MilesWeb Review: Is this NVMe Hosting Any Good? [80% off]

MilesWeb Review

Looking for MilesWeb reviews? MilesWeb is a popular Bluehost alternative for cheap web hosting. Today, we’re going to analyze MilesWeb features, pros and cons, and various hosting plans to check if it is suitable for your needs.

Finding a good web host is an essential part of launching your online business or blog. A website will help you to establish an online identity and reach a large group of audience easily.

Start with a perfect domain name. If you have no ideas about crafting a domain, read this post to generate a successful name for your website. Once you finalized and registered a business name, it should host somewhere.

Not somewhere actually. The hosting provider is the base of any website and mainly responsible for its speed and performance. So we should choose a fast, reliable hosting service who can serve pages faster with more than 99% uptime and optimize them whenever needed.

Today we’ll tell you how to start a website with MilesWeb and save 80% in their hosting plans.

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Why MilesWeb?


MilesWeb is a fast and budget friendly web hosting service. Founded in 2012, they host more than 1 million domains across various hosting types -from shared hosting to dedicated server type.

Powered by SSD NVMe technology and LiteSpeed caching, you can serve content faster and smoother than you imagine. MilesWeb’s optimized WordPress servers and solid infrastructure ensures matchless browsing experience irrespective of user location and device type.

Their built-in CDN integration and advanced optimization tools help you to compress data and optimize content without using third-party tools. MilesWeb has a real-time security monitoring system to detect and block malicious threats before affecting your network. It also runs a daily malware scan and generates reports with full details.

MilesWeb has a 24/7 friendly customer support (live chat, phone, and email) and 30-days money back guarantee.

Key Features of MilesWeb Hosting

These are the main advantages of MilesWeb hosting plans,

  • World-class technology & support to the most modern CGI, and Databases
  • cPanel & FTP access
  • High speed SSD NVMe hosting
  • Free domain
  • Unlimited databases
  • Daily backups
  • Free SSLs
  • Free email accounts
  • LiteSpeed caching
  • Free website builder
  • Malware scanner
  • Advanced firewall
  • DDoS protection
  • Free migration
  • Free control panel
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • Add-on domains
  • Customer support by live chat, email & phone
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

MilesWeb Review 2024: Best Bluehost Alternative?

Is MilesWeb the right host for your website? Let us check main pros & cons of their shared hosting plans.

1. Freebies

If you are a beginner, you will be trying to minimize the cost of starting a website. But we cannot avoid various essential services like CDN, daily backups, security, migration, etc.

Luckily, MilesWeb offers all these features freely even in the basic plan. It will backup your site everyday, run malware scan, and connect to a free CDN to improve speed. You will also get a free domain in selected hosting plans. It helps you find the right name for your website and save money in domain registration.

Take a look at the common features of all shared hosting plans (including basic plan) on MilesWeb,

  • SSD NVMe storage
  • Free SSLs
  • Free email accounts
  • Free control panel
  • Daily backups
  • LiteSpeed cache
  • Website builder
  • Managed WordPress
  • Advanced WooCommerce
  • Free migration
  • WordPress autoupdates
  • Free CDN
  • Manual backups
  • Staging
  • WordPress multisite
  • Malware scanner
  • DDoS protection

2. High performance

Their servers are built by SSD drives to deliver your website faster than traditional HDD drives. Flash technology is used in SSD’s to make your website stand against security threats.

NVMe is the most modern form of SSD hosting. SSD NVMe servers are 20 times faster than regular SSD SATA drives. Performance of slow speed websites will increase by migrating to a NVMe hosting company like MilesWeb. They also have a built-in CDN integration and advanced optimization tools to runs websites in maximum speed and boost conversions.

MilesWeb implements industrial best optimization practices to reduce your page loading time. So you don’t need to worry about how to increase GTmetrix score, how to improve Core Web Vitals, how to increase search rankings, etc.

3. Enhanced security

MilesWeb is secure. They monitor security events in real-time and block dangerous threats in the root level.

