Kinsta: Best Managed WordPress Hosting for Your Website or Blog

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Kinsta Hosting

WordPress is the world’s most powerful platform to build any kind of website or blog. As I’ve said many times before, it is easy to use and flexible to make changes. We can handle a WordPress site smoothly with a basic knowledge of the computer and the internet.

Now you may ask ‘is it easy to run a WordPress website?’

Managing a WordPress site or blog is different from handling the platform. It involves several tasks including choosing the right hosting, themes and plugins management, creating content, doing marketing, SEO optimization, and so on. They all have equal importance and you should take care of them properly to grow the business.

Do you know the major factor that affects the success of your WordPress website?

Speed. The content should be served to visitors within milliseconds irrespective of the platform and device type they use. If your site is lightning fast, you will get higher search engine rankings and more page visits. But the website speed depends on a number of factors like hosting, theme quality, number of plugins you use, images, database size, etc. Hosting is the most important among them.

Finding the best WordPress hosting is a tricky process. The chosen company should be able to host your website or blog in a highly-secured environment and deliver pages without making readers wait. Technology standards, cost, quality of support are some other factors that will influence our decision in choosing a WordPress hosting provider.

Why Managed WordPress Hosting?

Kinsta hosting

If you just launched a small-scale business or a blog, shared hosting packages may be enough. It is the cheapest of all WordPress hosting types. But when your website starts to make money, you can consider upgrading to managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosts focus on WordPress websites only and they are experts in handling any technical issues that may affect the performance of your site. Their cost is slightly higher than the shared hosting, but it will add more value to your online business.

Managed WordPress hosting companies are performance-oriented hosting solutions who will optimize each and every corner of your website for the ultimate speed and security. MySQL databases are hosted at localhost, not a remote server, and they have server-level caching (no caching plugin needed) to overcome slow speed issues and speed up the site. Thus, you can avoid using third-party optimization plugins and reduce resource usage.

They implement advanced security protocols to strengthen the safety of your site and, have own firewalls to protect it from hacking attempts and other latest security vulnerabilities. Automatic backups are another advantage of managed WordPress hosting companies. The websites will be backed up daily or even hourly to the secured cloud server and you can restore it in a single click if you lost the contents or data. All these services including backup, security, and optimization are included in the package, and you need not pay anything extra for them.

In short, managed WordPress hosting helps you to concentrate on the content building and marketing sections. Everything else that affect the performance of your pages can be easily tracked and resolved using the built-in tools. So you can become more productive and expand the customers’ base with a more targeted approach to them.

Why Kinsta?

Kinsta hosting

Kinsta is the renowned name in Managed WordPress hosting who gained its popularity by applying most modern technologies to create an always active and high secured website.

Kinsta focuses on the quality of service and customer satisfaction with a competitive mind. It will auto-scale, optimize all websites for high performance and deliver pages almost instantly to the users.

It hosts websites with Google Cloud Platform’s ‘premium tier ‘ network and 17 data centers across the continents, to minimize the distance and speed up the delivery of data.

Kinsta monitors all websites they host every two minutes for uptime and fix all issues immediately at the sudden moment if they arise. They have an experienced team in resolving WordPress-related issues and whether it’s a server maintenance or a hacking attempt, everything will be resolved before you know it.

Kinsta is partnered up with technology giants like Google Cloud Platform (as I said before), Amazon Premium DNS, KeyCDN and many others, to ensure the enterprise level speed delivery of your content and making them always accessible.

Premium web hosting is not the place to make a compromise in terms of the website performance. Kinsta gives more value to quality than cost and does everything to grow your business.

Kinsta comes with a user-friendly dashboard where you can manage all your websites, monitor traffic and usage, and create SSL certificates easily. It automatically backs up your site on a daily basis and lets you restore the contents in a single click from the dashboard itself. You can reduce the frequency and backup it for every 6 hours or even hourly through add-ons.

Kinsta consistently monitors the network-wide events to detect malicious code injections, security loopholes or cyber attacks as they happen and block them before affecting the sites.

Is it budget-friendly?

Kinsta hosting

Managed WordPress hosting charges are higher than the basic shared hosting plans. But it is packed with several advanced tools and features to bring your website or blog to the next level. Hosting on managed WordPress server results in increasing the overall performance of your website. If you started earning from the online business, it would be better to migrate to a managed WordPress hosting provider to grow further.

Kinsta is the best option at this moment, and their basic plan starts at $30/mo. You can host one website in the plan with a free CDN, free SSL and SSD storage of 3GB. All their packages are powered by Google Cloud Platform across 17 global data center locations, and you are free to choose a server location based on the geographical location of your audience. Automatic daily backups, free SSL certificates, and 24/7 customer support are other major advantages of Kinsta Hosting plans. Also, the Pro plans and above include free white-glove website migrations!

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