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How to Set Up Google AdSense for Search & Increase Your Ad Revenue

Google AdSense search

No website or no blog can survive without a proper monetization strategy. People adopt different methods to pump fuel into their online business. CPC (Cost Per Click) advertisement is one of them.

Google AdSense is the popular ad program run by Google which pays website owners each time when a visitor clicks (CPC) on the ads. It is reliable and delivers responsive or interactive ads irrespective of the device people uses. AdSense is the main monetization tool for the bloggers during initial stages of their career. When traffic grows, they can go for additional options like affiliates, sponsorship etc.

Are you looking for the best practices to increase the AdSense earnings? Responsive ads, proper placements and website traffic will help you to earn more through advertisements.

Google AdSense for search is another proven method to increase user clicks and improve your earnings. The new search box will replace your blog’s default search box and show relevant ads along with the search results. It shows local, personalized ads that match users’ queries and make them click on the links. Thus AdSense for search unlocks one more option to make money from your blog.

Step 1

Visit Google AdSense account to create a custom search engine for your website. Tap My ads from the left pane to expand the menu. Locate Other products section which will appear just above the Allow & Block ads menu. It contains additional money making tools like AdSense for Search, AdSense for Games and AdSense for video.

These services are not available in your account by default. Apply for each tool to implement and earn revenue from your search, games and video contents. Google will review your application and if found eligible, it will activate the requested feature on your AdSense account.

Step 2

Once activated, you will see a new Custom search engines option under the Search menu. Visit the page to create own search engine for your blog.

Google AdSense Search

It will show you a couple of options to configure the search operations. Name your search engine first. Next, it will ask you what to search. When a user entered a query, the search engine can pull down results from the entire web or just from the selected websites.

I opted for the second option and added my blog name to the list. So it will show only my blog links and ads in the search results. If you have multiple blogs, enter their address in the box to get traffic and increase the earnings. Manage other parts including geographical location, fonts, layout, themes, colour, thumbnails and others to further customize Google AdSense for Search.

Step 3

Sign into your blog and create a new page for displaying search results. Type name and slug as Search. Save the page. Go back to your AdSense account to finish the search engine settings.

Step 4

Google AdSense Search

Visit Google AdSense again. Before saving your search settings, you need to enter the URL where search results will be displayed. Type the web page address that we created in step 3. Click on Save and get code button to generate code for your website.

The code is divided into two parts – Search box code and Search results code. Earlier we created a separate web page to show search results. Copy code from the second box, visit your page in the editing mode and paste it into the text area of the screen. Publish the page.

Copy Search box code from the AdSense window and create a new HTML widget on your blog. Insert your code into the content area and save.

Now you have successfully created Google AdSense for search to get extra income from your blog search results.

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