Their network firewall prevents unauthorized users from accessing your network. MilesWeb automatically detects hacking attempts and blocks bot logins, and defend installations against all kinds of security vulnerabilities. They add extra security layer to your hoting account, by isolating it from other hosting accounts on the same server.

Regular malware scan is another advantage. It is a paid feature with many web hosts. But MilesWeb provides it freely. If any suspicious threats found, they will fix it for you.

They automatically backup your website everyday to protect data from unexpected loss or accidental deletion. Sometimes, you may want to backup content manually before performing a theme update or coding changes. Luckily, MilesWeb provides on-demand backups in all shared hosting plans so as to avoid unexpected crashes.

Sign in to your control panel and head to on-demand backups, and pick what type of content you want to backup. If something bad happened, open Restore tool to undo latest changes and restore your site to the previous stage.

4. Unlimited

MilesWeb provides unlimited SSL certificates to all websites. They will be installed and renewed automatically. SSLs ensure safe transportation of data, enhances customer’s trust and boost your business credibility.

You will get unlimited bandwidth in all their shared and cloud hosting plans. It helps you to run any kind of business website including a WooCommerce store and attract maximum visitors. Cloud hosting customers can add unlimited sub-domains, parked domains, and FTP users to unlock more possibilities. Others can do the same thing, but numbers will vary depend on the plan they opted.

30-days Money-Back Guarantee

MilesWeb has a 30-days money-back guarantee in all hosting types (except dedicated and cloud hosting types). Pick a hosting plan and host your websites for up to 30 days. If you are not satisfied with what you get, contact their customer support for refund. You’ll get the full amount after deducting domain registration charges.

5. Datacenters

MilesWeb’s servers are located in 6 countries such as US, Canada, UK, India, Singapore, and Australia. They use high-quality hardware and multiple networks to make sure that your website loads faster & generate revenue.

Select a datacenter nearest to your target location. Connect to a free CDN, so your visitors will not face any loading issues wherever they are.

6. Cheap

MilesWeb is cheaper than popular web hosting services like Bluehost and HostGator. Their shared hosting plans start at $0.7/mo for 1 website, $1.40/mo for 5 websites, and $2.60/mo for 100 websites. You will get blazing fast SSD NVMe storage in all these plans.

On the other hand, Bluehost charges $2.95/mo for 1 website and $5.45/mo for 3 websites. HostGator’s pricing for 1 website is $3.75 per month. Take a look at the following table to get a clear picture of MilesWeb vs Bluehost vs HostGator.

Starting price (1 website) (monthly)$0.70$2.95$3.75
2 websites$1.40 (5 websites)$5.45 (3 websites)$4.50
SSD NVMe storageSSD storageSSD storage
LiteSpeed server + LiteSpeed cache

Daily backups

MilesWeb is much cheaper and comes with the latest NVMe drives for fast loading times. They also provode daily automated and on-demand backups even in the basic shared hosting plan. But Bluehost and HostGator missed this part.

7. Customer reviews

MilesWeb reviews

Trustpilot is a popular review website to share your honest feedback about web hosting, software, and other online services. They have their own ways to find out whether the reviewer is a real customer or a scammer. For that, Trustpilot will ask you to submit an account screenshot of the product you are reviewing and raise various questions about the product features.

Till now, 8.4k people shared their MilesWeb experience on this platform. 91% of them marked their experience as excellent. MilesWeb is one of the top-rated web hosting provider on Trustpilot. It means, they deliver qualitative service at affordable rates. Otherwise, how can they get such a high rating and thousands of positive reviews?

8. Make money

Share your honest hosting experience and make money. MilesWeb have a competitive affiliate program that pays you up to $65 per sale.

Create blog posts, display advertisement banners, or share your referral links through social media pages. Add compelling call to action texts and drive maximum customers as you can. Refer your friends, colleagues, and others to use MilesWeb services and earn $13 to $65 with each sale.

Anyone can join their affiliate program. After joining, $13 sign up bonus will be added to your account instantly. When your balance reaches the minimum threshold limit of ₹2000, the commission will be credited to your PayPal or bank account.

