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Essential Mac Apps: 10 Must Have Apps for Mac (2017 Edition)

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essential mac apps

Mac is stylish and elegant. But it won’t be perfect without using dedicated applications for better functionality and smooth user experience.

Here are 10 essential programs for a Mac device. Some of them are designed for professionals, while some others are ideal for entrepreneurs. However they offer unforgettable user experience to all of us.

Logic Pro X let you compose songs without any professional knowledge, Affinity Photo will help you in editing pictures and so on.

1. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a high quality photo editing app for Mac. It will amaze you in many ways and bring advanced tools to edit, resize and beautify images without affecting quality.

Similar applications: LightRoom 5 , Fotor , Pixelmator 

Best fit for: Photographers


2. Airmail

Airmail is a powerful mail client which supports major email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, iCloud, IMAP, POP3,, MS Exchange etc.

Users can add unlimited email accounts and can check them in unfied inbox. It supports Google Drive, Dropbox attachments and you can enjoy all features of native mail applications here.

Similar application: Unibox

Best fit for: All


3. F.lux

F.lux will change brightness of the screen automatically. It just need your geographical location and preferred light for day, sunset and night times. The app will change screen color according to different times of the day.

Best fit for: All


4. Day One

Day One is a world class application with amazing writing experience. It has a clean interface for texts, able to set writing reminders and can be secured with passcords. Automatic backups and social media sharing are some other advantages.

Best fit for: Writers


5. Logic Pro X

It is one of the best app available for composing songs. Logic Pro’s sophisticated tools allow you to compose, edit and mix songs easily. It’s supported by wide range of plugins and over 1500 sound effects are included in the library.

Similar application: MainStage3

Best fit for: Musicians


6. Adium

This is a popular application among chat lovers. It allows you to combine all accounts such as Facebook chat, Google Chat, AIM, Yahoo messenger, emails in a single place. After signing in, in Adium, you can chat with any friends irrespective of the accounts.

Best fit for: Professionals


7. 1Password

We all have several online accounts and it is very difficult to remember passwords for all of them. 1password will help yo to create secure passwords for all sites and remembers them.

In addition to website passwords, It will store our credit card, bank account details, documents, images, website security questions and answers etc. We can secure all information with a single master password.

Best fit for: All


8. Magician

It helps you to speedup Mac in all possible ways. With one click scan, it will find out and remove viruses, trojans, duplicates, caches, hidden files in the system.

Similar application: Disk Doctor 

Best fit for: All


9. Banktivity 5

This is all in one banking application where you can add details of bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages and other investments.

By tracking all savings, iBank let you to prepare budgets for any event. It is connected with more than 10,000 banks around the world and will download latest transactions without any delay. Moreover than that, users can pay bills, send cheques, schedule payments with this money management application.

Best fit for: Entrepreneurs


10. Hourly News

This is simple but powerful application to know the breaking news. Hourly News is integrated with major news networks around the world such as BBC, WSJ, ABC, CBC, ESPN, Bloomberg, Fox News etc. It will show latest news in Mac menu bar with 1 click. You can subscribe to other feeds too.

Best fit for: All


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  • So you are recommending 1Password as a password manager tools. Any special reasons behind that?

    • Hi Anzil,

      I am using 1Password for a long time and impressed with its features and quality. As you know, it is the most popular password manager for Mac systems with over 6k ratings. Are you using any other similar tool?

      • Yes, using LastPass and now just moved to Sticky Password.

  • Lukhi Diamond

    your info is quite helpful to forever.Amazing write-up.Thanks!!