What is Semrush? Is It Worth to Invest in 2024?

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What is Semrush

Semrush is our favorite SEO tool for keyword research, competitor analysis, and much more. It helps us to detect new growth opportunities and optimize contents in the exact way to bring more traffic from search engines.

There are many other softwares on the market that offer similar services but no one can doubt that Semrush is far better than them. It has the potential to do whatever it takes to improve your business, such as finding more profitable, less competitive keywords, providing guidance on how to use them properly, scrutinizing competitors’ tactics, etc.

As a website owner, you may have used Semrush at least once in the journey so should be familiar with all of these things. So you have a clear idea of how to use it to improve your organic traffic, build backlinks, fix website issues, and others. Right?

Semrush has recently refreshed its design to make it visually appealing. The company has updated the logo and added more features to enables you to meet new SEO challenges. A couple of new integrations are also introduced to simplify your content optimization and boost earnings.

These changes did not happen overnight. Semrush experts have conducted many months of market research and made frequent interactions with influencers around the world to collect their ideas. Improved search algorithms to give you more accurate and in-depth data across the bundles.

Today, I am going to analyze Semrush’s latest updates and check whether it is worth investing in 2024.

What is Semrush?


Semrush is an all-in-one toolkit to get competitive solutions for SEO, content marketing, link building, and many others. Founded in 2008, they have a huge collection of keywords and domains data to update users with the latest information and thereby help them to dominate the niche market.

No online business can completely avoid Semrush. It helps them find right opportunities, monitor competitor’s marketing strategies, build high-authority backlinks, optimize, and promote products or contents among the target audience. Nothing is impossible for Semrush, which offers endless possibilities from search engine optimization through digital marketing to traffic generation.

Semrush has changed a lot in the last two-three years. Design improved, database storage increased, and so on. Earlier, they had 2 billion keywords data, but now it is 20 billion. Almost a tenfold increase. In terms of domain data, the figures increased from 419 million to 825 million. With new additions, Semrush has strengthened its leadership of marketing tools in every sense.

It is no coincidence that more than 7 million customers regularly rely on Semrush for collecting data to improve their business. If you are visiting our blog for the first time, don’t forget to read our in-depth Semrush review here.

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Semrush 2020 Updates

As mentioned above, Semrush has now changed drastically. Let’s take a look at some of the recent changes that occurred in the platform,

1. Beautiful interface

The old interface of Semrush was not so attractive. Its only drawback was that it looked outdated while still being better than other SEO tools. But now the situation is changed.  Semrush’s new design is trendy and stunning.

Here it is,


On the top-left, you can view Semrush’s new logo. They have modified the former fireball logo over time to make it more elegant. It symbolizes the burning potential of search engine optimization and marketing.

The new dashboard has a clean and addicting look. It encourages you to spend more time on the platform without feeling bored and fetch various information you need to manage campaigns.

The navigation bar contains links to Semrush market place, resources, and new toolkits like ImpactHero (content marketing), Prowly (Public relations), etc. On the left pane, you have links to all Semrush toolkits as usual. The quick shortcuts are also available prior to the search box (on the main screen) to open relevant tools in quick moments.

2. Analyze domains and traffic


Semrush‘s Domain Overview tool is perfect to collect A to Z information about any domain. They include organic keywords, traffic trends, ranking positions, PPC strategies, backlinks, and much more.

By default, it will display metrics on a global (Worldwide) level. Choose a country on the top to get country-wise details. Change the device type to view mobile-related metrics and know how your domain performs on smartphones and tabs.

There are two new tabs are added- Growth report and Compare by countries. The first tool allows you to analyze your domain’s performance for a particular period, up to last 10 years. The second one is useful to compare its performance by countries.


Discover new content opportunities using Semrush’s brand new Keyword Gap tool. Compare your domain with that of competitors to find out which keywords they rank but you are not or weak in the positions.

Semrush will display opportunities in different sections such as missing, weak, and utapped keywords. Export them as an Excel file or send to the Keyword Manager to create SEO-friendly content and monitor them in a systematic manner. In the same way, you can detect new backlink opportunities also. Switch to the Backlink Gap tool and compare domains uncover top-authority backlinks your rivals have but you are missing.

Head to Link Building > Backlink Analytics to make a detailed analysis or your competitor’s backlinks. It will cover all information you need like referring domains, backlink types, link attributes, and more.

Finding top countries and top pages is another advantage so you can easily unmask the main countries from where your opponents get the most links and what are their main pages based on the number of backlinks they have. Evaluate each such page and try to create a better content on your site using Semrush’s SEO content template and on-page SEO checker. Then, contact your rival’s referring pages to explore new link building opportunities.

4. Get Full keyword metrics


Semrush will show global search volume for each keyword along with country-wise search queries on the top. By default, it assumes that the United States is your target location and provides KD, CPC metrics accordingly. If your target location is different, don’t forget to change it on the top.

