schedule tweets multiple times. If your post is event-related, assign it an expiry date using the ‘Expire this post at a specific time and date’ option.

SocialBee lets you schedule tweets for up to 999 times. Put a tick mark on the ‘Expire this post after it was posted a number of times’ box and enter how many times you want to send this tweet.

Click the ‘Add Post’ button to save.


IFTTT is a popular web service to automate various things using the power of technology. We can use it for performing lots of tasks like education, travel, social media management, shopping, transportation, cloud storage, health tracking and so on.

Turn on this applet for sending recurring tweets from your Twitter account. Enter your tweet in the Tweet text box. Choose a time for the trigger to fire. Save the applet and you are done.

The tweet will be sent every day at the scheduled time.

5. DrumUp

DrumUp is an excellent tool for promoting your content across leading social sites. Unlike other common tools, it lets you send recurring posts at scheduled intervals and time.

Sign in to the site with your Twitter account and tap pencil icon from the right bottom corner to create a custom post. You will get a screen similar to the above screenshot.

Insert your post title, URL, hashtags if any, and set the publishing date, time for the tweet. Check Repeat post box to post it at periodic intervals. Type interval and frequency for the post. Choose your profile if you have added multiple accounts to it. Finally, click Schedule. The tweet will appear on your timeline as per the schedule without any further intervention from your side.

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