How to Write Evergreen Blog content : An Ultimate Guide to Follow

evergreen blog post

Blogging process involves lots of research and hard work. Before writing a post on a particular topic, you should cover all relevant sources to get deep knowledge on it. It may be a printed media, website or something similar.

A blog post becomes popular gradually or sometimes suddenly. Once you decided to write a new post, focus on these things-

  • Find what readers want at this time. Try to perform a keyword related research to identify the most searched topics over a period of time.
  • Will it be an evergreen post? Can it generate massive traffic to your site even after several months or years?
  • How will your post be different from others? Or can you give something more than the available posts on your desired subject?
  • Do you have deep knowledge on the chosen subject? Can you answer queries of the post readers effectively?
  • Finally, do you really want to write this post?

There are two types of blog posts. Evergreen and what readers need now. Evergreen posts work on the ‘Research, write, sit & relax’ principle. It needs lots of hard work and research in the beginning. But after finishing the post, you just have to sit and relax. The evergreen post can bring a good amount of traffic to your site anytime without any additional work. How to guides, WordPress installation tips, list of free image sites are perfect examples of evergreen contents.

We often see roundups of several technology-related products in online. Best Android smartphones of 2016, Top and best iPhone apps of 2016, Best Play station games you should not miss this week etc will get readers for next a couple of months. After that, they will go into darkness. Such posts fall into the what readers need now category. People always interested in a roundup of their favorite items for a particular period. Resolution to their some sudden but temporary issues too come into the same category. It may be a hacking-related issue or post regarding a latest controversial incident or an app launch. Such posts are ideal to generate huge sudden traffic, so we can’t avoid them in any case.

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Evergreen posts are great assets to any blog site. You can’t keep blogging 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But traffic is essential to make money either by way of adsense like networks or by sponsored channels. You need not worry about the blog traffic if a number of evergreen posts are there in your site.

Follow these effective ways before writing a blog post, to make it perfect and evergreen.

1. Develop your post idea to the next level

2. Search on Google to find top posts on your subject. Read at least 2-3 posts among them to know how they handled the topic. Your post should be better than that and cover all possible areas to make it ultimate.

3. List out important points to include in the post.

4. Deal the topic from readers’ point of view. As a reader, analyze what you expect from such a post. Suppose, you are going to write on Gmail security. There are several ways you can strengthen the security of Gmail account. It includes two-step authentication, app login, spam emails, incognito mode, notification alert, delegate access and so on. We should mention all these things while writing the post. So your readers will be happy and you will get bounce rate at a lower value.

5. Create an impressive headline. It should be eye catchy, smaller and contain necessary keywords on it.

6. Write an introduction to the post. First paragraph is very important for a successful post. It should encourage visitors to read further. So use simple, basic words to introduce your post. Even though you are using simple wordings, others should feel that you have deep knowledge on the topic. Don’t forget to add your focus keyword in the first paragraph itself.

7. Write a unique content. Don’t follow writing style of popular journalists or bloggers. Instead of that, rely on your own writing skills and develop a unique style in blogging field.

8. Recommended post length is 500 words. Anything more than that will be beneficial to your overall SEO and make readers spend more time with your contents.

9. Add attractive, relevant images and videos to the post. A perfect image is equal to hundred words. Place necessary attributes on it to get traffic from Google image search.

10. Use graphic charts, tables if needed. While writing a business-oriented post, it’s better to explain points with the help of a chart. The readers can understand the said topic easily and won’t forget it in nearby future.

11. Interlink your related posts. Suppose you are going to write on free cloud storage services, consider interlink it to your old post on best image hosting services.

12. Write a good conclusion. It will persuade readers to share your content with their friends and others who are interested in the subject.

Now it’s the time to publish your post. A unique, informative content is able to drive organic traffic to your site always and without spending any extra time on blogging communities or social media. Good luck!