12 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools to Improve Your Writing

Best Online Grammar Checker Tools to Improve Your Writing

Quality is the key factor in determining your content traffic and growing the blog. A post with grammatical and spelling mistakes will create a negative impact among the readers, as you know. It will also affect your online reputation and the chance of getting new opportunities.

Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. From the famous book authors to digital marketers, fix their writing through proofreading. It helps them to correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and thereby improve their contents.

Before publishing your post, make sure that it is error-free. Detect your mistakes that affect the flow of reading and rectify them to improve your writing. Proofreading is a common method to do all these things. If you want to simplify or automate the tasks, use online grammar checker tools to correct texts as you type.

There are several free and premium online grammar checker tools on the web. They will help you in correcting grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and craft a better post in minutes.

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Best Online Grammar Checker Tools 2024

Today, we list the 12 best free online grammar checker and punctuation checker tools in this post. Enter your text to compare it against common grammar rules, spelling, and phrases in the English language.

1. Grammarly


Grammarly is one of the best online grammar checker tools with premium quality features. It is an essential tool for writers to polish their content and gain more followers.

It reads your texts and lets you know about grammar as well as spelling mistakes in real time. Whether you are preparing an important message in Gmail or writing a WordPress post, Grammarly will be there to assist you in writing. It works across websites and online projects through browser extensions, apps, and keyboard.

The app also allows you to correct and save the document for future reference. Create your Grammarly account to proofread your file from the website dashboard and access it anytime by signing in.

Grammarly is a freemium grammar checker. Its premium subscription is useful to unlock a bunch of additional tools like advanced checkers, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, plagiarism detector, etc. The price starts at $11.66/month for the annual plan.

Visit Grammarly

2. Ginger

Ginger English

Ginger is a free grammar checker and translator. It is clean and easy to use. It will correct your grammar, spelling mistakes, and replace the misused words in any sentence with the correct ones automatically.

Smart word prediction is another advantage of Ginger software. It will analyze your texts and predicts the next word as you’re typing to reduce your efforts and improve the productivity level.

This all-rounder software comes with a powerful dictionary, sentence repharser, translator, and a personal trainer to enhance your English writing skills. It has dedicated apps for different platforms and browser extensions to access proofreading tools anywhere you want.

Visit Ginger

3. QuillBot


QuillBot is another powerful writing assistant for web publishers. It helps you create high quality content easily by fixing spelling errors and grammar mistakes.

Their Paraphraser tool is very useful for everyone from students to marketers as it can rewrite articles according to your needs in different languages not just English. QuillBot also includes a built-in translator to translate texts across 30+ global languages, so you can connect with more people and prepare marketing copies even in unfamiliar languages.

Plagiarism checker is another advantage. It can check documents in more than 100 languages to ensure their authenticity and generate accurate reports in real-time. QuillBot has separate extensions for Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and MacOs.

Visit QuillBot

4. ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is a grammar and plagiarism checker for professionals. From start to end, it will guide you in each step of writing to craft a grammatically perfect content.

It will analyze your texts and search for grammar and spelling mistakes, repeated and vague wordings, passive voice, complicated sentences, and other common mistakes writers make.

Want to enable grammar checker in Microsoft Office projects? It’s also possible, and you can use ProWriting Aid with MS Word, Google Docs, Chrome etc.

Visit ProWritingAid

5. Microsoft Editor

Microsoft Editor

Microsoft Editor is a free online grammar checker to improve your writing on office document apps and web browsers. It automatically scan your texts, highlight mistakes, and suggest words to replace them.

You will get basic writing guidance in over 20 languages and spelling suggestions in 80 languages with the app. The Editor works on Windows and Mac devices. It has separate extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

6. Reverso


Reverso is a free proofreading tool for writers. It will check spelling and grammar in your texts online.

Planning to convert your texts to another language in which you are not comfortable? Reverso has a built-in translator to translate your content into 13 languages.

There is a complete dictionary to find a word or synonym which can express your thoughts better. Use Reverso either online or through iOS, Android apps, and Chrome extension.

7. Hemingway App

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is a popular Grammarly alternative to check grammatical mistakes and improve your content quality. Visit the website and enter your text in the editor. It will highlight your errors in different colors. A red highlight indicates that your sentence is too complicated, and the yellow mark shows that it’s lengthy.

This app is very easy to use. Hemingway can also detect passive voice in your sentence, so you can change it to direct sentences in quick moments. This is a useful app for beginners to get a clear picture of their content with its readability grade and a brief report.

8. Language Tool

Online Grammar Checker

Language Tool is another grammar and punctuation checker. Not only English, but it also supports 27 languages at this moment.

The free version has 20,000 character limits per check. The premium subscription lets you extend the limits and uncover advanced features to empower your proofreading tasks. It can work with MS Office, Google Docs, LibreOffice, and many other programs to identify your common writing errors.

9. Writer


Writer is a free Grammarly alternative to proofread English texts. It will scan your content and point out misspelled words, punctuation errors, and other mistakes in them.

Click a highlighted word to check issues, and replace it with the suggested word in one-click. Powered by AI technology, Writer uses real user data to understand audience’s interests in each industry. Follow its suggestions to create error-free content that your readers will love.

Writer is customizable to adopt your own writing styles and brand guidelines. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word.

10. Zoho Writer


Zoho Writer is a free online editor with a built-in grammar and spell checker. It proofreads your texts using advanced machine learning technology and runs over 25 tests to improve clarity. 

Clean and elegant interface. Similar to Google Docs, it allows you to insert images, tables, and others within the content. Take a look at mistakes and replace them with suggested words to craft a high-quality content for your business or blog. 

11. PaperRater


PaperRater is another free online proofreader for writers. It checks your texts against grammar and spelling mistakes, plagiarism, and vocabulary usage in real-time. 

If you are using Microsoft Word or a similar software to create content, upload it to PaperRater for proofreading. It is fast and leaves accurate suggestions to fine tune texts.

12. Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker is a powerful Grammarly alternative for web publishers. It checks texts for grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and punctuation issues. 

Review suggestions to eliminate mistakes and create a professional-quality content. It will also help you to build a strong network of loyal readers and attract regular traffic. Dupli Checker has a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure that your content is unique. It supports different file formats to upload and check.

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6 thoughts on “12 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools to Improve Your Writing”

    1. Hello Ryan,

      ?LOL. Really funny. Then, think about me. I am not good at English. That’s why I started using Grammarly like tools to improve the writing. But still, there are grammatical mistakes in my posts. ? I am trying to rectify them gradually and grow myself.

    1. Hello Ryan,

      ?LOL. Really funny. Then, think about me. I am not good at English. That’s why I started using Grammarly like tools to improve the writing. But still, there are grammatical mistakes in my posts. ? I am trying to rectify them gradually and grow myself.

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