On the right side, a graph will appear to indicate organic search trends for the keyword. If it is growing, the topic is safe to focus. Semrush will display keywords in different sections such as keyword variations, questions, and related keywords.

There is no need to open those sections one by one. Click the view all button (under keyword variations) to analyze all matching keywords using Semrush’s powerful Keyword Magic tool. Read How to Find Best Paying AdSense Keywords with Semrush.

Scroll-down to locate SERP analysis and view web pages which are ranking in the top 100 positions in Google search results. The metrics contain referring domains, backlinks, search traffic, and keywords for each page that guide you about the level of competition involved in. On the top, a bulk analysis tab is added in the new interface. Enter up to 100 keywords at a time to analyze them in bulk and save your time.

find toxic backlinks

Semrush’s another interesting feature is Backlink Audit. There are two types of backlinks- good backlinks and bad backlinks. Good backlinks help you to rank higher in organic search results abd bad backlinks deterior your rankings. So it is very essential to monitor your link profile and remove harmful backlinks as early as possible.

The backlink database of Semrush is really huge and contains nearly 40 trillion backlinks till the time of this writing. They update data frequently to give you a clear picture of your backlink profile. It will automatically analyze your links and send weekly email notifications with the steps to be taken to improve your content’s online visibility or to avoid Google penalty risks.

Read How to Remove Toxic Backlinks that Hurt Your Search Engine Rankings

6. Track your ranking positions


Semrush‘s Position Tracking tool is the right choice to keep an eye on your custom keywords and track variations along with the SERP features. It is recently updated with the Share of Voice (SoV) metric that shows traffic percentage of your website for tracked keywords.

The visibility index shows your site’s overall visibility percentage for all keywords in the current project. It is accompanied by estimated traffic you receive for them, average SERP position, and ranking distributions.

Sometimes, you may have multiple pages that are targetting the same keyword. As a result of that, search engines will either exclude both pages from ranking or choose a wrong page to appear in SERPs. Switch to the Cannibalization report, to find such pages on your site and optimize them with different keywords.

7. Find and fix your SEO issues


Semrush automatically scan your websites to uncover issues relating to crawlability, markup, and page performance. Find and fix SEO mistakes that may affect your search engine rankings.

The Site Audit can help you to detect various things on your site including the following,

  • Duplicate title tags
  • Broken links
  • Broken images
  • Slow speed pages
  • Robot.txt file issues
  • Sitemap issues
  • Pages without meta descriptions
  • Pages having low text-HTML ratio
  • Not found pages
  • Redirected pages
  • Much more

Fix these things at the earliest to improve your site’s health and boost content visibility. Open Crawled Pages tab to get status about all your pages and optimize them one by one to skyrocket their rankings.

8. Improve your local SEO


Submit your business details to popular online directories through the Listing Management tool on Semrush. They have recently extended the list by adding more countries and directories to their database.

Listing Management is a powerful option to boost your local SEO and maximize the business reachability. Semrush’s Local SEO bundle also allows you to track your ranking positions in Google Maps for up to five keywords on your target location.

Review Management is another useful tool that lets you respond to the user reviews on Google My Business and Facebook directly from the interface.

9. Create SEO-friendly content easily


Semrush’s Content Marketing Toolkit is my favorite place to get new content ideas and convert them into SEO-friendly articles. Enter your target keywords and Semrush will instantly dig into their database to show contents matching your request.

Click each card to view its Keyword Difficulty, search volume, and related questions. On the top-right corner, there are options to collect more topic ideas and schedule the task. Choose ‘Create SEO template’ option to get suggestions regarding related keywords, backlink sources, etc.

The Content Marketing bundle is packed many exciting tools like SEO Writing Assistant, Position Tracking, and Content Audit. They help you to create audience-loving contents, track their ranking positions, and optimize them to earn more page visits.

10. Order professional-quality articles to save time


The Content Marketplace is another part where you will see major improvements these days. It is already famous for creating high-quality articles that can drive massive traffic to your site. Now it’s updated with copywriting services such as email newsletter, product description, ebook, press release, etc to save your time again.

Starting at just $20, it is a great place to get compelling contents and increase your traffic or sales in an efficient manner. If you want to save extra money, go with their subscription services to avail up to 20% off on your work orders.

11. Improvements in competitor analysis


Spy on your competitors to discover their top traffic sources, main traffic locations, and top pages. Last year, Semrush updated their traffic estimation algorithm and enabled subdomain level analysis to deliver exact information about audiences.

Compare multiple domains including yours to identify their common and unique audiences. Analyze your audience’s interests and browsing behavior to discover new opportunities relating to ad placements, partnerships, etc.

The Traffic Journey report shows which websites people visit before and after they visited your domain. Take efforts to redirect them to your internal pages rather than sending them to exernal websites. It will ultimately help you to reduce the bounce rate and improve revenue.

