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The 9 Simple Gmail Tips Every Internet User should Know

Gmail tips tricks

How to change the appearance of your Gmail account?

How to insert pictures in Gmail messages?

Is your email disappearing from the inbox after you responding to it?

In this post, you will get answers to all these questions and others.

Gmail is a simple and powerful email service from Google. You can customize various parts of it by exploring through the settings. We covered a detailed post on Gmail tips some months back. Now we will provide you some simple additional tips to resolve common issues and unlock hidden features on Gmail. Feel free to share your feedback, queries through comments.

1. Appearance

Gmail lets you adjust the display density of emails according to the device types. If you are using a large screen device like computer or laptop, opt for the comfortable view. The compact display is ideal for small screen devices including smartphones and tablets. To manage your display density, click the gear button on the top right side of your Gmail window. Set your density type and see which one works best for you.

Click the same gear button and choose themes from the drop-down menu, to assign and manage background themes for your account.

A new window will open with preloaded themes and options to set own photos in the background. Scroll down to find out a theme that matches your interests. Click My Photos button in the bottom right corner to upload a photo from your computer, paste an image URL, choose from your media library or select a featured image as your email background.

Go back to the previous screen and hit text background button to assign either a light or dark background for your messages. Adjust vignette, blur settings for the image if needed.

2. Change your language, phone number format and no. of conversations per page

English is the default language of our emails. To change it to any other language, open Gmail settings and set your language under the General tab.

Gmail tips

By default, Gmail shows phone numbers along with your country code. Set your country to change or personalize your number format.

Increase or decrease the number of conversations, contacts to be shown per page in the following settings.

3. Text style

Choose your font type, size, and color for your outgoing messages. The relevant option is available under Settings > General > Default text style.

4. My email disappears from the inbox after responding to it

I came across this issue in recent days. My email was automatically disappearing from the inbox after responding to it. I have to visit sent mail folder each time to recollect those emails. Later I came to know that a Gmail setting actually causing the issue.

Open your Gmail settings and locate Send and Archive option under the General tab.

Send & Archive button allows you to send and archive emails at the same time. It means emails will disappear from your inbox after responding to it. Hide the button to keep your original emails in the inbox even after replying.

5. Desktop notifications

Get real-time alerts on your incoming emails. Turn on it for all mails or only when an important message arrives in your inbox. The option is available under the General tab of Gmail settings > Desktop Notifications.

6. Show or hide email preview

Gmail automatically shows snippets of your incoming messages. You can hide previews and show just subjects for the emails. The option is available in the same General tab > Snippets > Show Snippets/No Snippets.

7. Manage your left sidebar

Gmail shows various labels in the left sidebar to easily locate your emails across different categories. You can hide unwanted items from them for a clean look. Open the Settings, tap Labels menu to hide non-using labels from the sidebar.

8. Prepare to-do lists

Convert your emails into organized lists. Drag is a simple Chrome extension that allows you to transform and divide your emails into To Do, Doing and Done lists. It is easy to use and works with drag and drop feature.

Do you want to get a complete list of Gmail tools? Read this post for more details.

9. Manage your emails in a single click

Gmail tips

Open any email message. Click the drop-down arrow on the right side of the window. A small box will open with options to start chat with the sender, filter, print message, block the sender, and report message as spam or phishing. Tap Show Original to get the message origin and path. Choose the last option Mark unread from here to keep the message as fresh and untouched in your inbox.

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