How to Find Best Paying AdSense Keywords with Semrush

How to Find Best Paying AdSense Keywords with Semrush

Are you a Google AdSense publisher? Looking for high-paying AdSense keywords to create content and increase your earnings?

If so, you’ve reached the right place.

Google AdSense is the main income stream for many websites. It will help you to make money easily without selling any products and services. Create your AdSense account, get approval, and place ads to earn with each user clicks or impressions.

If you are not getting AdSense approval, go with other similar CPC ad networks like, Adversal, etc. All of them work on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis and pay you as per the keyword value, user’s browsing history, and ad types.

So what should you do first in order to increase AdSense earnings?

Find high-paying keywords. Write about them to increase your traffic and AdSense income.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to find the best-paying AdSense keywords with Semrush.

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Why Semrush?


Semrush is the #1 SEO tool for websites with keyword research, traffic analytics, backlink audit, and SERP tracking abilities. It is easy to use and most popular in this category.

You may find several keyword research tools on the web. Semrush is the best of them. It provides the most accurate and real-time keyword data than others. So it will be easy for you to keep an eye on the latest search trends and develop content accordingly.

Content audit is another major feature of Semrush. It will analyze your articles and guide you with step-by-step instructions to improve their search engine rankings.

Semrush can also spy on your competitors to detect their organic keywords, link building, and advertisement strategies. Create SEO-friendly posts with low-competition keywords and build backlinks to outrank your competitors in SERPs.

From keyword research to SEO audit to traffic analytics, Semrush is the perfect tool for all your needs. If you are serious about making money from the website, Semrush should be your first choice to manage SEO activities and grow your business.

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Finding the Best Paying AdSense Keywords with Semrush

How do you find the top-paying AdSense keywords? Are you sure that such keywords will help you earn a huge income per month? Semrush has answers to all these questions.

Follow these steps to perform keyword research and get profitable content ideas with Semrush.

1. Search for AdSense keywords

Sign in to your Semrush dashboard first. Alternatively, use the below-given search box to find trending opportunities in your niche.

Enter a keyword like affiliate marketing, best WordPress themes, etc, and hit the search icon to begin.

Semrush will search in the database and returns results with the search queries that contain your keyword. It will organize results in different sections such as keyword variations, questions, and related keywords.

Keyword variations showcase unlimited variations of your seed keyword or phrase. People will often raise questions like which is the best SEO tool, who is Jeff Bezos, etc in search engines. Semrush will collect such frequently asked questions for your keyword and show them in the questions section. Related keywords is another part to find similar keywords that you are most likely to rank.

Semrush will also run a SERP analysis of your keyword and display the top 100 pages in the result. Visit the top 10 ranking pages to know how they handled the topic and develop better content accordingly.

For instance, let us search for ‘insurance’ related content ideas. The keyword ‘insurance’ is also highly competitive and expensive. It will generate results like this,

Semrush keyword research

The keyword has a global search volume of 847.4k per month. The high CPC rate makes it one of the expensive keywords to build a niche website around the topic. Since advertisers pay around $20 for clicks on insurance-related ads, you can earn huge from pages having similar keywords.

Scroll down to see all keywords that match your query.

SEMrush keyword analysis

As I said earlier, the report is divided into three sections. Click the view all button to explore the results.

It will open Semrush’s Keyword Magic tool in a new screen like this,

SEMrush keyword magic

Each keyword will appear along with its monthly search volume, search trends, keyword difficulty, CPC rate, and the number of webpages having the keyword.

Semrush will also help you to quickly filter results by niche. Choose a keyword from the left side box to eliminate keywords that are not applicable to you. If you are searching for ‘insurance’, it will show second-level niches such as health, auto, life, etc in the box. Select one of them to view relevant keywords.

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2. Find top paying keywords from results

Now you need to find out the high paying keywords to boost Google AdSense earnings. Click advanced filters from the top of the Keyword Magic tool.

SEMrush keyword magic tool

It allows you to filter keywords by search volume, Keyword Difficulty, CPC, etc. Let us check only those keywords which have a 5 or higher CPC rate. Under CPC, enter ‘5’ on the ‘From’ field and apply filters. Then, Semrush will remove low-paying keywords from the results and show profitable keyword variations of your search query.

best paying adsense keywords SEMrush

Click the CPC column header to sort keywords by their value. In the above table, the keyword ‘IBM insurance data model’ appears at the top as it has the highest CPC rate ($592) among the insurance-related keywords. Its monthly search volume is 10 and competitive density is 0.19. So you can easily rank for this keyword.

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3. Add more filters to find easily rankable keywords

Keyword difficulty is a major factor you should consider while researching keywords. If the difficulty level is above 60, it will be difficult for you to rank in that keyword. The keywords with the difficulty of 0-39 are considered as easy to rank and KD with 40-59 are likely to rank.

Click the advanced filters again to detect low competitive keywords with a high monthly search volume.

Enter ’30’ as the minimum search volume and ’40’ as the maximum keyword difficulty. It will generate results like this,

Top paying adsense keywords

People search for these keywords at least 30 per month. Their KD is less than 40 which may also generate $5 or higher for each user clicks. They are useful to bring steady visits from search queries and boost your Google AdSense earnings significantly.

Click the export option to download your keywords in a CSV format.

Tap the Questions tab on the top to view frequently asked questions having the same keyword. It will show the most profitable questions in your category.

Don’t forget to update your advanced filters if you are getting empty results.

high paying questions SEMrush

Create a separate FAQ section in your posts to add these questions and get more page visits.

Select all keywords that you want to utilize and tap the ‘Add to keyword manager’ button in the top-right corner. Assign a name to your list. Keyword Manager is a unique feature of Semrush to save your keywords in a list and track their metrics as well as positions in a better way.

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Are you using any other tools to detect profitable AdSense keywords? Let us know through comments.


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