Top 5 Instagram Visual Content Trends for 2021

Top 5 Instagram Visual Content Trends

Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media, and the main reason is that the human attention span keeps getting shorter. The more content we get, the less time we have to focus on each particular post. For content creators and brands that promote their products, it means that it’s getting more and more difficult to make their audience stop scrolling their feed.

The growing popularity of visual content is a reason why visual social media platforms also become more popular. Instagram has become a common marketing tool, and businesses choose it because its audience is interested in marketing content. In fact, 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business profile. Many businesses have already appreciated the marketing advantages of Instagram, and 75.3% of American businesses are expected to use this social media platform in 2020.

However, the success of your Instagram campaign to a large extent depends on your ability to keep up with the latest trends. Social media is changing all the time. The Instagram algorithm gets updated, and users also change their preferences. To help you create an effective marketing strategy, we decided to focus on the main Instagram trends that will matter in 2021.

Instagram Visual Content Trends 2021

1. IGTV isn’t going anywhere

Since IGTV was introduced, many marketers have tried to figure out whether it can actually be useful for brands. At first, Instagram planned that IGTV will offer a competitive advantage, as users will share their videos on IGTV instead of YouTube. However, it turned out that IGTV engagement rates were not as good as expected, and many users were confused because they needed to create vertical videos. Fortunately, the platform introduced a few updates that make IGTV more viable and convenient.

First of all, now users can discover IGTV videos on the Explore page. Content creators can also share previews of their IGTV videos as regular posts in their feed. Besides, now you don’t need to make vertical videos because the platform finally supports traditional landscape content. We recommend that you use IGTV to share your existing video content with a wider audience and to create a series that will entertain your followers on a regular basis. Just don’t forget to share previews in your feed and stories.

2. Niche content and stock images

The number of companies that share their marketing content on Instagram continues to grow, increasing the competition. Companies need to try hard to grab their audience’s attention, and most marketers realize that the only way to succeed is to narrow down their focus. Niche content allows brands to reach out to a specific and narrow group of users, therefore decreasing competition.

However, no matter how specific your content is, it still has to be high-quality. Moreover, you must have a lot of original niche content to make sure that you can always offer something fresh. Given that producing lots of content is a challenging task, many brands use stock images. The best approach is to choose pre-selected collections of original stock photos on the same topic.

3. Stories are extremely popular

Top 5 Instagram Visual Content Trends for 2021 3

Stories are a great tool that allows brands to engage with their followers in a more personal way. The best thing about stories is that they don’t require you to put a lot of effort into creating top-notch content. You just need to be authentic and to keep it simple.

If you want to show your ads to the biggest audience possible, stories are a perfect solution. 400 million people watch Instagram stories every day. Besides, stories can increase engagement significantly because your followers can watch a story and reply to it with a direct message. Stories also enable you to include quick polls, to ask any questions, and to answer questions from your followers.

We recommend that you use stories to promote all sorts of content. For example, if you have a new post in your blog, create a story about it and add a link to the original post. Obviously, you can also use stories to promote your new products. Stories can not only help you spread the message about your products or services but also increase your inbound traffic.

4. User-generated content

It’s no secret that user-generated content has the highest engagement rates. According to statistics, user-generated content can increase conversions by up to 4.5%. Therefore, using user-generated images on your Instagram is rather a necessity.

To boost engagement, you can use branded hashtags. Ask your followers to post photos of them using your products with your hashtag. You can select the best posts and feature them on your official accounts on Instagram and Facebook or Twitter. Don’t forget to promote your hashtag in stories and feed. You can also repost nice images with your hashtag on your stories.

Create hashtags for all of your new products. This will help you immediately draw attention to your brand, increasing your audience. The point is to make a hashtag that will be used by people who tried your products so that their followers can come across your brand and become your followers.

5. Behind-the-scenes content

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If you want to get closer to your audience, you should choose a personal approach. People like to follow people, not brands, which is a reason why influencer marketing is so important. Although you cannot present your brand as a person, you can show your followers that these are real people who work in your company and create your products. Introduce your followers to your staff and show them what happens in your office.

This way, your brand will be more approachable, and it will be easier for the followers to relate to you. Behind-the-scenes content is a great solution for your stories because of its personal nature, and also because it doesn’t need to be polished.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is not only a popular social media platform but also an extremely effective tool for digital marketers. It has a diverse audience of people who are interested in learning about new products. Instagram users follow brands and want to know what you can offer. However, this platform evolves and changes all the time. If you want your marketing strategy to be effective, you need to consider the latest trends and to adjust your content to the needs of your audience.

We recommend that you use different types of visual content. Fortunately, Instagram allows you to use different channels, including feed posts, stories, and IGTV. You can promote your IGTV posts in the feed and vice versa. You can also encourage your followers to use branded hashtags so that more people can learn about your brand. The main thing is to stay authentic and to provide unique content that will drive more people to your page and increase engagement.

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