9. 24/7 customer support

MilesWeb has a 24/7 fast customer support. You can reach out to them through phone (0806-959-0400), email ([email protected]), and live chat. They also have a knowledge base that consists of thousands of tutorials and articles. 

If you have any questions or complaints, raise a support ticket or initiate a live chat with human agents. They will address your issues as early as possible and give solutions in no time.

10. Uptime Guarantee

Uptime is what matters the most when it comes to web hosting. Uptime determines the time your website is functional and accessible to users. 

If you pick MilesWeb’s web hosting services, you can rest assured that your website will always be open for visitors and will never go down in any case. With its web hosting plans, MilesWeb pledges a 99.95% uptime guarantee. 

11. Money-back guarantee

They have a 30-days money-back guarantee in all hosting plans, except dedicated and managed cloud hosting types. It’s just like a free hosting trial.

If you are not satisfied with your hosting experience, contact MilesWeb support during the period and raise a refund request. They will return your full amount (after deducting domain registration charges if any).

Final thoughts

MilesWeb is an affordable and reliable web host. They have 4.9 out of 5 rating in Trustpilot from more than 8.4k reviews.

Their high-speed SSD NVMe servers and built-in optimization ensures a smooth, fast browsing experience on your pages. If you are going to launch an online shop or blog, MilesWeb is the best choice. It is secure and comes with the highest uptime guarantee. Thus, you can make sure that your site is always up and get clicks.

MilesWeb has a dedicated security wing to monitor websites and block, remove malicious threats. No need to pay for expensive, third-party security programs. Brute-force protection to two-factor authentication to malware removal- MilesWeb’s hosting packages cover all these things to safeguard your business and revenue.

Despite of all these premium-quality features, it is amazingly cheap. Some bloggers say that Bluehost is the best hosting choice for beginners due to low pricing and features. But I will say that they are wrong. MilesWeb is far ahead of other cheap web hosting companies. It is best for businesses, startups, and blogs in all budget types.

What do you think?

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MilesWeb Pricing

Let us check shared, managed WordPress, VPS, cloud, reseller, and dedicated hosting plans on MilesWeb.

Shared Hosting Plans


EliteStellarAlpha Cloud
1 Website5 Websites100 Websites

400 Websites

50 GB SSD NVMe Storage

75 GB SSD NVMe Storage

200 GB SSD NVMe Storage

250 GB SSD NVMe Storage
Daily backupsDaily backupsDaily backupsDaily backups

Free SSL

Free SSLFree SSLFree SSL
Free CDNFree CDNFree CDNFree CDN
LiteSpeed cachingLiteSpeed cachingLiteSpeed cachingLiteSpeed caching
Free DomainFree Domain




MilesWeb’s basic plan allows you to host 1 website for $0.70 per month. It comes with 50 GB SSD NVMe storage, free SSL, and other essential hosting features. By paying $1.4 per month, you can host 5 domains with 75 GB NVMe storage on MilesWeb.

Most budget hosting companies don’t offer premium quality features like daily backups and LiteSpeed caching in their basic plans. But MilesWeb is different from them. They provide all those features in the basic plan itself.

If you have more domains to host, pick Stellar plan. It is available at $2.6 per month for up to 100 websites. You will also get a free domain in this plan. Alpha Cloud is the top-level plan in the shared hosting category. It costs $7.6 per month for 400 websites.

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Cloud Hosting plans

Alpha CloudBeta CloudZeta Cloud
400 websites400 websites400 websites
250 GB SSD NVMe storage300 GB SSD NVMe storage350 GB SSD NVMe storage
Daily backupsDaily backupsDaily backups
Malware scanning & removalMalware scanning & removalMalware scanning & removal
Free domainFree domainFree domain
Unlimited bandwidthUnlimited bandwidthUnlimited bandwidth
LiteSpeed cachingLiteSpeed cachingLiteSpeed caching
Free cPanelFree cPanelFree cPanel
Free migrationFree migrationFree migration
Free CDNFree CDNFree CDN
Free email accountsFree email accountsFree email accounts
Unlimited sub-domainsUnlimited sub-domainsUnlimited sub-domains
Unlimited parked domainsUnlimited parked domainsUnlimited parked domains
Unlimited SSLsUnlimited SSLsUnlimited SSLs
DDoS protectionDDoS protectionDDoS protection
Unlimited FTP accountsUnlimited FTP accountsUnlimited FTP accounts
Priority supportPriority supportPriority support

Their cloud hosting plans come with SSD NVMe storage and unlimited bandwidth. MilesWeb runs daily automated backups and malware scanning to protect your business from all known, and unknown threats.