The new Market Explorer helps you understand the market share of an analyzed domain (for all top countries), its traffic generation strategies and the key players in the industry with the Share of Visits they generate.

Open Benchmarking to compare a domain with other similar websites to view their traffic insights, referral channels, and audience characteristics. If you want to create a custom market to monitor their dynamics, click ‘Create Custom Market’ button and enter up to  domains to start analyzing.

12. Create and manage social media posts

Semrush social media poster

There are many social media marketing tools available to help you automate promotions and manage accounts. Semrush is one of them. They have added many new features recently and made it better.

With Semrush, you can easily schedule social media posts, analyze the growth performance of accounts and create ads for various social sites. Monitor your ad performance and optimize them directly from the tool to generate more impressions or clicks. It has a user-friendly interface to design ads with step by step instructions and targetting options. If you want to drive deep in to Semrush’s Social Media bundle, read this post.

Other Semrush 2020 updates

Semrush has launched a couple of additional tools to nurture your marketing strategies and take the business to new heights.

Some of them are,

1. Find new clients and customize reports with Agency Growth Kit


If you are running an agency business, this tool is for you. Pass the Semrush for Agencies exam to learn new things and get listed among expert agencies around the globe. Semrush will display your listing in the appropriate sections to collect leads from any number of clients.

Get access to advanced reporting tools to generate customizable reports, add logos, and white label them as you need. It also allows you to add unlimited clients and manage their various projects from one place using the new Client Manager tool.

2. Sell more Amazon products with Sellerly


Sellerly is an all-rounder tool for Amazon sellers to maximize product reachability and boost sales. It ships with auditing, monitoring, split-testing, and analytics tools to get valuable insights on each part and leverage business.

Sellerly will check your listing to ensure that it meets Amazon guidelines and optimize it to improve visibility. It can monitor listings for unlimited products and send instant notifications for postion changes, losing the buybox, and more.

Competitor analysis is another part that lets you spy on opponent’s strategies to know how they promote items. Scale your marketing plans accordingly and find the best traffic channels to reach customers at large.

3. Create viral social campaigns with Prowly


Prowly, acquired by Semrush in 2020, is a powerful PR software for businesses. It is ideal to create converting press releases, find new media opportunities and reach maximum audience through viral marketing campaigns. Trusted by thousands of companies, it is a great tool to spread awareness about your brand and expand the market.

4. Improve your ranking chances with Yoast SEO + Semrush integration


Semrush is now partnered with Yoast SEO, the popular SEO plugin for WordPress. Yoast users having a free or premium Semrush account will see more related keywords in the post editor based on their focus keyword.

Open the Related keyphrases section on Yoast’s on-page settings and enter your target location. Then, it will show related keywords with useful metrics like search volume and search trends. Add them in one-click and make necessary modifications in the content to bring traffic from all matching queries.

Semrush Pricing

Semrush has three subscription plans: Pro, Guru, and Business.


  • Starts at $108.33/mo
  • 10,000 results per report
  • 3,000 reports per day
  • No historical data
  • No product listing ads data
  • 5 website projects
  • 500 keywords to track (position tracking)
  • No Share of Voice metric
  • No keyword cannibalization report
  • No access to content marketing platform


  • Starts at $208.33/mo
  • 30,000 results per report
  • 5,000 reports per day
  • Historical data
  • No product listing ads data
  • 15 website projects
  • 1500 keywords to track (position tracking)
  • No Share of Voice metric
  • Keyword cannibalization report
  • Access to content marketing platform


  • Starts at $416.66/mo
  • 50,000 results per report
  • 10,000 reports per day
  • Historical data
  • Product listing ads data
  • 40 website projects
  • 5000 keywords to track (position tracking)
  • Share of Voice metric
  • Keyword cannibalization report
  • Access to content marketing platform

Choose a subscription plan based on your budget and requirements. If you would like to make a deep analysis of plans, read this post.

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Final thoughts

Semrush is an irreplaceable tool for discovering new opportunities, enhancing existing content and strengthening marketing strategies. It also allows you to troubleshoot SEO issues on websites and thereby improve your ranking positions. From competitor analysis to social media marketing, it offers most comprehensive solutions to skyrocket your traffic and earnings.

There is no doubt that recent changes and additions to the platform will give you a clearer direction in digital marketing. Through listing management and client manager tools you can reach more customers and thereby generate more revenue.

Semrush has also focused on updating the search algorithm over time and expanding the database collection. Now it will be easy for you to collect more accurate data across the tools and manage campaigns seamlessly.

It can be seen that there is no significant difference in price compared to the latest updates. New tools or features have been added to each bundle or the database has been improved to provide more information. These changes will help your business grow in every sense. So you can confidently invest in Semrush even in 2024. You can conquer heights in business if you make the best use of its infinite possibilities.

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