With optimized WordPress and WooCommerce servers, you can build and manage any kind of website on MilesWeb. The most modern SSD NVMe hosting technology paired with LiteSpeed caching helps you to create blazing fast business websites and rank higher in search engine results. Add SSL certificates to enhance your web security and prevent malicious bot attacks using built-in DDoS protection available on all their hosting plans.

MilesWeb has a 24/7 priority customer support and 30-days money back guarantee in all managed cloud hosting plans.

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VPS Hosting Plans

Managed VPS

Unmanaged VPS
1 vCPU1 vCPU

25 GB SSD NVMe Storage

50 GB SSD NVMe Storage


1 TB Bandwidth

1 TB Bandwidth
1 dedicated IP Address1 dedicated IP Address
Full root accessFull root access
Starts at $8.1/mo Starts at $5/mo

MilesWeb has 6 types of VPS hosting plans namely managed VPS, unmanaged VPS, Windows VPS, cPanel VPS, Forex VPS, and Cyberpanel VPS. The pricing and configurations will vary in each hosting type.

The managed VPS hosting plans start at $8.1 per month with 1 GB RAM, 25 GB SSD NVMe storage and full root access to your virtual servers. The unmanaged VPS plans will be cheaper as we all know. It starts at just $5 per month.

Windows VPS starts at $19.8, cPanel VPS starts at $23.9, Forex VPS at $19.8, and Cyberpanel VPS at $8.1 per month with annaul subscription.

MilesWeb is a great place to start with Virtual Private Server hosting at comparatively cheaper rates and advanced configurations.

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Dedicated Hosting Plans

Dedicated Servers

GPU Servers
4 Cores @3.4 GHz12 Cores @2x E5-2630 2.00GHz

480 GB SSD Storage


2 TB Bandwidth

5 TB Bandwidth



Dedicated Hosting is highly customizable in terms of RAM, CPU, disk space and gives you more control over the configuration. Hence you can expect maximum performance and speed from these hosting types. MilesWeb’s basic plans in dedicated hosting is available at $45/mo now.  It comes with 8 GB RAM, 4 Cores processor @3.4 GHz speed, 480 GB  storage and 2 TB bandwidth.

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How to Start a Website with MilesWeb?

Starting a website with MilesWeb is easy. Follow these steps to register your domain name and host it on MilesWeb.

  1. Click this link to create your MilesWeb account. Scroll down to get a screen like this,
MilesWeb hosting

Click View Plans to explore various pricing options in each category. Alternatively, you can expand the top-level menu to check other hosting plans like VPS, reseller, dedicated, etc.

2. To pick a plan, tap the ‘Add to Cart’ button next to it.


3. Enter a domain name that you want to use on MilesWeb, as next. There are three options: Register a new domain, transfer your domain from another registrar, and I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers.

The domain is free in selected plans except basic shared hosting plans. Confirm if free domain is available in your selected plan. Otherwise, you have to pay $13.5 as extra.

Then, you will see the final bill.


Click on Continue to proceed.

4. Review your plan and change it if required in the next step. Add discount coupons if any to get additional discounts.

Scroll down to the bottom to login to your MilesWeb account. If you are a new user, enter your details to create a new account. MilesWeb accepts payments in credit or debit cards, net banking, PayPal, and UPI (India). Select your payment mode and click on Checkout to pay your bill.

5. You will get a pop-up screen now.

MilesWeb coupon

Enter your billing details and tap Pay Now button to buy your hosting subscription on MilesWeb.

That’s it. Once the payment is successfully processed, you will be directed to the MilesWeb dashboard where you can access all tools and services.

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